Cam's Can Openers

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Cam's Can Openers is a locksmith business located in Viceport, Vice City. The company is run and operated by Cam Jones. The company was established sometime between 1984 (the setting of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories) and 1986 (the setting of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City). Cam's Can Openers is located on the border of Little Havana and Viceport, a block east of Sunshine Autos.

Cam's Can Openers was used as a safehouse for Cam at the end of the mission "No Escape?" and for Tommy Vercetti and his crew at the end of the mission "The Job". As Cam's fate is left in the player's hands, the fate of the business is unknown should the player kill or allow Cam to die. It is unknown what will happen to the business if Cam dies in the mission.