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The building of Cherenkov in Hove Beach, Broker.

Cherenkov is a vodka company featured in Grand Theft Auto IV. The company is a parody of Smirnoff. Bottles of Cherenkov are used as Molotov Cocktails in the game. Cherenkov is also a sponsor in the Venturas Poker Challenge. Playboy X talks about how he loves Cherenkov in the mission "Blow Your Cover", as he talks about Russians (as he guesses that Niko Bellic is Russian.) In Broker, there is a building on the eastern side of Iroquois Ave that features a sign for Cherenkov on top of it. The second "E" and the "N" are missing, making the sign spell "Cher Kov", which is meant to be pronounced like 'jerk off', a euphemism for masturbation.