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Beta Characters are persons or characters that was cut or rechanged during the development of a GTA game. Only two types of characters that were Deleted, Beta Name or Remodeled. Their files still appear inside the disc but some were deleted and can never be found in the files. Others were renamed or rechanged due to several reasons. These characters whether host a major, minor or just a pedestrian in a GTA game.

Deleted Characters

These are characters that were removed during development. Some still appear inside the files of their respected appearance of a game but some weren't.


Supposedly appear in the final version of GTA III but he was cut due to his terrorist-like missions, refering to the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

Also a character in GTA III cut during the development of the game. He may possibly linked with Darkel.

The two pedestrians were meant to appear in the game but due to rating and controversial problems, they were removed.

GTA Vice City

Scheduled to give Tommy Vercetti a mission but he was cut prior in development. He also knows Tommy in the past.

GTA San Andreas

He was a LSPD officer and was cut during development, along with Poncho and Larry. He was supposedly going to be killed during the beta Doberman.

He was going to be appear in the game but was cut. He was supposedly had a run-in with Officer Carver were CJ must rescue him.

He was also a cut character in the game though his dialogue exist but he was meant to appear in Cop Wheels.


Alberga was a mobster during the development in GTA IV but he was cut in the final. He was suspected to be Ray Boccino's beta name.

Remodeled Characters

These are characters that were remodeled during development ranging from protagonists to pedestrians.


  • Claude's appearance went through many different designs. Sketches and screenshots show many types of body of Claude that should appear in the game.
  • The Liberty City Triads originally had a black outfit.
  • Police Officers originally had mustaches.

GTA Vice City

  • Tommy Vercetti was older, fatter and wore a blue Hawaiian shirt.
  • Haitian gangsters who wore blue shirts used to have a picture on the shirt instead of the word "Relax".

GTA San Andreas

  • Both Sweet and Big Smoke had their appearances changed. Sweet was originally dressed in black and wore a black beanie, Big Smoke wore a white jersey and did not wear a hat, exposing his shaved head.
  • Kendl Johnson's facial model and clothing were altered.
  • Gang members looked different and wore different clothing.
  • Each city had its own motorcycle cop model, whereas in the final release the same model is used for all cities (The beta cop models can still be found on the game´s files).

GTA Liberty City Stories

  • Joseph Daniel O'Toole's glasses were originally blue.
  • Toni Cipriani originally looked older.
  • Toni's casual clothes were a purple shirt with a green vest.

GTA Vice City Stories

  • Bryan Forbes originally have a mustache.
  • The Casual clothes were originally yellow.


  • Little Jacob originally did not wear glasses.
  • Michelle had a different looking face.
  • Playboy X used to have a plain maroon hoodie.
  • U.L. Paper had a different voice.
  • Real Badman didn't wear a hat.
  • The first removed haircut design for Niko was a cut that seemed to resemble helmet-hair.
  • The second removed haircut design for Niko was a buzz cut.

Beta Names

These are characters that their names have been changed for different reasons.


Beta Name Current Name
Mullan 8-Ball
Joey Sorvino Joey Leone
Frankie Sorvino Salvatore Leone

GTA Vice City

Beta Name Current Name
BJ Jones BJ Smith Fernando Diaz Ricardo Diaz