Chris Hunt

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Chris Hunt.

Chris Hunt is a 1990s action star in Liberty City who is allegedly gay. The Celebinator states that he likes "gladiators", which may be a reference to a major film that he made, while Daisie says most of his films consist of him "beat[ing] people up and pretend[ing] to be straight!".

In 2008 he had a fling with British socialite Daisie Cash-Cooze and taped her giving him a handjob, which he then posted online, proving his hetrosexuality. Daisie bumped into Luis Lopez at Maisonette 9, they hunted Chris down by tracking his constant posts on the website (he updates several times per day, even just to say he is on the toilet or being tailored for a suit). He was said to be premiering his big movie in Star Junction, when really, he put the sex tape on a big screen.