Cesar Vialpando

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Cesar Vialpando
Appearances GTA San Andreas
Full Name Cesar Vialpando


Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth Los Santos
Nationality American
Home El Corona, Los Santos
Family Kendl Johnson (fiancée)
Catalina (cousin)
Main Affiliations Varrios Los Aztecas
Grove Street Families
Carl Johnson
Wu Zi Mu
The Truth
Vehicles Red Savanna
Voiced by Clifton Collins Jr.

There is a mission entitled Cesar Vialpando in GTA San Andreas.

Cesar Vialpando is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (set in 1992). Vialpando is the leader of the Varrios Los Aztecas gang based in El Corona and Little Mexico in Los Santos. He lives in El Corona and is the fiancée of Kendl Johnson. He is voiced by Clifton Collins Jr., who came to prominence with the 1997 film One Eight Seven.

Character history

Life in Los Santos

Cesar Vialpando was born in Los Santos, presumably in El Corona or Little Mexico, and at an unknown time joined the Varrios Los Aztecas street gang, rising through the gang to become its leader. At some prior to 1992 he began dating Kendl Johnson, the sister of Grove Street Families leader Sweet, who did not trust him or his motives. Sweet later has an argument with Kendl and tells their brother, Carl Johnson, to follow her to a lowrider challenger being held at Unity Station. Carl, in an attempt to prove himself, takes part in the a challenge and beats his opponent from the Varrios Los Aztecas.

Following his victory, Carl meets Kendl and Cesar and the two become friends, agreeing to meet Johnson again in a street race across Los Santos, which Carl wins. Cesar later cements his friendship with Carl by showing him the true nature of Big Smoke and Ryder, who had betrayed the Grove Street Families by working with the Ballas and C.R.A.S.H. leaders Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski. Cesar is later forced to leave Los Santos after the Los Santos Vagos, the arch rivals of the Varrios Los Aztecas, take control of El Corona and Little Mexico. Kendl accompanies him to Angel Pine in Whetstone, where they meet Carl who had been taken there by C.R.A.S.H.

Life in the countryside

Cesar is initially desperate to return to Los Santos and kill as many drug dealers as possible, despite knowing that a price had been on his head, but is convinced to stay in Angel Pine by Carl, who tells him that he would only get himself killed. Cesar later tells Carl to meet his cousin, Catalina, with the two entering a relationship and robbing various small businesses. Cesar later phones Carl to take part in an illegal street race in Red County, which both participate in, with Carl winning. The two also meet Wu Zi Mu, the leader of the Triads in San Fierro.

Life in San Fierro

Cesar Vialpando (centre left) with Carl Johnson (left), Zero (centre), Dwaine (centre right) and Jethro (right) in the mission Zeroing In.

Cesar and Kendl later move to San Fierro, joining Carl after he had won the deeds to a garage in Doherty in a street race against Catalina and Claude. The two then begin to help Carl re-build the business from scratch, later working alongside mechanics Dwaine and Jethro. Cesar later accompanies Carl to Angel Pine to photograph the people involved in the manufacturing, transporting and selling of the drug yay. The two witness Ryder meeting Jizzy B., San Fierro Rifa leader T-Bone Mendez and Mike Toreno, the three leaders of the Loco Syndicate.

Carl begins to work for the gang to learn more of their operation but later kills Jizzy after receiving a silenced pistol from Cesar. Carl and Cesar, with help from the Triads, later kill T-Bone Mendez on Pier 69, before Carl chases and kills Ryder. Carl also seemingly kills Mike Toreno, who had escape using the helicopter as a decoy. Toreno, revealing himself to be an undercover agent, employs Carl to steal a tanker full of fuel on its and tells Carl to use Cesar to help him but not to tell him of Toreno's involvement.

Cesar and Kendl, enjoying the ambience of San Fierro, decide not to join Carl when he begins working for Toreno in Tierra Robada. Carl later purchases Wang Autos, a car showroom in Doherty and Cesar takes an active role in making the business a success. Cesar and Carl steal two vehicles from Otto's Autos in Downtown, San Fierro. Cesar and Carl also work together to steal a Jester being loaded on to a cargo ship in Easter Basin. Cesar also manages to locate another vehicle on their wishlist but becomes frustrated at his inability to steal the vehicle, but later helps Carl get a vehicle fitted with spike strips, which allows Carl to steal the vehicle.

Return to Los Santos

Cesar Vialpando (centre left) with Sunny (left), Carl Johnson (centre), Hazer (centre right) and Gal (right) in the mission Los Desperados.

Cesar and Kendl remain in San Fierro while Carl begins to work in Tierra Robada and Bone County, later moving to Las Venturas. Carl, after helping Toreno to kill spies by destroying their boats, later returns to Ganton in Los Santos, re-taking the area from the Ballas. Cesar follows the Johnson brothers by returning to Los Santos and moves back into his home in El Corona. Frank Tenpenny, the leader of C.R.A.S.H., is later arrested and put on trial, with Cesar going to Madd Dogg's mansion with Carl, Kendl, Sweet, Madd Dogg, Maccer and The Truth to watch the court case, which is eventually dropped.

The residents of the poorer neighbourhoods of Los Santos, including El Corona, begin to riot, with Carl using the opportunity to claim back territory for the Grove Street Families. Carl also later helps Cesar, Gal, Hazer and Sunny to take back El Corona from the Los Santos Vagos. Shortly before the five take back the El Corona, Cesar asks Carl to talk to Sweet about his plans to propose to Kendl, knowing that Sweet had not trusted him. Following the deaths of Tenpenny and Smoke and the end of the riots, Cesar goes to the Johnson house with Kendl, to meet up with Carl, Sweet and The Truth to talk about their futures, while they are later joined by Madd Dogg, Maccer, Ken Rosenberg and Kent Paul.


  • Cesar Vialpando owns a red Savanna, which has a customized number plate: "LVA4L", which stands for "Los Varrios Aztecas 4 Life".
  • Sweet, when talking to Kendl Johnson in the mission Cesar Vialpando questions the would-be names of their kids if they were to have any; stating "Leroy Hernandez" and "Leroy Lopez" don't sound right.
  • Cesar Vialpando is the boss for the mission Farewell, My Love... but does not appear during the mission.
  • Cesar Vialpando reveals that he is afraid of heights during the mission Customs Fast Track.
  • Clifton Collins Jr., the voice actor of Cesar Vialpando, came to prominence in the film One Eight Seven, playing a character called Cesar.

Murders committed

Cesar Vialpando and Carl Johnson killing T-Bone Mendez on Pier 69 in the mission Pier 69.

Mission appearances

GTA San Andreas
Cut Mission