Calcium Street

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Calcium Street

Calcium Street is a seven block street in Downtown Algonquin, Liberty City. The street travels West - East through the districts of City Hall and Chinatown.

The street begins at the intersection with the Union Drive West in City Hall and travels North East passing the City Hall Hospital on the right and the Civic Citadel on the left. The street then intersects Liberty Lane and Denver Ave skimming past the southern edge of City Hall Park. Calcium Street then continues further east, passing over City Hall LTA. The street now intersects with Columbus Avenue as it enters the Chinatown district. This intersection marks the location of the Bank of Liberty branch that was targeted by the McReary Family during the mission Three Leaf Clover. The street traverses further east through Chinatown, intersecting Amsterdam Lane, Bismarck Ave, Albany Ave and finally terminates at the Borlock Road Intersection.