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The '''Cargobob''' is a military [[helicopter]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]] and [[Grand theft Auto V]].
The '''Cargobob''' is a military [[helicopter]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]] and [[Grand theft Auto V]].
== Description ==
== Description ==

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A Cargobob in GTA San Andreas.

The Cargobob is a military helicopter in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand theft Auto V.


GTA San Andreas

The Cargobob is the largest and heaviest helicopter in the game, and it is a relatively rare helicopter, with only two spawning points, one of them exceedingly dangerous. Its fuselage is most reminiscent of a CH-47 Chinook (bulging fuel tanks, engine, cockpit/nose design, rear loading ramp), however it has been given a different configuration resembling the smaller Sikorsky S-92. It also features a Fenestron-style tail rotor.

Although the Cargobob features an open rear loading compartment, it cannot carry other vehicles, as the ramp from the back cannot be operated. As the Cargobob is very heavy, it is difficult to adjust altitude, turn or conduct other evasive maneuvres; it also lacks any form of defense. It is, however, very strong — it can take over 12 missiles before catching on fire. Having only two doors, the Cargobob is only capable of seating two.


The Cargobob is set to return in Grand Theft Auto V. In addition to now being a tandem rotor helicopter, it now has more detail, including a desert camouflage and emblems that identify it as belonging to the marines.

File:GTA V Cargobob.jpeg
The Cargobob in GTA V.


  • On the helipad of the K.A.C.C. Military Aviation Fuel Depot, in northeast Las Venturas. The depot can easily be entered by driving a Patriot.
  • Inside the Area 69 airfield. Area 69 is full of military hostiles, attracts a 5-star Wanted level upon entry, and the airspace above it is guarded by SAMs, making acquisition of this Cargobob very dangerous.


  • Like most other aircraft in GTA San Andreas, the Cargobob plays K-DST by default.