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;Other Rockstar Sites
;Other Rockstar Sites
[[File:Affiliate-PayneReactor.jpg|link=http://paynereactor.com/|Payne Reactor]]
[[File:Affiliate-PayneReactor.jpg|link=http://paynereactor.com/|Payne Reactor]]
;Other Sites
[[File:JCWlogo.png|link=http://justcause.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page|Just Cause Wiki]]

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This page lists the affiliates of Grand Theft Wiki, and instructions on how to become one!

Current Affiliates

GTA Sites

The GTA Place Affiliate-IGTA5.gif Affiliate-gtagamesnl.gif GTA Jucatori Affiliate-gtaunderground.gif Affiliate-gtavision.gif

Other Rockstar Sites

Payne Reactor

Other Sites

Just Cause Wiki

How to Become an Affiliate

Only the following sites will be accepted as GTW affiliates
  • Your site must be about Grand Theft Auto games or Rockstar Games
  • Your site must be good, significant, and at least slightly popular
  • Empty sites, dead sites, or ones with only a couple of users will not be accepted
  • Sites with illegal, abusive or unacceptable content will not be accepted
  • Copies of Grand Theft Wiki will not be accepted

If you think your site is suitable, then the steps you need to follow are
  1. Add a Grand Theft Wiki affiliate button (below) to your site before applying
    • Do this before applying
    • Make sure it links back to www.GrandTheftWiki.com or an appropriate page on the wiki
  2. Create an affiliate button image for your site
    • This should be 88x31px in size, and should not be animated
  3. Upload your affiliate button to this wiki
    • In the licensing dropdown, choose "This is a logo of a real-life company"
  4. Go to Community:Affiliates/Apply to apply
  5. GTW staff will then check the site, make sure your link back to us works, and add your button to this page!

Grand Theft Wiki Affiliate Images


Image URL: http://www.grandtheftwiki.com/images/Gtw-8831.jpg

HTML code to add this image to your site: <a href="http://www.GrandTheftWiki.com"><img src="http://www.grandtheftwiki.com/images/Gtw-8831.jpg" alt="Grand Theft Wiki"></a>