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Several characters appear during the missions or cutscenes in Grand Theft Auto Advance. The main characters are listed here. Some are unique to GTA Advance and some have recurred from previous games in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Major characters


Mike is Grand Theft Auto Advance's protagonist and playable character. He and his partner Vinnie had both earned enough money to leave Liberty City for good, but Mike was coaxed by Vinnie to do a few more jobs for the Mafia before leaving. After Vinnie was thought by Mike to be killed by a car bomb, he attempted to trace the killer, while attracting negative attention from all of the gangs in the city. After learning that Vinnie was still alive, was responsible for killing several of his bosses, and was intending to leave with Mike's share of the money they both earned, he killed Vinnie. Mike eventually escaped the city with a private aircraft owned by Cisco, Mike's deceased ally and leader of the Colombian Cartel.


Vinnie was the partner and boss of Mike, who insisted Mike in doing a few more jobs before leaving the city. He was allegedly killed in car bomb, with "his" remains found in the car. He was later killed by Mike, as his true nature and motives were revealed.


8-Ball was Mike's second boss after Vinnie was thought to be killed. He nitially supplied Mike with several missions while aiding him in tracking Vinnie's murderer. 8-Ball was then on the run as he was chased by Vinnie's assassins.

A mission near the end of the game featured Mike ambushed by the Colombian Cartel while meeting 8-Ball at a diner. During this attack, the Cartel members used flamethrowers as their primary weapons; 8-Ball was caught in the crossfire. Upon completion of the mission, 8-Ball revealed that he had been severely burned, and tells Mike to escape as police arrive on the scene. He was evetually arrested by the police, connecting to the start of Grand Theft Auto III's storyline (in which he would later escape, with his "messed up" hands wrapped in bandages, from police custosy along with another protagonist, Claude).

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Jonnie was a bartender in the Red Light District, Portland Island. He served as Mike's third boss, before he was assassinated. Mike's discovery of Jonnie's death was followed by a pursuit of Yardies members that led to King Courtney, the head of the Yardies.

King Courtney

King Courtney is the leader of the Uptown Yardies and was Mike's forth boss. Involved in a turf war with the Colombian Cartel, Courtney is also involved in illegal racing around Staunton Island. He and his gang served as another primary antagonist alongside Vinnie near the end of the storyline.

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Cisco was the leader of the Colombian Cartel and Mike's fifth boss. He was killed by Vinnie and was succeeded by Paul.


Yuka is Asuka Kasen's young niece. Yuka served in only one major plotline, in which Mike was ordered by Cisco to kidnap Yuka as Cartel blackmail to the Yakuza, before she would eventually be rescued by Mike and returned to Asuka. It is speculated that Asuka finds out about this and leads to her double-crossing Mike.

Asuka Kasen

Asuka Kasen was the leader of the Yakuza and is Mike's sixth boss. Asuka is revealed to have bizarre fetishes and sexual preferences. This is further explored in various cutscenes during Grand Theft Auto III

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Characters on this page who have died in any game in the GTA series are used in the first line in the past tense. Characters still thought to be alive (or have not been shown or said to be dead) in any game in the GTA series are used in the first line in the present tense.