Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory

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The Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory, or simply Cherry Poppers, is the main building of the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company. It is located in Little Havana. Later in the game, you can buy this factory and save your game here. Cherry popper is a take on a girls first sexual experience (losing virginity). The top of the building also looks like a pair of woman's breasts. The Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory logo appears in Grand Theft Auto IV on the side of Mr. Tasty vehicles.

Missions involving Cherry Poppers

GTA Vice City

In 1986. Tommy Vercetti buys the factory and the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company from former owner Maude Hanson. Tommy initially bought the factory believing it to be an actual Ice Cream Factory, but upon finding out that the ice cream is a front and that the factory actually distributes drugs, Tommy starts using the factories trucks, Mr Whoopee trucks, to sell his coke shipments in the streets.

Cherry Poppers save bug

The save point is known to cause corruption in saved files. For safety purposes, save your game elsewhere instead. It can save properly most of the time but it’s best not to attempt it. Nothing’s worse than having to restart from the beginning when you’re almost finished.