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Gripe RebutReturning characters are completely absent, such as Claude Speed, El Burro, 8-Ball or even Toni Cipriani. There is little explanation why Rockstar Games did not return older characters from the past GTA eras.

RebutThere is an Easter Egg that shows the previous protagonists along with "R.I.P."

RebutWhere is the location to this easter egg?

RebutCheck the link above
RebutGo watch tv, apparently CJ is on there

RebutPicture please?

RebutHe probably means San Andreas. Clips of CJ driving various cars around Los Santos Airport, like the Hotring Racer, appear in the TV program "I'm Rich".
Rebut Don't forget about the Truth's (GTA:SA) website,
Rebut Well, IV is set over 20 years ahead of VC and SA, so everyone from those games is probably either elderly or deceased. Also, I think R* wanted to start fresh with IV, i.e. no ties to other storylines at all.

Gripe RebutPedestrian conversations are repetitive and are no where near as funny as they used to be.

RebutIsn't the game supposed to be more serious? I mean come on, the games based in poor, old, drug and crime filled New York. Nothing funny about that. But i do agree they aren't as funny as prior games but I understand why Rockstar did that.

Gripe RebutSome of the characters are downright painful and tedious. i.e. Brucie, Dwayne etc.

RebutThat's just opinion. I like Brucie's style in the game. Dwayne is very depressed though.

Gripe RebutEven after she died, you still have to go on a date with Kate.

RebutI think that was just a very bad glitch. or Niko Bellic's into necrophilia!

RebutOr just another failure attempt of realism by R*.

Gripe Rebut *** SPOILERS*** The girlfriends are just annoying. Michelle is alright up until you find out she's undercover, so then you loose one of two sane girlfriends. Then at the end of the game you loose Kate who's the other sane one. Either she gets killed or just won't pick up the phone and you basically never hear from her again. This leaves you with the three girls online, and they've all got severe issues. Kiki annoys me as she's a pretentious lawyer type who gets on your case about wearing nice clothes, Carmen is self absorbed and refers to herself in the third person, and Alex is the equivalent of dating Paris Hilton.

RebutNiko wasn't meant to like them. As Niko has said to Roman in a phone call, he only dates his online girlfriends to give him something to do.

Gripe Rebut Of all the characters, Carl 'CJ' Johnson is the only one considered dead??Carl is the only one considered canon??why

RebutAll of the characters are considered canon, but all are dead.
RebutBut not Claude, He got frozen until around 2013 Right?

Gripe RebutNiko spends all his time complaining about his life and tells Roman that there's no such thing as a clean start, yet when Dwayne complains about his past, Niko tells him to shut up and have fun!

RebutRoman had and still has many money problems when he came to America in 1993. So does Niko. There is no such thing as a clean start when you have money problems. Dwayne just came out of prison. He has nothing except the clothes on his back. He has a clean start because he has no problems at all.

Gripe Rebut Out of all the GTA main characters, Niko feels the most out of place with the type of game GTA IV is. Claude, Tommy, and Carl all feel right when stealing cars, killing people, and blowing up police cars. When Niko does feels sorta wierd. His "cutscene" personality doesn't fit with the things he does during missions, like killing friends or innocents. I think a game with Playboy X's character (not his background story, just his character) would match the story better.

Rebut That makes Niko different. He probably had the worst past of all the protagonists. He watched his best friends get murdered and had to hide the truth of his Aunt's death from Roman. After something like that, I don't think I'd be happy to kill either. Besides, you can choose who you want to kill half of the time.
Rebut I don't see how his behaviour in the missions is all that inconsistent with his character. Most of the people he has to kill (per mission objectives) are less than innocent. When he does turn on a friend/ally or kill an innocent it's almost universally because he has no choice.
Rebut Outside of mission events, how consistent his behaviour is with his character depends on how you play the game, really. Me, I don't usually go on random rampages when I'm playing seriously, and when I do I don't save the game, so I guess you could say my Niko Bellic is suffering from split personality disorder. :P
Rebut Niko, as a character, isn't exactly a mindless psychopath, but he's... disturbed, due to the horrible things he's seen (and done). All that said, you can choose how ruthless he is in the storyline as well, to a degree, with the 'let character live or die' scenarios. Anyway, I guess I agree that Niko's character is somewhat consistent with randomly murdering people in the street, but I'm willing to accept that as a compromise.

Rebut "consistent"? you mean inconsistent, right? And Niko does kill a lot of innocents. Or at least "relative" innocents. A lawyer who wants to bust a corrupt cop is relativily innocent. A guy who owns your friend some money is relativily innocent. But he kills them anyway because someone asks him to.

Rebut Yes, I meant inconsistent, sorry.

Gripe Rebut A minor nitpick, but I wanted to mention it. During the shootouts in most missions, Niko screams vicious obscenities at his opponents even though, in most cases, he has no logical reason to be enraged at them. During the shootout in the Majestic hotel to take out the diamond dealers, for example, they're just obstacles in the way of a job that needs to be done, nothing more. It seems more than a bit out of character that Niko screams something like "AAAARRRRRGGGHHH, MOTHERFUCKERS!" at people he's only shooting at because he's being paid to, because it's at odds with his supposedly calm and collected personality. I could understand if he only did so while fighting the goons working for Rascalov, for example, because they represent someone he despises, but the fact is that he gets this worked up while fighting anyone. It's also a bit of a awkward jolt for me compared to what I'm thinking. (I'm usually thinking things like "target down" and "nade out" during a shootout. Yes, I play too many tactical shooters. >_>)

Rebut I don't know about you, but "Motherfucker" would probably be the kindest thing I'd say to the guy who just shot me in any of my limbs or lower torso.
RebutI call my friends motherfucker all the time.That's not even close to the stuff an aggravated criminal would say in a shootout.

RebutWhat he says isn't my point, it's the way he says it. What kind of professional hired gun is all "RAARRRGH I'LL CUT YOUR FUCKING HEADS OFF!" during a shootout with people he doesn't even know, what could possibly be the source for that much rage? It just doesn't feel right.

RebutNiko has had a terrible life:He's killed his friends,he's seen most of the things he loved die in his arms, he was in A WAR for Kifflom's sake! He saw 13 (or so) of his friends die in a ditch just because his drug addled friend wanted $1000. When he's in massive fire fights, he probably thinks of the war. It would be like a living flash back. Let's say your best friend set you on fire and threw you off a cliff. Are you just gonna say "Oh,well it's okay,buddy.I guess everything's gonna fall into place. Ooh,a butterfly! Let's all have Macaroni Salad. "Or will you get surgery, By a gun, shoot him in the balls and kill him? I pick Number 2! Just the very fact that you made this gripe makes me question if you're inbred. Telling a hard earned war veteran to stay calm in a gun fight is like telling Dick Cheney to say "That's HOT!" and Telling Paris Hilton to show off a wicked, yellow, underbite and eat people. NIKO AIN'T A HIPPIE!!
Rebut Guy makes a good point.
RebutThank you.I thought It was pretty good myself.:)
Rebut I pretty much considered all of his trash talking as away to psyche himself up considering he'd say things like how he had nothing to lose when (at the time) he did (i.e. Roman)

Gripe RebutSince when do homeless tramps are even allowed to drive vehicles?

RebutSince GTA:VCS, so if GTA IV was set in 2009 (hypothetically) I would say about 25 years or so.

RebutIn real life, homeless bums are'nt allowed to drive vehicels, especially in night times. I though their driver's license got revoked, so why are they still driving? Just another bad realism maybe?

RebutJust because they are homeless doesn't mean they get their licenses revoked. Haven't you heard of someone living in their car before?

Rebut Like living in burnt out/abandoned vehicles?

Rebut Like the only thing people have left/are able to afford is a car.

RebutNot really true. If a person becomes homeless, he/she will lose everything, and that means no house, cars towed away, become jobless, even lose a wife. GTA IV has no realism whatsoever when it comes to homeless people driving cars, ESPECIALLY when they lost everything.

Rebut Still not entirely true. A person can own a car that is paid off completely like a used car they bought from a private owner and that can happen before a person becomes homeless. So just because you're homeless doesn't mean you can't live an a car you officially own. Now getting the gas to power said car is another matter but can come down to stealing gas or getting enough money to drive it if possible.

RebutIf you have ever seen a homeless bum, then you should know that they're not allowed to drive. That's illegal. Peds in real-life can easily identify the bums by looking at their dirty, old, rotten clothes, and that their appearance that the bum has poor hygiene. Their driver's license DO get revoked after getting fired from the job, no house bills or car bills to pay, and that means no home and no car. Being a homeless person would NOT allow them to drive, since they'll likely get arrested for driving without a license (and thus being homeless). Like I said, GTA IV has no realism when it comes to homeless people driving with no driver's license, and the same goes for real-life.

Niko is a Serbian. In a few missions he spoke serbian and that's not a serbian accent. Neither is Roman's or Florian's or Darko's.
RebutThis is an issue concerning voice actors. R* hired American voice actors, not Serbian. The voice actor's nationality has nothing to do with R* establishing that Niko is Serbian, since its their fictional character and they wrote his backstory.

Rebut But couldn't R* hire Serbian voice actors for Serbian protagonists. They could've easily hired a Serbian voice actor.

Rebut Don't want to get into a nationality war but R* gave vague description of their supposed ethnicity but it's regarded as somewhere in former Yugoslavia, that out of the way the accent can be ambiguous since the actual country Niko, Roman et al are truly from is left just as ambiguous (or even made-up).

Gripe RebutI think Phil Bell should have been one of the friends. He was always straight with Niko, and I think he has more of a backstory than a "malicious bitch" of an ex-wife.

Rebut In either endings it's impossible for Phil to be Niko's friend.After you complete "A Dish Served Cold" Phil says he didn't trust Dmitri either but he couldn't be seen with him cause the Pregorinos were falling apart,I think he also left town.I don't have a reason for the Deal story but regardless Niko only worked for the Mafia to find Darko Brevic,also in either ending Jimmy dies so its likely Phil took over even though he's 99 percent Irish.

RebutWhy is Roman older if he looks way younger than Niko? That I kinda slowed down the realism for me. And if both Bellic cousins are Serbian how come Roman never speaks it?

Rebut Roman does speak a few words of Serbian in some dialogs during the game so that is not entirely true. Plus do you know what Roman is doing every second of his life? The answer... no. So so how do we compleatly know that he doesent speak serbian? Also Roman came to america to help forget his past and a dialog early in the game has roman saying to niko: "Watch yourself cousin, i compleatly forgotton our language yet".
{{Rebut}} I think you mean he HASN'T completely forgotten our language. Also, if you watch the opening cutscene, Niko says "Good to see you, cousin" in Serbian, causing Roman to get confused. He then says cabbages and tells Niko that he can speak English. This explains why he mostly talks English, because there's no need to talk in Serbian.