Buyer's Market

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Buyer's Market
Game The Lost and Damned
For Billy Grey
Location South Bohan, Bohan

Reward None
Unlocks Stubbs Mission Politics
Unlocked by Billy Grey's Mission Action/Reaction

This is your first mission for Elizabeta Torres, where you will encounter and work with Niko Bellic and Playboy X for the first time. This mission covers Johnny's escape after the turn.

You'll first meet up with one of your Lost M.C brethren to pick up the drugs you're going to unload. Once you've obtain the package you'll meet up with Niko and Playboy X in Broker on to the third floor of the building. After the sale goes bad where the buyers turn out to be two undercover LCPD officers you are forced to fight your way out. Niko and Playboy will make their way up to the roof, you'll have to make your way down, out the front door.

You'll start out in the room where the deal went down which is then invaded by four NOOSE officers and two more outside the room, you'll need a weapon with good accuracy and aiming for head shots (since they wear armor). Make your way down killing all NOOSE, LCPD officers where they'll be about 3 officers per floor. While on the second floor look out the window to pick off six more officers waiting outside, on the last floor before you exit the building aim to your left to kill the last officer. Now you'll have to get a vehicle, lose you're stars via Pay 'n' Spray (won't work on LCPD cars) or out run them.