Club Management

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Luis in Club Management

Club Management is the side-mission featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony. It takes place in Maisonette 9, after Luis changes into his suit and earpiece in the Security Room with Joni.

The objective of Club Management is to supervise over the main parts of the club, and deal with the troublemakers when trouble arises. At the end sequence of every club management, Dessie will contact Luis and tell him to do something for a VIP or celebrity in the club. After assisting celebrities on eight different occasions, Luis will receive a call from Tony thanking him for doing such a good job taking care of the club's celebrity clientele, promising him that he will get someone else to handle VIP requests from then on, much to Luis's relief. After this the player will no longer have to run errands for celebrities during Club Management, and can choose to simply keep watch over the club and deal with troublemakers, drunks and dealers until the club closes.

Several celebrities and VIPs are featured in the Club Management side-mission, including:


From time to time during Club Management, Joni will ask Luis to come into the Security Room, and to Luis' surprise, she will have her dress rolled up and she will give him a blowjob. A few minutes later, she will ask him again to come in, and this time around, Luis will lean her over the desk and have sex with her. It will refill your health, but is generally pointless as there's a first aid pack in the security room. On other occasions she'll call Luis in to give him a short lap-dance, and if Luis has sex with a girl in the bathroom after dancing, Joni will call Luis in and scream at him for breaking her heart.