Canyon Entertainment

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Canyon Entertainment logo in GTA Vice City Stories

Canyon Entertainment is a media company mentioned in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and Grand Theft Auto IV.


In GTA Vice City Stories, the only known information about Canyon as its production of the crime drama Angel and the Knight for VBS in 1984. In GTA IV, the company prominence is slightly elevated with a massive Triangle/Star Junction building under its name (where a Superstar Café is based in), as well as a "Canyon Megaplex" operating at the Big Willis Mall and its listing on the BAWSAQ stock exchange.

Given its reference of a geographical feature, Canyon Entertainment may be a play of the real-life Paramount Motion Pictures Group, which included Paramount Pictures and Paramount Television under its grouping, and uses the imagery of a mountain peak as its logo and shares a similar cursive font style as Canyon Entertainment's logo. The Triangle's Canyon building is also a nod to the real-life Paramount Building, with its in-house Superstar venue (not to be confused with the Superstar Café it also houses) a reference to the defunct Paramount Theatre.