Clothing in GTA IV

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There are three different clothing chains, with a total of four stores, in Liberty City in GTA IV.

The shopping experience has changed from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas -- rather than outfits loading from the changing rooms, the player approaches clothes-racks or shelves to try on the various articles of clothing. Already-purchased clothes can be rebought for immediacy's sake (ie, you won't have to go back to a safehouse to don the item). There are also extra clothes you'll use to complete missions, which cannot be purchased; these stay in your wardrobe after their respective missions are completed.

There are no gloves in GTA IV, despite their appearance in official videos and screenshots. An unofficial texture mod for the PC version of the game can add fingerless gloves.

Clothing has no influence on gameplay outside of comments from girlfriends; unlike in previous GTAs, changing clothes does not lower your wanted level.

There are three clothing retailers in GTA IV:

Extra outfits, unlocked after certain missions:

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