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The Enus Cognoscenti is a luxury sedan exclusive to GTA IV. It resembles the front end of a Bentley Flying Spur Sedan with the rear end of a Rolls Royce Phantom Sedan. While the whole body, two tone paint, resembles a Maybach 62 S sedan.

The Cognoscenti is one of the larger cars in the game, with an exceptionally long body for a sedan. The weight and length of the car make it more of a vanity vehicle than one that can be used reliably for missions; its speed and handling are lower than other sedans found throughout the city.

Because of its size, the police will designate it as a limousine should you commit a crime while in the car.

Stevie will ask you to steal a cognoscenti after you are introduced to his missions

File:Cognoscenti.JPG   File:Cognoscenti2.jpg