Characters in GTA Vice City

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Shown In Order Of Appearance:

Sonny Forelli

Head of the Forelli Mafia Family.

Man #1, Man #2, And Man #3:

Briefly shown talking to Sonny.

Ken Rosenberg

Tommy Vercetti's Lawyer And "Watch Dog".

Tommy Vercetti

Main character, OR "Protagonist", OR/A.K.A.: Who you play as in the game.

Harry and Lee

Killed in the beginning of the game.

Diaz's Men

It is unknown just WHO these men are. One is rumored to be T-Bone Mendez (Not By Me). Another is rumored to be Miguel (Once Again, Not By Me).

Victor/Quentin Vance

Also killed in the beginning. Lance Vance's Brother.

Lance Vance

Briefly first seen flying away in a Black Maverick during the Beginning. Later seen (This Is Probably The First Sighting For Most Of You) in the Second Mission.

Juan Garcia Cortez/Colonel Cortez

One of Tommy's friends during the game. Tommy helps him out.