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* [[Photo Shoot]]
* [[Photo Shoot]]
* First mission from [[Jeff]]
* First mission from [[Jeff]]

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The camera used in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

A camera is a device used to capture images, either as still photographs or as sequences of moving images (movies or videos). The term as well as the modern-day camera evolved from the Latin camera obscura for "dark chamber" for an early mechanism of projecting images where an entire room functioned as a real-time imaging system.


Rockstar Games added camera functionality in Grand Theft Auto, starting in Vice City. In Vice City you could only use it once for a mission. The device is also available in San Andreas, albeit with more functionality, allowing the player to use it freely. It can be used in San Fierro to collect snapshots, which is required to achieve 100% completion.

In GTA IV you are be equipped with a camera phone during the mission Photo Shoot. The camera is used in certain missions where a picture is required. Outside of missions, snapshots can be taken, but there is no way of saving them. Accessing the camera function of the phone when in a cable car or train allows for first-person view. In a player-controlled vehicle however, the car will stop immediately when the camera is selected, no matter what speed.

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, after you recruit someone, you can give the camera to him by walking up to him and pulling the left trigger. After that, you'll see a first person view from your gang member and you can have your picture taken. You can also aim the camera at your girl and CJ will say something related to photo-shooting and she will wave. If you aim the camera at a gang member, CJ will say something like he says to his girlfriend, but the gang member will not respond or wave unless you have recruited him.

Prominent appearances in missions

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