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The Cartel Mansion is a huge mansion located in Cedar Grove, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City. It was formerly owned by Donald Love in 1998 during the events of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. After being blackmailed by the Colombian Cartel, Love was forced to escape the city and with the help of Toni Cipriani, who killed dozens of Cartel men, raiding the mansion in order to kill Love - he managed to make it to the airport while heaps of dead bodies were laying on the garden. The Cartel claimed the mansion afterward and used it as a home for their leader, Catalina in 2001 (during the events of Grand Theft Auto III). After the kidnapping of Maria Latore, Catalina forced her former boyfriend, Claude to bring $500,000 to the mansion in return for not killing Maria. However, after luring him again, Catalina let Claude in the mercy of her Cartel men. A short shoot-out engaged where Claude managed to survive and escape the mansion, while chasing Catalina, who was flying a helicopter. Another huge shoot-out at the Cochrane Dam happened, where Claude managed to win the battle and save Maria, as well as shooting down Catalina's helicopter. After the events of GTA III it's unknown whether the Cartel still own the mansion. The mansion has a huge interior briefly seen in a cutscene, a garage, a garden and a pool.

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