Chinese Takeout

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Chinese Takeout is a mission in GTA IV DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony. It is given by Gay Tony to Luis Lopez.


After the game's introductory mission, received a text message from Tony to meet him at the Maisonette 9 club. Upon your arrival, you'll watch as Luis heads inside automatically, and waits for Tony to conclude a phone conversation. Hereafter, Tony rushes Luis back outside. It appears he needs to be driven to a location in Chinatown. However, when Luis finally arrive at the meeting, you'll see a Chinese mobster speaking with a familiar character. After Luis is rather clear that he and Tony aren't patsies to sort out the Chinese character's licensing issue, a gun is drawn. Seemingly in a bind, Luis eventually overpowers the Chinese mobster, kicking the gun out of his hand and sending him into an unconscious swoon on the concrete ground. Unfortunately, a bullet is fired off from the gun, and the noise from the shot has alerted his friends who have a gunfight with Luis, until he kills every last one and escapes with Tony.

Mission Requirements

Time: 5:20
Player Damage: 10%
Accuracy: 70%
100% Headshots


Shooting the Chinese mobster after Luis knocks him out, no matter how much or where, will never kill him.