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Forelli Family mobsters driving towards the Boatyard.
Killing the Forelli Family mobsters at the Boatyard.
Killing two Forelli Family mobsters at Sunshine Autos.
Killing two Forelli Family mobsters at Sunshine Autos.

The following article is a walkthrough of the mission Cap the Collector for Printworks worker Earnest Kelly in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Before the mission

Before the mission, load up on Body Armor, M16 and MP5 ammunition. Also, obtain a Cheetah or Infernus.


Meet up with Earnest. Sonny is getting impatient with you since you never paid him the money which was lost during the drug deal. He is also angry that you has cut off all his connections with him. Due to this he sends members of his family to beat up Earnest and tax the Print Works. He now intends to do the same for your other businesses. Now you must hunt down your taxers and kill them.

After the cutscene finishes, you will be given the following instruction:

The Mafia is taxing your businesses. Find them and kill them.

The Forelli Family has sent three teams of mobsters to tax your businesses. Find them and kill them. You will have two methods to complete this mission:

Car: Get a fast car, preferably the Cheetah or Infernus, and chase after the taxing squads. They are driving Sanchez', so you should easily be able to catch up to them. Ram them off the bike. Once you ram them off the bike, get out of the car and kill them. Alternitively, you can just repeatedly run over them until they die. Repeat with the other two tax squads. Mission Passed.

Motorbike: Get a PCJ-600 or a Sanchez and chase after the taxing squads. Do a forward drive-by on the death squads and kill them. Repeat for the other two taxing squads. Mission Passed.

Video Walkthrough

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