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The chainsaw as a murder tool is a popular cliché in horror movies. The origins of this can be found in movies such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Since then, it has time and time again made bloody cameo appearances in movies, e.g. in Scarface and The Evil Dead. It also found its way into the lyrics of many metal bands, an example of which being the song Chainsaw Buffet by the Finnish metal band Lordi. In computer games like Doom and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City the player can use the chainsaw as a weapon. The reason for this popularity of the chainsaw as a murder tool is on the one hand due to the intensive loss of blood since a saw tears instead of cutting cleanly and its noise can even be heard walls away from the origin. Furthermore, the noises at the start of the saw by wire rope hoist are often used for producing a dangerous atmosphere.

Name Chainsaw
Type Saw
Location (VC) 1. In the bathroom of Apartment 3C, Ocean Beach
Location (SA) 2. At the farm where Leatherface is meant to be
Peculiarities No



  • Can be obtained by killing a shark in the ship in the mission Leap and Bound.


  • In the construction site next to cj's garage. On top of a collapsed building.


If you are on the PS2 version you can hold circle and run to point it forward to slice people, or hold square and run to hold it up like a mad guy with a chainsaw.