Chauffeur's Clothes

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File:Chauffeur'sClothes .jpg
Toni Cipriani wearing the Chauffeur's Outfit in GTA Liberty City Stories.

The Chauffer's Outfit is an outfit in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It is also one of the 16 unlockable outfits in the game. It consists of a grey cap, grey coat, grey trousers and black boots. It is unlocked after the completion of the mission Rollercoaster Ride. Toni obtains the outfit by killing a chauffeur and stealing his uniform. This outfit is used in the mission "Rollercoaster Ride" for Salvatore Leone, where you disguise yourself in a grey chauffeur outfit with a grey hat as Jane Hopper's chauffeur, where you need to try and scare her by filling up a scare bar on the player's HUD.