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[[Category:Vehicles in GTA San Andreas]]
[[Category:Vehicles in GTA San Andreas]]
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The Clover is a 2 door available in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In San Andreas, it is commonly found driving around Los Santos and San Fierro. With the appearance of a poorly maintained older muscle car in GTA:SA, the Clover is arguably one of the ugliest cars in the game until it is upgraded. After an upgrade, this vehicle noticeably improves in both appearance and handling.


In GTA:SA, the front lights and back bumper and lights resemble a 1968 Oldsmobile Delta 88 (with a 1968 Cutlass grille), while the rest resembles a 1968/1969 Oldsmobile 442 vinyl roof hardtop.


Acceleration and speed are impressive, but come at the cost of the overpowered front-engine, rear-drive design, which predisposes the Clover to frequent burnouts and fishtailing, and generally very poor performance on slippery surfaces. Also, the vehicle's cheap construction makes it extremely susceptible to damage.