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Keeping track of copied images

There are those on Wikia that are directly copying images from this site without credit or source. Should we keep track of it?

GTW image Original uploader Date Wikia image Copier Date
Archive User:Bluesboyjr 2010-10-12 [1] MastaRhymez 2011-12-26
Gonzalez-GTAVC-artwork.jpg User:Bluesboyjr 2010-10-12 [2] MastaRhymez 2012-01-01
100px User:Spaceeinstein 2011-01-10 [3] MatthewPaszkiewicz 2012-04-23
Northwood-GTAIV-westwards.jpg User:ZS 2011-03-31 [4] Zulu2065 2012-08-19
Broker-GTAIV-montage.jpg User:Montario 2011-08-10 [5] Zulu2065 2012-12-16
LeftwoodChurch-GTAIV-exterior.jpg User:ZS 2011-08-25 [6] Zulu2065 2012-07-25
LeftwoodCommunityHall-GTAIV-exterior.jpg User:ZS 2011-09-19 [7] Zulu2065 2012-07-25
HickeyBridge-GTAIV.jpg User:ZS 2011-09-25 [8] Zulu2065 2012-08-30
Leopolds-GTAIV-exterior.jpg User:ZS 2011-11-21 [9] Zulu2065 2012-12-16
AlexandraChilton-GTAIV.jpg User:Spaceeinstein 2012-05-04 [10] Iron1311 2012-12-26
Easton-Emeraldserviceentrance-GTA4.jpg User:ZS 2012-11-18 [11] Zulu2065 2012-12-16
Our official position is that screenshots and artwork are the property of Rockstar, not the person who takes the screenshot, uploads the image or the site it's on. We don't credit other sites for screenshots or artwork, and we don't expect credit. It does not fall under our licensing policy. The exception is where someone has actually created something new - such as an annotated map or an artistic creation (but not just cropping/adjusting a screenshot). Then, it would be creator's property and they would decide whether it can be shared at all, who with, and whether attribution is needed.
Content, however, IS our property. This extends to all article text, talk pages, templates etc. Under our Licensing policy (our CC-BY-SA licence), we allow reuse provided that we are properly attributed (with link to the relevant page on GTW) AND that they also allow their content to be reused. Failing to attribute properly (as Wikia has repeatedly done) [Grand Theft Wiki:Licence Termination|terminates]] the licence - we consider Wikia's licence of GTW content to be permanently revoked. This means that they are not allowed to re-use our content under any circumstances, even WITH attribution. This is something we do need to actively keep track of.
Most of the screenshots above are okay, even File:Broker-GTAIV-montage.jpg isn't really an artistic creation, just a simple arrangement, so I wouldn't worry about that hugely. Hope that clears it up a bit! gboyers talk 22:40, 31 December 2012 (UTC)