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The following is a walkthrough of the Cleaning the Hood mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Cleaning the hood walkthrough

The mission will begin where Ryder will meet CJ outside Sweet's house. CJ will explain that he wants to recruit B-Dup, an old friend, and his friend Big Bear. Ryder tells you that B-Dup's crib is only a few blocks away. There's a conveniently parked car on the street - hop in it, or choose to provide transport for himself. Ryder gets in and then proceed to drive to the location. It leads you to B-Dup's house. A cinematic scene shows you and Ryder entering B-Dup's apartment. B-Dup turns out to not be the "homey" he used to be. He's become a crack-dealer, and turned Big Bear into a "base-slave," performing menial tasks for B-Dup so he can get his fix. You and Ryder leave with more motivation to remedy the drug problem that has taken over your hometown. Hop in the car again and head to the map marker at the north end of the block. You'll see a crack dealer selling to a Grove Street member. Kill the drug dealer and take the money he had. Killing a drug dealer also earns CJ respect. Ryder recognizes him as a ex-Ballas member, and knows where he lived. Drive to the map marker at the dealer's house in Idlewood. Enter the apartment to find a few Ballas members. Soon, a dealer enters and attacks with a Baseball Bat. Kill him, and optionally, kill the other gang members, too. Steal a car, make sure Ryder gets in, and head for the map marker at Sweet's house to complete the mission.


  • When you are in the crackhouse kill the first enemies with a Baseball Bat.