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A Fast Food place based entriely of fiction but most probably intended to replicate a Mcdonals or burger king style Food joint, Burger shot first appeared in GTA San Andreas along with two other Fast Food Stores called "Well Stacked Pizza and also Cluckin Bell Chicken... eating any meal will resotre lost health and keep CJ from not loosing muscle, fat and health... when CJ is hungry a message will appear at the tp of the screen informing he is hungry, eating more than eleven straight meals will make CJ Vomit and reduce fat...

eating choices will infact determine what CJ will physiclly look like and of course his abilitys like climbing are affected

Burger Shot Menu

Moo Kid's Meal $2, Beef Tower $6, Meat Stack $12, Salad Meal $6,

Burger Shot Locations

There are three Burger Shots in San Fierro, there are two Burger Shots in Los Santos, Las Venturas seems to be the Burger Shot capitol with 5 Stores in total

File:Http://files.gtanet.com/images/7.jpg - Burger Shot, Marina Los Santos