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|Extra money
|Extra money ($250,000)

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This list contains all cheats in Grand Theft Auto III. Cheats can be inputted into the game at anytime during gameplay, including in the pause menu. A successful input of a cheat, either activated or deactivated, will display a "Cheat activated" message. Cars will only spawn on the closest car path node, not in front of the player. Attempting to save the game after inputting certain cheats will pop up a screen warning the player not to save the game after inputting cheats. Some cheats can be disabled by reinputting the cheat code, some can be disabled by reloading the game, but only the pedestrian hate and riot cheats are permanent and cannot be reversed if the game is saved while the cheat is active. These pedestrian-related cheats can hinder progress during missions.

Effect PS2 PC
All weapons R2R2L1R2D-Pad LeftD-Pad DownD-Pad RightD-Pad UpD-Pad LeftD-Pad DownD-Pad RightD-Pad Up gunsgunsguns
Extra money ($250,000) R2R2L1L1D-Pad LeftD-Pad DownD-Pad RightD-Pad UpD-Pad LeftD-Pad DownD-Pad RightD-Pad Up ifiwerearichman
Full health R2R2L1R1D-Pad LeftD-Pad DownD-Pad RightD-Pad UpD-Pad LeftD-Pad DownD-Pad RightD-Pad Up gesundheit
Full armor R2R2L1L2D-Pad LeftD-Pad DownD-Pad RightD-Pad UpD-Pad LeftD-Pad DownD-Pad RightD-Pad Up tortoise
Up wanted level by 2 stars R2R2L1R2D-Pad LeftD-Pad RightD-Pad LeftD-Pad RightD-Pad LeftD-Pad Right morepoliceplease
Remove wanted level R2R2L1R2D-Pad UpD-Pad DownD-Pad UpD-Pad DownD-Pad UpD-Pad Down nopoliceplease
Spawn a Rhino CircleCircleCircleCircleCircleCircleR1L2L1TriangleCircleTriangle giveusatank
All cars explode L2R2L1R1L2R2TriangleSquareCircleTriangleL2L1 bangbangbang
Play as pedestrian D-Pad RightD-Pad DownD-Pad LeftD-Pad UpL1L2D-Pad UpD-Pad LeftD-Pad DownD-Pad Right ilikedressingup
Crazy pedestrians D-Pad DownD-Pad UpD-Pad LeftD-Pad UpCrossR1R2L2L1 itsallgoingmaaad
All pedestrians attack you D-Pad DownD-Pad UpD-Pad LeftD-Pad UpCrossR1R2L1L2 nobodylikesme
Pedestrians have weapons[1] R2R1TriangleCrossL2L1D-Pad UpD-Pad Down weaponsforall
Speed up gameplay TriangleD-Pad UpD-Pad RightD-Pad DownSquareL1L2 timeflieswhenyou
Slow down gameplay TriangleD-Pad UpD-Pad RightD-Pad DownSquareR1R2 boooooring
Time advances quicker CircleCircleCircleSquareSquareSquareSquareSquareL1TriangleCircleTriangle madweather
Clear weather L1L2R1R2R2R1L2Triangle skincancerforme
Cloudy weather L1L2R1R2R2R1L2Square ilikescotland
Rainy weather L1L2R1R2R2R1L2Circle ilovescotland
Foggy weather L1L2R1R2R2R1L2Cross peasoup
Invisible cars; wheels only L1L1SquareR2TriangleL1Triangle anicesetofwheels
Cars fly D-Pad RightR2CircleR1L2D-Pad DownL1R1 chittychittybb
Improved car handling R1L1R2L1D-Pad LeftR1R1Triangle cornerslikemad
Gore mode[2] SquareL1CircleD-Pad DownL1R1TriangleD-Pad RightL1Cross nastylimbscheat
  1. For some reason the prostitutes will not be given any weapon.
  2. For this cheat there is no confirmation message.