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Getting busted in GTA IV

Being busted refers to a player being arrested by the Police in a Grand Theft Auto game as a result of having a high Wanted Level.

Many things can contribute to this:

  • Getting pulled out of a car/bike/helicopter/plane/boat.
  • On the ground as a cop is standing over the player (mainly in hand-to-hand combat).
  • Getting knocked over while trying to steal a cop car (while a cop is inside).
  • Being held at gun point by an officer. If the player decides not to run away, they'll be cuffed (in Grand Theft Auto IV)


As a result of getting busted the player will lose all of their weapons (except in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, if the player has Barbara Schternvart as a girlfriend) and fail any mission they were currently taking part in.

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the player can repurchase their weapons for $2,000.

In GTA San Andreas, when Carl Johnson gets busted, he will respond either positively or negatively to the officer, depending on the wanted star level.

In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, if you are busted, you lose all of the drugs you are currently carrying, but drugs in your stash box will be safe.


  • If you are wearing Armor you will lose it if you are busted. However you can never get it back without finding a new one or cheats.