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Camper at night with headlights on

The Camper is a camper van based on the VolksWagon Type 2 in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is rarely encountered on streets, however has some spawning points across the State of San Andreas, such as the summit of Mount Chiliad. It cannot be modified at any car shop.

Acceleration and speed are among the worst in the game. Handling and braking are also inferior, but match the vehicle well due to the weak engine and bulky chassis. Also, despite its size and resemblance to a Volkswagen van, the Camper is capable of carrying only 3 people, including the driver.

The Mothership, with The Truth in the passenger seat

The Mothership

The Mothership is a variant of the Camper vehicle, which is owned by the marijuana using hippie The Truth. The differences between the Mothership and the other Camper vans are the psychedelic hippie paintjob and, as you learn when you're introduced to it in Are You Going To San Fierro?, the fact that it runs on 15-year-old cooking oil.The Mothership's numberplate reads "EREHTTUO" which is an anagram for the phrase out there .