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City Haul is a freight and moving company in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is a storage company that operates in Vice City circa 1986 in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Its slogan is "Size doesn't matter to us" and its phone number is 555 663 3896. There is no known City Haul depot in Vice City.

The company owns a fleet of Boxvilles and Yankees that can be seen sporting the "City Haul" logo can be seen driving around Vice City, although mainly in Viceport and southern Vice Point, near Avery Carrington's construction site. The City Haul Yankees and Boxvilles are usually grey in colour. Its logo can be found on Yankees and Boxvilles being driven around Vice City. If the back doors of a City Haul Yankee or Boxville is broken off, boxes can be found inside.

It is unknown if this company is related to RS Haul or Haul. However, this company might be related to the other two due to the resemblance of their names.

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