Clothing in GTA Vice City

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was the first game that the player was able to change the clothing of the protagonist (Tommy Vercetti) in the player's desire. Changing clothes removes up to a two-star wanted level. Dying or being arrested results in Tommy changing back to his streets clothing.

Clothing Description Locations Unlocked After


Hawaiian shirt and blue Jeans
(the default clothes)
Ocean View Hotel, Ocean Beach First mission
Vercetti Estate, Starfish Island Rub Out
Hyman Condo, Downtown purchase of Hyman Condo
Soiree Blue shirt Rafael's, Ocean Beach ?
Mr Vercetti grey pinstriped suit Collar and Cuffs, Ocean Beach ?
Cop Police Police Headquarters, Washington Beach ?
Bank Job hockey mask Malibu Club, Vice Point ?
Casual brown t-shirt, blue jeans GASH, North Point Mall, Vice Point ?
Coveralls Spand Express branded overalls Tooled Up, North Point Mall, Vice Point ?
Freddy white ‘lousy’ 100% completion t-shirt Vercetti Estate, Starfish Island ?
Tracksuit brown Laundromat, Little Havana ?
Havana Cuban outfit Little Havana Streetwear & Tattoo Parlour ?
Tracksuit black Jocksport, Downtown ?
Country Club red overalls Leaf Links Golf Club ?