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The Cabbie is one of the two taxies featured on the GTA III era of games. The origianl design from this taxi is taken from the original GTA I. Throughout the games is has not changed much, probably beacuase nothing can be done to make a 1950's style taxi look newer. On GTA III the taxi was hard to find, however this is quite true as the game takes pace in 2001. It also has a series of black and white squares running in a line from the front to the rear of the car. On Vice City it is the most common taxi. Vice City is the only game from the GTA III era games to use a real taxi service, taking a formerly wasted or busted player to the last mission trigger. On San Andreas and Liberty City Stories the taxi is back again, being virtually the same as the previous ones.


  • Completing the Kaufman's cabs asset on Vice City unlocks a special Zebra Cab. This cab is only available on Vice City, and on no other game.