Cerveza Heights

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Cerveza Heights is a neighborhood in central Dukes. It is bordered to the northeast by Charleston Avenue (Meadows Park); Livingston Street and Hoober Street to the northwest (East Island City); Stone Street and Valley Forge Avenue to the west (BOABO); Brunner Street to the southwest (Downtown); Thornton Street to the south (Schottler); and Carson Street and Stillwater Avenue to the southeast (Beechwood City). In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the first safehouse where Huang Lee stays is located in Cerveza Heights.


Cerveza Heights is based on the New York City neighborhoods of Jackson Heights, Flushing, and Corona (incidentally cerveza is the Spanish word for beer and Corona is the name of a famous Mexican beer) in Queens. Like it's real life counterparts Cerveza Heights is ethnically diverse with notable Chinese, South Asian, and Latino communities. It serves as the Spanish Lords' base of operations in the Dukes and Broker area.

Places of interest

A hospital is located in the neighborhood at the intersection of Inchon Avenue and Livingston Street, with a Cluckin' Bell fast food restuarant a block south at the intersection of Inchon Avenue and Huntington Street.


The Liberty City Subway has a stop at the intersection of Charleston Avenue and Huntington Street. It is served at all times by the 3/8 Broker Line.