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Gripes about GTA IV


Gripe RebutThe feature of calling up a boss to "meet them here", etc. is not in the game, and the same goes for friends.

Gripe RebutMinor clothing items are removed during some cut scenes and missions. (glasses, hats)

RebutThis can be easily explained by Niko having manners... i.e. he would remove his hat or glasses before speaking with someone.

Gripe RebutCars explode for the stupidest and unrealistic reasons, i.e. shooting the window of a car, shooting the roof.

RebutDidn't that happen in all other GTA games?

Gripe RebutThe ability to hang from a helicopter, shown in trailers, isn't seen ingame, nor is the ability to ride in limos.

RebutThe last mission requires you to do it. Also theres a glitch in MP that lets you hang on to the heli for unlimit amount of time.

Gripe RebutBut right after the mission, hanging a helicopter is no longer possible outside of missions. This feature strays away realism.

Gripe RebutThe cover system is weird, and sometimes doesn't work correctly. Niko will take cover at a corner in plain sight of the enemy, instead of the other side.

Gripe RebutNo store hold ups for easy cash or burglary missions.

Gripe RebutYou can't buy real estate like in San Andreas and Vice City.

Gripe RebutYou can't Own Businesses.

Gripe RebutYou can't do home invasion like in San Andreas.

Rebut This isn't San Andreas.

Rebut Still, it's stupid that you can't do something, so cool.

Gripe RebutThe Hand-to-Hand Combat is not as good as in San Andreas.

Rebut Stated somewhere else, the hand-to-hant combat has a new purpose: subduing enemies that you aren't meant to kill.

Gripe RebutStealth kills as in San Andreas are no longer possible.

RebutYou can perform a stealth kill during Final Interview and walk out without a wanted level.

RebutBut on outside missions, you can't. It's straying away realism because it did'nt even have the silenced pistol.

Gripe RebutCops somehow manage to stay alive even after multiple gunshots, and their weapons do more damage to the player.

RebutSome of them have body armor. As members of a police force they would have superior weapons and training.

RebutI don't think beat cops wear body armor, and their weapons are exactly the same as the ones the player can use.

Gripe RebutThe semicircle health/armor system is weak, and can't be upgraded like in San Andreas.

Gripe RebutEven though Rockstar touted the game to have more interiors than SA, there are in fact less, as most of them are accessible for only one mission.

Gripe RebutThere aren't as many different clothing styles and options as there used to be, especially in San Andreas and theres very few "silly" options like mad hats and such.

Rebut At least there are some! Compare GTA IV to its predecessors, except San Andreas, in terms of customizing your pro/antagonist. Also, GTA isn't exactly a 'silly' game.

RebutActually GTA was always a silly and unrealistic series, and that was what made it fun. Flying airplanes despite having no training, wielding miniguns, surviving car crashes...that was the best part of GTA, and GTA IV just removes all that. Its a bold step, but I guarantee GTA IV would be a lot more fun if the police were a lot stupider, unrealistic weapons were brought back and the physics were toned down a lot.

Gripe RebutFriends often call to do things at inconvenient times and are often on the other side of the city.

RebutChoose the sleep mode on your phone.

Rebut The sleep mode does help quite a bit. However, the friend system does get rather annoying when you're trying to do missions and sleep mode gets turned off. The feature is a decent start, but it definitely needs some overhauling for the next game. Less frequent calls, offering to meet you some place or maybe picking you up instead of you always driving them around, more places to go (Liberty City only has two places to see a show?), more benefits for keeping constant contact, mini-missions that occur while out and about, etc.

Gripe RebutFriends don't give you enough time to get to their location before they become impatient.

RebutYou can Hail a taxi, get in it, and do the auto ride feature which gets you there in a matter of seconds, or take a helicopter.
RebutYea, the taxi actually takes you there faster than you drive to the destination yourself, just skip it. Jack a car and then go with your friend.

Gripe RebutYou can't evade or outrun your wanted level in a helicopter.

Rebut It's rather difficult to run away when everybody in the city can see you flying 200 meters up in a helicopter. Don't you think?
RebutYou can evade and outrun wanted levels when they are low (ie. 1 or 2 stars) as not as many police are searching for you.
Rebut There is a way, albeit kind of a cheap one. If you have Playboy X's safehouse, you can fly low over the roof and bail out onto the balcony. Then you can run inside and save your game, which should clear your wanted level.

Gripe RebutThe camera angle is too low with no way to change it, I spend all my driving time holding UP, same as San Andreas.

Rebut Try different camera angles to find the one you like.

RebutAll of them are two low. The only two third person ones are two low to the ground and it is hard to see oncoming traffic/poles and stuff. The other two are cinematic and first person.

Gripe RebutThere is no riot cheat! No more chaos.

Rebut As posted below somewhere, the cheat may be present, but no one's found it yet.

Rebut Well, until then, that's -1 point for GTA IV.

Gripe RebutSome missions are somewhat difficult to pass.

Rebut Try harder.
RebutFind an alternative way to beat the mission. For the more difficult ones, there's usually at least a few options at your disposal.

Gripe RebutOrdering items on TV or at [email protected] does not work. You can't even order vehicles by calling them, even though it says so at


RebutThe internet site offered a lot of possibilities to expand the gameplay and give you so much more to do on the side. However, it ended up serving as primarily a huge repository of inside jokes...which isn't a bad thing, but there was a lot of missed opportunities. It was disappointing to see so many attractions listed, and finding out you could only make use of a very small portion of them.

Gripe RebutDestruction of buildings isn't featured.

Rebut Destruction of buildings would permanently(?) alter the area, and make it difficult for normal activities or activities to occur.

Gripe RebutNo matter how hard players try to get away from the police's radius, cops seem to spawn near the player's vehicle. Hiding is nearly impossible, even on secluded areas.

Rebut Rockstar, I believe, was trying to make the game more realistic. It's like that in real life, too.
RebutYes, especially in Star Junction, there are more cops in that area around than others. Plus the police of course dispatches more cop cars around the radius to search for you.
RebutOnce the chase ends (your stars turn grey and there's no cops immediately near you), you should really pull over to jack another car or get sprayed, especially if you're still well within the wanted area.

Gripe RebutYou can longer respond to random comments either positively or negatively.

Rebut That was a minor feature, and its removal doesn't affect the game very much.

Gripe RebutYou must keep your 'friends' happy to retain their special perks. It would have been preferable to unlock their abilities once and then be left to the player to decide whether they wish to continue the 'friendship'.

Rebut Don't you have to keep your friends happy in real life?

Rebut But you don't drive them all over town like a soccer mom, especially if you are one of the most in demand hitmen in the city. Roman owns a car service business, yet needs to be picked up and dropped off everytime he wants to do anything. The friends feature becomes irritating because it lacks realism.

Gripe RebutStreet Gang-Banging and generally street gang-related missions have been dramatically reduced, means, no point in shooting other gang members.

Rebut Since Niko is not exactly in one of those 'gangs', I would see no point in earning anything for the deaths of gang members.

Rebut The 5 families are crucial to the storyline. Niko is involved heavily with gangland violence in the story, yet outside of missions there is no evidence of any gangland tension. Once again this detracts from the realism of the game. For example; Niko kills 10+ members of the Pavano family, yet there is no consequence what so ever. He can walk into the same mob owned car dealership he has just blown up hours before and nobody recognizes him. This badly affects the attempted realism in other areas of the game.

Gripe RebutOnly 9 street races available and difficult to access them through the phone system.

RebutGTA is not exactly a 'racing game'. The racing missions are practically just mini games, save for when they affect the storyline.

Gripe RebutNo special races that unlock special cars (like Destruction Derby).

RebutThere are also other mini-games that earn you special vehicles.

RebutStill, it's pathetic that you don't earn special vehicles that you complete side racing missions, like the Bloodring Banger as well as the Dune truck.

Gripe RebutWith so little to buy Money is worthless.

Rebut You have guns to buy, don't you?

RebutAfter you complete steve's missions you can sell cars as often as you want, even spawning them and selling them getting you hundreds of thousands of dollars that for all purposes are still worthless.

RebutDon't bother, kill yourself, get into 6 star chases, die, give some money to the hospital. Buy the rest of the clothes, enjoy your taxis and trains.

RebutThere is no need to buy guns because you can find them so easily.


Rebut Given that entire storyline is underpinned by the pursuit of money, from the minute Niko gets off the boat to the deal or revenge option at the end. The fact that money plays such a small part in the game outside of the cut scenes hurts the games attempt to provide a realistic experience.


Rebut There really does need to be more to do with the money in the game. Buying more safehouses, outfitting them with internet access, more clothing shops, more shows to see, parking spaces to keep cars in, revenue-generating businesses, etc.

Gripe RebutNo parachute.

Rebut there are also, more or less, no aircrafts to jump out of at high altitudes.
RebutPlus the s'shoot' was quite boring to use anways.

Gripe RebutCops manage to shoot your tires out, even if you're going 100mph.

RebutAnd they have multiple cops firing lots of bullets to shoot your tires down to stop you from running away

Gripe RebutCrashing on a motorcycle and bailing out of a car aren't fun anymore, and often result in death.

RebutOnce more, the game is meant to be more realistic.

RebutBut even though you were wearing a helmet, you'd still die from the crash. The game really lacks realistic attempts.

Gripe RebutYou can't order cars from Stevie's garage once the text message missions he gives you are completed.

Rebut That function was specifically for the aforementioned missions.

Gripe RebutCombat is unrealistic and hard to attack people. You'll have to use weapons to kill them instead (not meleé ones).

RebutHand-to-hand combat was meant to injure the victim, without killing him. It's useful for missions.

RebutStill, it's hard to target people you are attacking and it's completely unrealistic while GTA SA had reaistic hand-to-hand combat moves.

Gripe RebutDuring shooting missions, you die very easily by shooters before you even run for cover. Enemies somewhat has great aiming, and Body Armor is highly recommended for hard missions.

Rebut Once more, the game is meant to be more realistic. If you'd be facing down ten trained gunmen with nothing more than a few grenades and a pistol, do you think you would live?

RebutYeah, but even during Vigilante missions, the "criminal on foot" seem to survive a shotgun blast to the face. How's THAT real?

Gripe RebutAutosave may not happen all the time. Whenever you complete missions, you are forced to save the game manually instead of having the game to automatically save for you.

Rebut Then try saving manually more often; You'll get used to it.

RebutIt happens the same thing and much worse than the first one. It would have been better if Rockstar Games would fix this problem, rather than just asking you to save the game yourself too often.

Gripe RebutYou cant fight the cops like in other GTA games.

Rebut Actually, you can fight cops. Just take out your gun and shoot them. You also fight them in missions, like the Bank Heist.

RebutThat's one of the worst ideas you posted on. If you take out a gun and shoot at the cop, you'll get 2 wanted star levels and more cops will swarm in and kill you. And if you attempt to fight a cop, he will easily arrest you and don't even bother holster a weapon. Cops will always shoot back anyways.

RebutAll cops attacked you in previous GTA IV games. And if you don't suck, then you are able to survive the cops with no problem. So yes, you can fight the cops.
RebutAnd you can press A/X button if you are about to kneel down on the floor, gives you 2 star rating. Pretty realistic.

RebutBut since the cops don't have night sticks, if you try to punch them, the will just shoot you.

Rebut Cops in real life carry guns, and if somebody came and tried to kill you then you would fight back.

RebutSo your saying that if someone punched you, you would shoot them?

Gripe RebutThe majority of the good cheats are gone (like chaos, citizens with weapons, cars fly away with hits etc etc etc).

RebutRockstar never releases cheats they are found by the players most likely the same cheats are there, they just haven't been found yet.

Gripe RebutThere are only 2 pairs of glasses in the whole game, and both of them are ugly.

RebutThat's your opinion.

RebutThey are. Both are big "owl" style glasses from the 90s. No actual sunglasses or anything.

RebutI don't think that R* made this game just for the sake of different clothings you can buy for Niko.

Gripe RebutWhenever you crash you go flying out of the windsheild.

RebutWell, the game designers are trying to be more close to reality. I always found it to be extremely far-fetched that Claude, Tommy Vercetti, and Carl Johnson could slam into a brick wall at 100+ MPH and emerge without a scratch.
RebutNot EVERYTIME. Unless it's a high speed crash into an unmovable object(Pole for examples) You would fly out, but if you crashed slower or in a different angle, you would not fall out of the car.

Gripe RebutWhen tossing a hand grenade into a gang, some of them still survive the blast, despite being thrown directly at their feet.

Gripe RebutCheating blocks acheivement points


Gripe RebutThere is no Tank in this game, nor are there airplanes.

RebutTanks would be unrealistic, as the armed forces would not send a tank into New York City after a single man. Airplanes would also be unrealistic because air-travel around New York City is extremely restricted, plus there's really not enough area to need air-travel.

Rebut Tanks and airplanes are more realistic than being released from custody hours after being arrested for mass murder / terrorism. If ommisions are to be made for the sake of realism then there must be a level of consistency.

Gripe RebutThere are no car mods or even simply choosing your paint color.

RebutThere are special editions of cars. The Pay 'n Spray is suppose to be colour matching, but somehow they just did not do it. lol

Gripe RebutThe yellow boxes in front of safehouses are stupid and poorly made. Often AI traffic hits them as they're driving, causing the saved cars to disappear. Garages were much better and safer, and less chance of cars disappearing.

RebutParking spaces are more likely of what you will have instead of a garage. Most preferrably a whole car park or something, but not a garage of your own in some poor old space. In Algonquin, probably, but it just wastes too much space of the area. It's simply what everyone will think in real life.

Rebut In real life you would have a range of parking options. A garage, or parking space in a multi-deck or underground car park is more realistic, even valet parking. The fact that every safe house just happens to have the same yellow area out the front is just another thing that detracts from the realism. Especially given that in a lot of cases there are no other cars parked in the street. Where do the other residents in the building park?

Gripe RebutNo "R3" Missions for anything other than the police cruiser.

Gripe RebutThere are not enough special vehicles like golf carts, lawn mowers, and bicycles.

Gripe RebutThere are fewer cars in the game compared to San Andreas, and no fixed-wing aircraft available to the player. Even though the city is smaller than GTA San Andreas, the designers of the game shouldn't have lost more stuff than they put in, that includes Vehicles and Planes. Just a general mistake on behalf of rockstar

RebutNo there are more cars in GTA IV then in San Andreas. More choices.

Gripe RebutHow the Voodoo was changed.

Rebut That's your opinion.

Rebut In my opinion, rockstar really blew-it by ruining a perfectly good muscle car with Hydraulics. Now, its just as useless as the perennial.

Gripe RebutYou can't operate trains like in GTA San Andreas.

Gripe RebutThe Hunter helicopter isn't here anymore.

RebutIt's now replace with the Annihilator which is faster but lacks rockets.

Gripe RebutWhen Niko steers the car in any direction, the steering wheel doesn't move at all, which left Rockstar Games no explanation to this problem.

RebutAtleast the car turns.

RebutBut not the steering wheel. It's hardly even realistic to see how the car turns into any direction, but not the steering wheel.

Gripe RebutAirbags do not deploy on any vehicles when slammed head-on at high speeds.

RebutThat just brings out the fun of the new physics engine, seeing Niko fly out of the car. Plus I don't really think that it really has to be this realistic. It would just ruin the fact that this is a GAME.

Gripe RebutYou can't attach trailers in the back of your truck like in GTA San Andreas.

RebutWhat would you do exactly with a trailer on the back of your truck?

RebutGas Tank trailers, Containers, Car Transporters, etc.

Gripe RebutBrucie's helicopter is useless. It would have been better if you could fly his helicopter yourself.

Gripe RebutThere are only two unique helicopters in the game, and only 1 of them is armed.

Gripe RebutRare vehicles aren't here anymore.

RebutThere is a Sultan RS which is a rare car. Also the Infernus is rare.

RebutBoth cars are extremely rare and are only found online multiplayers. The Comet is nowhere to be seen again, which led me to a huge dissapointment, since the Comet is my favoirte car.

RebutIt depends on where you are looking for it and what you are driving at that time. You could always spawn your Comet using a cheat code(Which does not affect anything)

RebutIf you know the cheat for the Comet, then please send me a message.

Gripe RebutYou can't go fast when driving boats because even the smallest wave will completely slow you down.

RebutUse the left analog stick to judge the waves. When a wave is coming towards you, push it down. This will raise the nose of the boat and will increase the speed of the boat.

Gripe RebutNo Hydraulics.

Gripe RebutSome car names have been recycled for new cars and the names don't really make sense with the car they resemble anymore.

Rebut This adds realism by showing the evolution of cars. The modern crown vic's no longer look the way they did in the 80's, do they?

Rebut Yeah but it makes no sense how the Stallion doesn't resemble a Mustang or an Esperanto doesn't resemble an Eldorado from any generation anymore.

Gripe RebutNo remote controlled vehicles (rc-car/plane etc).

Gripe RebutNo gocart.

Gripe RebutThe Quad is absent.

RebutNot alot of people would be driving a Quad on the beach in NYC, wouldn't they.

Gripe RebutMost vehicles are very rare like the Infernus which you get only one chance to own, and never see again.

RebutTo see a rare car again, you have to use your own frequently. On my completed game, I have FOUR Infernus-es.

RebutIconic sports cars like the Stinger and Cheetah are nowhere to be found.

RebutThey've been replaced by cars like the Sultan RS and Feltzer.

Gripe RebutOnly 1 sportbike is in the game, while GTA:SA had about 6 or 7.

RebutThere's the PCJ600, NRG900 and a suspecious bike NRG900RR

Gripe RebutTheres several variations of the NRG900: NRG900, NRG900F, NRG900RR, but thats it. The PCJ600 is old and not as fast, and doesn't look like a sportbike.

Rebut NRG 900, Zombie, PCJ600, Faggio

RebutHe's talking about sport bikes. The Faggio, Sanchez (counts as the dirt bike), Zombie and PCJ 600 does not count as sport bikes. The PCJ 600's speed becomes unstable at high speeds. The FCR-900 and the BF-400 are one of the two sports bikes in GTA SA and Rockstar Games removed it without even explaining why.

Gripe RebutRoofs from vehicles doesn't get crushed when you roll over. There aren't any roll bars from any cars.

RebutTheres a roll cage in the Sultan RS. Also, the roof of a car is supposed to be a very protective part of a car.

RebutBut all other cars don't even have rollbars and they're not supposed to stay intact even after a hard landing.

Gripe RebutThe Dozer is gone, regardless on going into any construction sites.

Gripe RebutThere are only 5 residential vehicle parking spaces, which means you are forced to store few of your favorite cars into the parking space, since Rockstar Games refused to explain why.

Gripe RebutThere aren't enough 'realism' vehicles i.e. cement mixers, street sweepers, 'meter maids' etc - although not exactly amazing to look at or drive, they do add that extra touch of realism which would have fitted in with GTA IV's atmosphere perfectly.

Gripe Rebut You don't even have first person mode (without bug) in trains nor possibility to walk in trains.

Gripe RebutBoth the Sea Sparrow and the Leviathan helicopters were taken away for no reason whatsoever. Both of them are great which are used to land on water, but why remove them? Both helicopters were awesome.

Gripe RebutThe Vortex hovercraft was taken away for no reason. It was a great vehicle, so why remove it?

Gripe RebutThe BF Injection was removed. Just because it's a great vehicle and designed for off-roading, does'nt mean they can remove it for no reason at all.

RebutDriving a dune buggy in NYC would be silly

RebutNot true. The BF Injection is a great vehicle that was designed for going off-road at the coast lines and driving around beaches and performing stunts.

Gripe RebutThe majority of good cars were removed by Rockstar Games and they refused to explain why.

Gripe RebutTow Truck was removed. This was a great vehicle that was used to tow rare vehicles and park into residential parking spaces, but they removed it for no reason at all.


Gripe RebutAmmo limits are really, really annoying.

RebutThis is personal opinion. Ammo limits are not so low that it's difficult to complete missions. In fact, it's more than enough.

RebutWhat if you are confronted against FBIs and NOOSE patrol teams? If you're very low on ammo, then you're completely defenseless and then you die. Like in GTA SA, there were no ammo limits (you can store 900 rockets, have 7000 pistoms, SMGs, have 900 Flamethrower containers, etc.). Besides, Ammo limits are very humiliating.

RebutAfter you beat the game the ammo limit is gone, you keep putting them in, after awhile it may saw you have 9999 of 30 for the machine gun but fire and reload and it says you still have 9999 of 30, ammo limit is removed with completion of the game.

RebutWell, by the time the limit is gone, there won't be any real-good reason to utilise it. It would have been much better to just have it on while a person was going through the storyline missions and not after.

RebutI cannot imagine a person carrying 9999 bullets for atleast 6 guns. Imagine how many extra ammo bags and storage space you would need, carrying 8 rockets in your Perseus pocket is already quite rediculous, thats enough bullets for every gun.

RebutBut he could at least hold more than 8 rockets. Thats not enough.

Gripe RebutThere are not enough "special" weapons like the chainsaw, the golf club, the pool cue, or the fire extinguisher like there were in GTA San Andreas.

Rebut If you check the page under features it explains why many of the weapons have been removed. link is here. Grand Theft Auto IV/Features

Gripe RebutWeapons are now seen on top of buildings, which is harder to find.

Gripe RebutTear Gas and Satchel Bomb was removed.

Gripe RebutRPG can only hold 8 rockets.

Rebut In real life, an RPG does NOT hold two thousand rockets. Sorry.

Gripe RebutWeapons stores are few and far between.

RebutThat is explained in game by the mayor's "Crackdown" on weapons

Gripe RebutLittle Jacob doesn't sell all the weapons, so an expensive trip to the gun store is required.

RebutLater on in game he sells armor, rockets, m16 ammo, grenades etc.

RebutTrue, but he doesn't sell Combat Pistol ammo, RPG ammo or regular shotgun ammo.

Gripe RebutDual-wielding weapons is no longer possible.

Rebut In real life, would you be able to dual-wield a shotgun?

RebutMaybe not a shotgun, but pistols are easily dual wieldable.

Gripe RebutYou can't use free-aim because the targeting reticule automatically locks on to pedestrians, so you'll have to use your Sniper Rifle to shoot pigeons. Even if you try and force the aiming reticule off of the pedestrians, it will simply lock on to another pedestrians, so there is no way to make the aiming reticule let you aim yourself.

RebutIf you hold the aim trigger all the way down it targets a person, if you hold it part of the way down you can move the reticle around to aim how you please, like shooting through the winshield of a moving car to kill the driver.

Gripe RebutWhere is the fire extinguisher?

Gripe RebutNo one handed gun use.

RebutNiko is a war veteran and therefore knows how to use weapons properly.

In-game World

Gripe RebutThe airplanes at Francis International Airport are stuck in an eternal taxiing loop: they never take off, and no planes ever land, which detracts heavily from the purported realism of the game. They're invincible also, which is annoying.

Gripe RebutNo random games like the off track betting, Pogo the monkey or other arcade games save from Qub3d.

RebutNo, but the player can play pool or darts, or go bowling. New games for a new game.

RebutTrue, but I prefer arcade games. They're much better than doing bowling or darts.

RebutPlay QUB3D

RebutI'd rather play Duality, Go Go Space Monkey, and They Crawled from Uranus from GTA San Andreas, rather than just one arcade game that Rockstar Games totally ruined it.

Gripe RebutThere are only 3 unique Clothing stores in the game.

Gripe RebutGiven that a generic interior could be created, there's too few stores and the like to wander into compared to San Andreas (Cluckin' Bell outlets as just a facade with no way in).

RebutBut do you remember those loading times when you enter almost every interior buildings? GTA IV has non except for when you are on a mission where there would be a cutscene after you enter it.

RebutOnce again, this lacks realistic attempts to this game. In real life, you would have huge range of restaurants, clothing shops, comedy shows, bowling alleys, arcades, etc. The game, however, has few and makes no sense why.

Gripe RebutThe trees are invincible.

Gripe RebutWell Stacked Pizza is missing.

RebutBut you can eat at restaurants and off the street.

RebutIn real life, you would have a range of restaurants, whereas in this game only has two. This game strays away realism from it's real life counterpart.

RebutBut Rock* spent more time improving the exterior, giving great sniping points, stunt jumps, etc plus you have no hunger meter like in GTA:SA which prevents you from passing out, losing money, or wasting time.

Gripe RebutMilitary base is completely gone.

Rebut Yes but i dont think there would be a military base in the middle of the city.
Rebut There's no military base in New York City, and Fort Dix is a good distance away from Jersey City.

Gripe RebutProLaps are seen at the Starlight District, but is no longer accessible. Didier Sachs may be seen at the same location, but is also inaccessible, including Binco.

Gripe RebutYou can't go underwater to see fishes, dolphins, turtles, even sharks.

RebutWould you want to swim under all that poisonous firty water in NYC?

RebutIt looks ridiculous when Niko jumps 20 meters from a bridge only to land on the surface of the water.

Gripe RebutThe two largest, widest straightaways in Alqonquin are both under construction, leaving no place to really go fast.

RebutHighway, and why not use the straight just right infront of your safehouse in Algonquin. It's REALLY long and filled with cars and two jumps. Very entertaining and useful to train your driving skills.

RebutIt's not really safe to go really fast on straightaways. Traffics will cahnge lanes quickly without even seeing you, making the Highways useless even more when confronted by slow moving traffics.

Gripe RebutThe two widest ones going north-south on each side of Middle Park are the best to go fast, but they end with a construction site about halfway, which is annoying.

Rebut Welcome to a city modeled off of New York, one of the world's most unfriendly cities towards traffic.

Gripe RebutSome areas, like restaurants, aren't denoted on the radar, despite working and accessible, i.e. the Burger Shots in Beechwood City and Northwood.

Gripe RebutAlderney doesn't have any food stores and barely any places of interest, making it a useless area to visit.

RebutStrip Club, stunt jumps, pigeons, random peds.

RebutIt's still a useless area to visit. Besides, there are'nt any places of interest and there were'nt any shows, bars, restaurants, or even bowling alleys.

Rebut There's a chopper for the taking by the tunnel entrance that's worth a visit.
Template:GripesStill very useless to visit, even with the chopper. What's more important that it must feature all accessible buildings, yet strays away realism of all building interiors.

Gripe RebutThe Bars is inaccessible because you have to be accompanied by a friend.

Gripe RebutRockstar Changed The Name Of The Islands(i.e. Staunton and portlands name are changed).

RebutTrue the names are changed, But no city would enjoy having it's name in a blow up, cop killing game. Since the September 11th terrorist attacks on New York it would be bad taste to have Niko a soviet immigrant cause hell and kill New York cops.

RebutBut in-reality, why would a city just change a whole lot of districts names with-in 7 years. It ruins the game a bit and it's history

Rebut It didnt change its name, it has always been that in Liberty City. It is BASED off of New York, it isn't actually New York. With names changed Rockstar can make it resemble NY, but also shake things up.

Gripe RebutThe Alderney safehouse is crappy and run-down, a downgrade even though the Algonquin safehouses are luxurious and much bigger.

RebutIt's just a safehouse that is given to you by Ray, not particular a good one. Especially Ray is not THAT rich. Do you know how your big safehouses came from? Roman, that rich guy after escaping and even changed his taxi to cavalcades. Playboy X, rich and bling.
Rebut Alderney is modeled off of New Jersey, so you can't expect much.

Gripe RebutGrand Central Terminal isn't accessible, despite being in the game.

Gripe RebutZIP clothing shop is gone.

Gripe RebutIn a game where money is useless you would think you could use some of that 1,000,000 dollars you make to upgrade the crappy apartments, buy a garage in the alley, add internet, add a big screen tv, pay rent, etc.


Rebut especially when the character's primary motivation is money.

Gripe RebutAlderney City has no darn train stations, I thought that New Jersey was full of sub-ways.

RebutIt is not EXACTLY ripped off from New Jersey or whereever it originated from.

Rebut But I mean in a highly congested city, atleast I thought that there should be some sought of rail link to the industrial city.

Gripe RebutATM machines are completely useless and now way of using it. You can only check out balance and not take out money by either destroying it (which dispenses a lot of money) or even use fast cash to earn more cash.


RebutThe HUD even shows how much money you have, so yeah, whats the point of ATM machines?

RebutATM's are handy for making money. What you do is kill other people using the ATM's.

RebutBut what's the use of ATM machines? You can just simply check out balance and not take out money by making fast cash or even destroying it. It does nothing. No offense, but the ATM machines are a pointless feature to the GTA series.

Gripe RebutSevere weather conditions is'nt featured (snow, blizzard, flash floods, tropical storm, etc.)


RebutEspecially since it was rumored the seasons would change ingame. Its always autumn in the game.

Gripe RebutConsidering how Rockstar Games put alot of good well known songs on the radio in both GTA Vice City and San Andreas (as well as having the Scarface soundtrack in GTA III), I was surprised and dissappointed to find out that GTA IV's soundtrack is mostly made up of unknown artists (granted, there are several big name artists but, hardly any compared to previous games) and completely fails to reflect popular music of the current decade, in my opinion. However, the parodys of the war on terror, internet, movies etc on the radio do reflect the decade well.

RebutListen to an ipod or MP3.


Gripe RebutReturning characters are completely absent, such as Claude Speed, El Burro, 8-Ball or even Toni Cipriani. There is little explanation why Rockstar Games did not return older characters from the past GTA eras.

RebutThere is an Easter Egg that shows the previous protagonists along with "R.I.P."

RebutWhere is the location to this easter egg?

RebutCheck the link above

Gripe RebutPedestrian conversations are repetitive and are no where near as funny as they used to be.

RebutIsn't the game supposed to be more serious? I mean come on, the games based in poor, old, drug and crime filled New York. Nothing funny about that. But i do agree they aren't as funny as prior games but I understand why Rockstar did that.

Gripe RebutSome of the characters are downright painful and tedious. i.e. Brucie, Dwayne etc.

RebutThat's just opinion. I like Brucie's style in the game. Dwayne is very depressed though.

Gripe RebutEven after she died, you still have to go on a date with Kate.

RebutI think that was just a very bad glitch. or Niko bellics into necrophilia!


Gripe RebutThe humor is weak throughout the game.

RebutThat is a personal opinion. I, for one, found many conversations hilarious.

RebutToo bad that there was just not enough of these "hilarious conversations".

RebutGo to some random charater jobs, there are gay guys, stupid guys that just does funny things. Die funny. Watch more cutscenes, some of the mare just funyn as hell.

Gripe RebutRockstar should of atleast brang back atleast one character from the GTA III era games. I mean, what ever happened to the Leone Family in the seven years leading upto the events in GTA IV]. Stuff like this should of been answered in this game, where I really expected Rockstar to build on a successful era of story-lines instead of taking 100 paces back to a new beginning.

RebutEven though R* said GTA IV is set in a new universe, evidence exists to prove otherwise. Lazlow references Chatterbox FM and Vice City radio stations and San Andreas is alluded to massively in the game.
RebutThere is Lazlow He's been in every game so far.
RebutCheck some easter eggs, there are graffiti saying that all the game characters before are all dead.

RebutBut what are the chances that out of all of the people that you met in GTA III and GTA: LCS, you would not meet, or even here of any of them in GTA IV.

Gripe Rebut In the Final Interview mission Niko uses his real name to arrange a job interview when he knows he is going to kill the interviewer. Despite the fact he is working at the time for a police officer, it detracts from the credibility of a story which tries desperately to be serious and believable. What sort of hitman would use his real name for this purpose? Realism?

Gripe Rebut Dimitri & Bulgarin make no attempt to attack or engage the Bellic Cousins outside of a mission. Previous games featured "no-go" areas or random attacks in accordance with the storyline. The fact that the Russian mob are central to the story, but unsighted in the open world portion of the game again hurts the believability of the story.

RebutTechnically the story is paused while not on a mission

Gripe Rebut According to the police database website, Bulgarin is dead. This is just a stupid idea from Rockstar, because I'm betting that every person here wants to kill him.

Rebut Best guess is that Dimintri killed him once he'd served his 'use' (if I remember correctly, the two were asssociated with eachother at somepoint in the game, and Dimintri has a habit of betraying associates)

RebutI'm just saying that I wanted to have killed Bulgarin myself.