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Playstation 2 Bully boxart.

Bully, also known as Canis Canem Edit, is a third person action-adventure video game released by Rockstar Vancouver for the PlayStation 2. The game was released as Bully: Scholarship Edition for the Xbox 360, Wii and PC. Bully: Scholarship Edition was released by Rockstar Vancouver, with Mad Doc Software (now known as Rockstar New England), involved with the development. The game uses an advanced Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas engine through Renderware.


Bully is a sandbox game, similar to the Grand Theft Auto series set in a school environment. The player takes control of Jimmy Hopkins. The game makes extensive use of minigames, which include school classes.


The game takes place at Bullworth Academy, a fictional independent boarding school in the New England area of the United States. The school is located in the also fictional town of Bullworth, which resembles Connecticut. A reference to the year being 1992-1995 as the setting can be seen in one of the various arcade machine minigames but school sports flags show the school as champions as recently as 1998-1999.


The story revolves around the adventures of fifteen year old protagonist Jimmy Hopkins from his arrival at Bullworth Academy. He subsequently takes on and beats the Bullies, Preppies, Greasers, Nerds, Jocks and Townies.

Bully: Scholarship Edition

File:Bully Cover Xbox 360.jpg
Box art for the Xbox 360 version of Bully: Scholarship Edition

Bully: Scholarship Edition was released for the Xbox 360 and Wii video game consoles. The game features exclusive content which was unavailable in the PlayStation 2 version, including eight new missions, additional characters and four new school classes. Single system 2-player competitive multiplayer minigames have also been added, along with Achievements for the Xbox 360 version and Wii Remote motion and pointer controls for the Wii version. The Xbox 360 version also uses a new propriety game engine by developers Mad Doc Software. Bully: Scholarship Edition was released in the PAL region under the original Bully title, and not Canis Canem Edit, as the original game was renamed.


It is strongly implied and hinted that the game Bully exists in the same fictional universe as the GTA games, though not fully specified whether it is in the GTA III Era or the GTA IV Era.

  • On the television show I'm Rich a blonde girl describes her life and explains how she went to Bullworth Academy. There is also a small advertisement on T.V. about Bullworth being the best boarding school there is, and it also shows the school.
  • Candy Suxxx is possibly referenced briefly at one point in the game. During the introduction to a mission, a student reads a pornographic magazine featuring a woman named "Candy" whom he describes as wearing having massive piles of silicon.
  • A few GTA universe vehicles appear throughout the game. Most notably, a black Stallion with a flame paintjob (similar to the Diablo Stallion) and a Regina can be seen in the garage when entering Shop Class. Also, the Faggio can either be purchased at the carnival or stolen from an adult riding one around town.
  • Jimmy can also be customized to look identical to Claude from GTA III. Similar to Niko's "Claude Outfit" in GTA IV.

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