Clothing in GTA Vice City Stories

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Like previous games since Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories lets the player choose to change the clothing of protagonist Victor Vance. All outfits are only available in any of the three safehouses: 101 Bayshore Avenue, The Compound, and The Clymenus Suite.

Image Name Description Unlocked After
70px Army Fatigues The Army Fatigues are Victor's clothes during his career at the army. He is allowed to enter the Fort Baxter base any time while wearing these threads. Consists of brown shirt, camouflage pants and black sneakers. Over the Top
70px Casuals The default outfit for the player after leaving the army. Consists of light blue shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers. Conduct Unbecoming
Leisure Purple sweater with white pants and white sneakers. Build of a High-Roller Prostitution Empire Site
70px Trailer Trash Similar outfit to protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Carl Johnson's original clothes when starting the game. Consists of white tank, blue jeans and white sneakers. D.I.V.O.R.C.E.
Cuban Style Light blue t-shirt, white pants and brown boots. Havana Good Time
70px Pastel Suit An orange suit with red shoes and red shirt. Brawn of the Dead
Tracksuit Red and light blue tracksuit with white shoes. Build of a High-Roller Drugs Empire Site
Hood Ski mask, black jacket with blue jeans and white shoes. Build of a High-Roller Robbery Empire Site
70px Hired Muscle Black, gray and white vest with black jeans and black sneakers. The PlayStation 2 version includes fingerless gloves. Build of a High-Roller Protection Racket Empire Site
Repo-Man White sweater with a tie and black pants combined with brown shoes. Build of a High-Roller Loan Shark Empire Site
Smuggler Green jacket with white pants and blue shoes. Build of a High-Roller Smuggling Empire Site
70px Smart Suit Purple shirt with light blue suit and black shoes. Empire Site Missions
Winner White t-shirt with the "R*LAX" written on it, blue jeans and white sneakers. Last Stand
Wet Suit Black and yellow swimming suit without any shoes. Watersports