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This is the script for the mission Chop in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Franklin arrives home but hides around the corner of the house as he hears his aunt is about to leave with one of her friends.)

Denise Clinton: Girl, of course I saved that poor boy's life. But you know what? It's getting to be a bit much.

Friend: I have no idea how you cope.

Denise Clinton: 'Course I cope. I'm a woman.

Friend: Ain't that the truth?

Denise Clinton: But, girl, I done done all that I can do, but you know how boys are.

(Denise is exhausted after spirit walking from the front door to the sidewalk.)

Denise Clinton: Wait a minute... Oh, girl... Oh, hey, how much further?

Friend: We ain't even gone five yards yet.

Denise Clinton: Okay. I know. I'm just asking.

Friend: This is spirit walking. Exercises body and soul. It's all the rage.

(Denise and her friend start walking down the sidewalk whilst chanting feminist phrases together.)

Friend: We are women and we are free!

Denise Clinton: We are women...

Friend: Bringing an end to the patriarchy.

Friend: We are women, hear our pain,

Denise Clinton: We are women, hear our pain,

Friend: we are women, hear our shout,

Denise Clinton: we are women, hear our shout,

Friend: and we are free, have no doubt.

Denise Clinton: and we are women, have no doubt.

Friend: We are women and we are free...

(The two go out of hearing range, Franklin walks up to the front door as Lamar shows up on the sidewalk behind him, walking his dog Chop.)

Lamar Davis: Damn, F is that your auntie?

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, thank God I missed her crazy ass. She spirit walking and shit now, man... that's just her attempts to...

Lamar Davis: Hey, hey! Don't be talking shit about your auntie, man, she got... I mean she cool as a motherfucker, man, come on.

Franklin Clinton: Come where?

Lamar Davis: We gotta go pick up some shit from round the corner, man. We can walk and talk at the same time, my nigga.

Franklin Clinton: Why the fuck we can't drive?

Lamar Davis: Around the block? With Chop? You need to walk with your fat ass.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, okay, you tall, lanky son of a bitch.

(The two are walking towards the meeting site.)

Lamar Davis: Come on, homie, we ain't got all day, let's go.

Franklin Clinton: Fo' sho, but what you got up?

Lamar Davis: Kidnapping, fool. That clown D, that OG fool from Ballas.

Franklin Clinton: Dog, I told you; no more gangbanging, retro-vengeance bullshit. I'm trying to make some fucking paper.

Lamar Davis: You gonna make some paper, loc. And ain't nobody out here gangbanging, it just looks like that. You gotta know the difference, man.

Franklin Clinton: Fuck, man, great. My aunt will be very happy, homie. She wants me dead anyway so she can get the fucking house.

(Franklin and Lamar arrive at a van parked in an alley.)

Lamar Davis: You driving.

(Lamar lets Chop in the back of the van and they both get in it.)

Lamar Davis: We goin' up Vinewood Boulevard.

Franklin Clinton: I like your dog, homie. Me and Chop got a lot in common - your annoying ass.

Lamar Davis: Man, I'm carrying both of y'all asses homie. Look what I set up.

Franklin Clinton: Man, fuck this, man - you seen Tanisha?

Lamar Davis: She straight. It's me and you that ain't straight though, homie.

Franklin Clinton: Dog, I know, homie. But look, I met this contact, this white dude. Real serious dude, man. This motherfucker knows the streets. homie. I know he'd be a good hookup for us.

Lamar Davis: We don't need no hookup, fool. I know these streets.

Franklin Clinton: You? Know these streets? Man, all you know is dime bag hustling, credit card stealing. Boosting gas tankers, homie, come on man. You trying to be some fucking commodity trader or something?

Lamar Davis: Fool, that shit went up, man.

Franklin Clinton: Look homie, I don't mind dying. You feel me? But I just want to die with something that matters, homie. That's what Forum gangsters should be really about.

Lamar Davis: And I know this much, the motherfucking OGs ain't even giving a fuck about us, though.

Franklin Clinton: Man, fuck the OGs then. You know what I'm saying? This ain't no motherfucking pyramid scheme.

Lamar Davis: Wait, hold on. Listen to your boy one time. Listen to your boy. You want some paper, my nigga? This is what it's about. Check it out. I'm talking about forty thousand. No problem. Cash in hand. Two days time, no killing. Nothing.

Franklin Clinton: Nah, just starting another beef with the fucking Ballas, nigga, that's class-A felony bullshit.

Lamar Davis: We gonna keep our disguise on. Ain't nobody gotta know it was us.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, whatever, homie. We'll see about that.

(If Chop barks.)

Lamar Davis: Chop a free spirit. He bark all he likes.

(The two arrive at Vinewood Boulevard.)

Lamar Davis: He down this alley up here./I been told he up in the alley.

(The camera shows D in the alley, talking to a girl.)

D: Hey what's up, boo? Ain't you little Laita's cousin?

Girl: Yeah.

D: Damn, you short with it? I was just saying, I was trying to holla at you.

Girl: And? You ain't hollering at nothin' over here.

D: Why is it gotta be like that? I'm a OG...

Girl: An OG, so what? So the fuck what, nigga? S'million OG's around here.

D: Well shit, how about I put one of these little X pills up your ass crack? Next thing you know you gonna be begging for it, boo boo.

Girl: That's disgusting.

(Franklin and Lamar, who have put on balaclavas, confront D.)

Lamar Davis: What's happening now, D man? Ain't no fun if the gangsters can't have none.

D: Man, fuck you, mark. I ain't sharing no ass with the CGFs.

Girl: Ain't nobody sharin' nothin'.

D: Man, shut the hell up, bitch!

Girl: Fuck you, nigga!

D: Man, fuck y'all. Hey, ain't there a law against you mark-ass gangstas, insignia-mask-wearing motherfuckers?

(Lamar pulls out a pistol.)

Lamar Davis: Oh, so what's up now, nigga? You snitchin' or somethin', nigga?

Girl: Oh, shit!

Lamar Davis: Bitch-ass nigga.

D: Fuck you, nigga. I'm outta here!

(D speeds away on his bike, almost running Franklin and Lamar over.)

Franklin Clinton: Watch out, nigga!

D: Fuck y'all, bitch!

Lamar Davis: Hey, come and get that nigga. Come on, let's go. Go! Go! Get in the van!

Franklin Clinton: You see what he's driving? Man, we in a van, motherfucker. We fucked!

Lamar Davis: Oh, gangster. We got this.

Franklin Clinton: Hold on, Chop.

(If D is getting away.)

Lamar Davis: He leaving us behind, fool.

(If the player bumps into something.)

Franklin Clinton: You okay, Chop?

If D is getting away.)

Lamar Davis: OG's gettin' away!

Franklin Clinton: What the fuck you say something for? We could have creeped up on this nigga.

Lamar Davis: You seen yourself, Franklin? You is a big black motherfucker, nigga. You creepin' days is over.

(If D is getting away.)

Lamar Davis: Do that weird, like, focus shit you do. That's forty Gs gettin' away right there.

Lamar Davis: I should have took the wheel.

Franklin Clinton: Like you coulda done better. This piece of shit ain't going no faster!

(If Franklin uses his special ability.)

Lamar Davis: You get all sex face when you do that, homie. That's hilarious.

(If chase continues.)

Lamar Davis: Get on him.

Franklin Clinton: We in a van, nigga. This motherfucker is slow as hell! Next time we goin' after a motherfucker in a car, alright? All these punk-ass bikes. If we snatching this dude, we snatching his ass right. Remember the homies around the block?

Lamar Davis: Man, the homies is lame.

Franklin Clinton Yeah, so we not. Cops were on their cellphone soon as they made the ransom call. Triangulated the signal. Ghetto birds all over the place. Surveillance, my nigga.

(D crashes on his bike.)

Franklin Clinton: Oh, shit!

Lamar Davis: Damn, he got fucked up! Man, take Chop, go get that fool!

Franklin Clinton: Nigga, you just sit on your ass there with your feet kicked up!

(Franklin lets Chop out of the van.)

Franklin Clinton: Come on, Chop, come on, go bite his ass, get that motherfucker, Chop!

(Chop chases after D who is trying to escape on foot.)

Franklin Clinton: Get him!

Franklin Clinton: The ransom's still the same if you got a bite taken out your ass./How the fuck you end up with your dumb ass owner, man? And how the fuck did I?

Passer-by: Put that dog on a leash!/You a trill hound, homie.

Franklin Clinton: I don't wanna watch you get eaten by this canine, punk./Let's do this, Chop Chop.

Franklin Clinton: Least I'm getting a workout./I thought you was an original gangster. You just a motherfucking chump. This like sprint training.

Franklin Clinton Get him, boy!/Take him down, homie!

(In the rail yard, D hops on a leaving train while another train comes from the other direction and blocks him from Franklin's view.)

Franklin Clinton: Aw, fuck! Come on, boy. Find that fool. Sniff him out, Chop Chop. Lead me to him.

Franklin Clinton: He hiding in that train, boy.

(Chop leads Franklin to a train, and Franklin starts opening boxcars to find D.)

Franklin Clinton: You in here?

(Franklin finds the first one empty.)

Franklin Clinton: Shit, this motherfucker empty./Come on. Where you at?

Franklin Clinton: You a mean motherfucker, man. Let's go.

Franklin opens the second boxcar.)

Franklin Clinton: Yo' ass caught!/Lay down, bitch!

(Franklin finds the second one empty.)

Franklin Clinton: Come on. Where you at?/Man, fuck.

Franklin Clinton: There you go.

Franklin Clinton: Where is he, boy? Come on, where is he?

Franklin Clinton: You got a whiff of him, Chop?

Franklin Clinton: We in this together, Chop. Let's go.

(Chop senses another nearby dog.)

Franklin Clinton: Hey, where you going, boy? That don't look like no Ballas OG to me. Chop! No! Down, boy!

Franklin Clinton: Shit, Chop. Man, that's a dude, dog. Your little nasty ass ain't picky, is you?/Come on, Chop. Get off there, man. We got shit to do. Man, that's a dude, Chop. You'll fuck anything. Get out that thing, Chop, you filthy motherfucker.

Franklin Clinton: Not the time, Chop. We got to go./This ain't time for humpin', Chop. Come on, man.

Franklin Clinton: Come on, you horny little motherfucker. You need boot camp or some shit.

Franklin Clinton: Get back on that fat motherfucker, Chop! Eh, Chop. That smell like a Balla? You smell that motherfucker, boy?/Go boy! Where that OG at?

(Chop singles out one boxcar.)

Franklin Clinton: Come on, Chop. Come on boy./You a mean motherfucker, man. Let's go.

(Franklin opens it up to find D hiding inside.)

Franklin Clinton: Stop running, dog!/Give it up!

Franklin Clinton: You scared of dogs, nigga?

D: Oh, shit! Screw that dog, man./Fuck you and your stupid dog.

Franklin Clinton: Don't hump him, bite his ass, Chop. Get his ass.

(Chop catches up to D and takes him down.)

D: Get off me! Fuck you, son of a bitch!

Franklin Clinton: Good boy, good boy.

D: That bitch just fucking bit me, man!

Franklin Clinton: Shut the fuck up.

(Franklin yells to Lamar who has followed them in the van.)

Franklin Clinton: Hey, man, get over here!

D: Oh, shit, what the fuck, man, I ain't got no beef with the CGF.

Franklin Clinton: 'Cause maybe we doing our own thing.

D: What the fuck, man?!

Lamar Davis: Get the fuck in the van, punk!

D: Shit! Hey, Lamar Davis, is that you, nigga?

Lamar Davis: Nigga, shut the fuck up, just get in.

D: Yeah that's you, nigga...

Franklin Clinton: Man, you fucking idiot.

D: Aww shit.

(Franklin calls for Chop to get back in the van.)

Franklin Clinton: Come on.

D: I said I had no beef, man.

Franklin Clinton: Shut the fuck up.

D: Hey, man, what the fuck?

Franklin Clinton: Watch him, boy.

D: Keep this fucking dog away from me!

Lamar Davis: Move, move! Come on!

D: Fuck!

(Franklin gets in the driver's seat and they all leave the rail yard in the van.)

Franklin Clinton: Hey, if you don't train Chop, he goin' be a lost cause like you.

Lamar Davis: We gonna stash this dude at my spot.

D: We going back to your crib? I been there when you was in diapers.

Lamar Davis: Shut up, man. You ain't recognize me.

D: I knew it was you before you took that flag off. You always been dumb, Lamar.

Lamar Davis: Really? Well, I guess that mean we gonna have to shoot yo' ass when we pick up our forty stacks.

D: You ain't gonna pick up shit. Feds gonna be on you before you can even move, nigga.

Lamar Davis: Be quiet. I gotta make a call.

(Lamar makes the ransom phone call to the Ballas.)

Lamar Davis: We got your boy.

Franklin Clinton: You calling them on a cellphone, you dumb motherfucker? They going to trace this shit in a sec!

Lamar Davis: We want forty thousand. It's pay me or pay the funeral director, motherfucker.

Franklin Clinton: What the fuck you gone done? You just gave them our location. Now we gotta let this motherfucker outta here.

(Franklin stops the van and allows D to escape.)

Franklin Clinton: Get the fuck outta here. And, gimme that damn phone.

Lamar Davis: What the fuck?

D: Fuck y'all. I be seein' y'all soon...

Franklin Clinton: Nigga, the only reason you been seein' shit 'cause we went easy on your ass. Remember that, dog!

D: And you owe me a bike too, you motherfuckers!/Dumb bitches!

Lamar Davis: This some bullshit. Take me down the cut.

(Franklin drives to the recreational center, where he drops Lamar and Chop off.)

Franklin Clinton: Man, what the fuck is wrong with you, nigga?

Lamar Davis: I was getting us paid. What the fuck is wrong with you, nigga? That was a good phone.

(When they arrive, Lamar gets out and gets Chop.)

Lamar Davis: Alright, motherfucker.

Franklin Clinton: You the motherfucker. You'd better watch out for them Ballas, they gonna be on you now. Them cops gonna be on your ass too.

Lamar Davis: Yeah, I ain't worried about it. I'm a motherfucking gangster, you know how I do. I can take care of my sizelf.

Franklin Clinton: No the fuck you cizain't.