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This is the official Grand Theft Wiki GTA IV Gripes list.

For now, this page is open to everybody. If there is any abuse of this page it will be locked, and all submissions will have to go through the Discussion page.

Please do not repeat other people's gripes. Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist comments either.

How To Gripe

  • Make sure your gripe hasn't already been mentioned.
  • Start a new line with a hash (#), add your gripe, and then add your name using three tildes (--~~~).

Gripes about GTA IV

  1. There is no Tank in this game, nor are there airplanes. --Theothersteve7
  2. There are only 3 unique Clothing stores in the game. --Araknid kid
  3. There are no car mods or even simply choosing your paint color. --Archangel717
  4. The parking glitch that makes your saved cars randomly disappear is not cool. --Archangel717
  5. No store hold ups for easy cash or burglary missions. --Teegro
  6. No "R3" Missions for anything other than the police cruiser. --Teegro
  7. Given that a generic interior could be created, there's too few stores and the like to wander into compared to San Andreas (Cluckin' Bell outlets as just a facade with no way in). --Teegro
  8. The trees are invincible.--CAPYBARA
  9. Minor clothing items are removed during some cutscenes and missions. (glasses, hats)--LBCCCP
  10. There are not enough "special" weapons like the chainsaw, the golf club, the pool cue, or the fire extinguisher like there were in GTA San Andreas. --PJsg1009
  11. Nor are there enough special vehicles like golf carts, lawn mowers, and bicycles. --PJsg1009
  12. No random games like the off track betting, Pogo the monkey or other arcade games save from Qub3d. --Teegro
  13. You can't buy real estate like in San Andreas and Vice City. --Wiitard505
  14. You can't Own Businesses. --Wiitard505
  15. You can't do home invasion like in San Andreas. --Wiitard505
  16. No more taking over territory and defending it. --Wiitard505
  17. The Hand-to-Hand Combat is not as good as in San Andreas. --Wiitard505
  18. No more aquiring skill as in San Andreas. --Wiitard505
  19. No more working out as in San Andreas. --Wiitard505
  20. No more grafitti as in San Andreas. --Wiitard505
  21. There are fewer cars in the game compared to San Andreas, and no fixed-wing aircraft available to the player --ComradeJim270
  22. Stealth kills as in San Andreas are no longer possible --ComradeJim270
  23. There aren't as many differnt clothing styles and options as there used to be, especially in San Andreas and theres very few "silly" options like mad hats and such. --Teegro
  24. How the Voodoo was changed --Thescarydude
  25. Friends often call to do things at inconvenient times and are often on the other side of the city. -- LBCCCP
  26. Friends don't give you enough time to get to their location before they become impatient.