Cherise Glover

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Cherise Glover is a character in the GTA IV era, appearing in Grand Theft Auto IV.

She was the girlfriend of Dwayne Forge until his arrest in 1993, and has sinced moved on.

Later, she started to date Jayvon Simson, the man who ratted out Dwayne. While she was hanging out at an arcade in Chinatown with Jayvon, Dwayne sent Niko Bellic to kill Jayvon. There, Niko had the choice to either execute Cherise or let her live. If he'd choose to let her live, she'd become a character he'd meet on the street, and she would ask him to help her with her boyfriend who has been beating her. This would be leading to Niko beating and warning him to stay away from Cherise.


  • If the player would finish Cherise's Random Character encounter, Dwayne would call Niko in regards to whether or not they are dating now.