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File:Alex Shrub and Candy Suxxx.jpg
Alex Shrub (left) and Candy Suxxx (right)

Candy Suxxx (real name Candice Shand) is a large-breasted (the result of having silicone breast implants) and scantily clad woman (wearing little more than a bikini with a United States flag motif, and red high-heeled shoes) who was originally a prostitute residing in the Downtown Vice City area; Congressman Alex Shrub is a regular of hers until she is hired by Tommy Vercetti to work at the InterGlobal Films pornography studio, after Tommy killed her pimp.

Candy Suxxx would eventually rise to fame as a pornographic actress, as she is featured on posters and video covers of several pornographic movies in Vice City (Bite, Closer Encounters), San Andreas (Vinewood Call Girls, That Can't Be Legal, Filthy Chicks, Return of the Anaconda) and Liberty City Stories (Let Me Bounce), while billboards erected to her likeness are featured in Los Santos and Las Venturas in San Andreas. Candy Suxxx later became an educator and philanthropist.

Candy Suxxx was voiced by real-life porn star Jenna Jameson.


Candy Suxxx apparently made pornographic films prior to 1986. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Jerry Martinez is commenting on a video starring Candy Suxxx which apparently is mainly focoused on beastiality.


In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, pictures of her can be seen in many different houses. The picture looks like the one in Vice City in Diaz's Mansion in the room overlooking the sea.