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This is the official Grand Theft Wiki GTA IV Gripes list.

For now, this page is open to everybody. If there is any abuse of this page it will be locked, and all submissions will have to go through the Discussion page.

The "Gripes" on this page are intended to warn new players of things they may not like about the game.

The "Rebuts" on this page are intended to explain to new players why some gripes may not be a "gripe" for all players.

Please do not repeat other people's gripes. Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist gripes or rebuttals.

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Gripe RebutThe feature of opening the trunk of a car and storing items in it is not in the game, and hurts the realism of the game when the player can't open the trunk of the car.

Gripe RebutThe Packie bomb can only be put on certain cars, not motorcycles or trucks.

Gripe RebutThe feature of calling up a boss to "meet them here", etc. is not in the game, and the same goes for friends.

Gripe RebutMinor clothing items are removed during some cut scenes and missions. (glasses, hats)

RebutThis can be easily explained by Niko having manners... i.e. he would remove his hat or glasses before speaking with someone.

RebutStill affects realism though because the items just disappear into thin air.

Gripe RebutThe ability to hang from a helicopter, shown in trailers, isn't seen in-game, nor is the ability to ride in limos.

RebutThe last mission requires you to do it. Also there's a glitch in MP that lets you hang on to the heli for unlimited amount of time.

RebutBut right after the mission, hanging a helicopter is no longer possible outside of missions. This feature strays away realism.

Gripe RebutThe cover system is weird, and sometimes doesn't work correctly. Niko will take cover at a corner in plain sight of the enemy, instead of the other side.

Gripe RebutNo store hold ups for easy cash or burglary missions.

RebutYou can steal money from the register in places like [email protected] internet.

Gripe RebutYou can't buy real estate like in San Andreas and Vice City.

Gripe RebutYou can't Own Businesses.

Gripe RebutYou can't do home invasion like in San Andreas.

RebutThis isn't San Andreas.

RebutStill, it's stupid that you can't do something, so cool.

Gripe RebutThe semicircle health/armor system is weak, and can't be upgraded like in San Andreas.

Gripe RebutFriends often call to do things at inconvenient times and are often on the other side of the city.

RebutChoose the sleep mode on your phone.

RebutThe sleep mode does help quite a bit. However, the friend system does get rather annoying when you're trying to do missions and sleep mode gets turned off. The feature is a decent start, but it definitely needs some overhauling for the next game. Less frequent calls, offering to meet you some place or maybe picking you up instead of you always driving them around, more places to go (Liberty City only has two places to see a show?), more benefits for keeping constant contact, mini-missions that occur while out and about, etc.

Gripe RebutFriends don't give you enough time to get to their location before they become impatient.

RebutYou can Hail a taxi, get in it, and do the auto ride feature which gets you there in a matter of seconds, or take a helicopter.
RebutYea, the taxi actually takes you there faster than you drive to the destination yourself, just skip it. Jack a car and then go with your friend.

Gripe RebutThe camera angle is too low with no way to change it, I spend all my driving time holding UP, same as San Andreas.

RebutTry different camera angles to find the one you like.

RebutAll of them are two low. The only two third person ones are two low to the ground and it is hard to see oncoming traffic/poles and stuff. The other two are cinematic and first person.


RebutI agree--it's annoying that the right-stick camera positioning isn't sticky.

Gripe RebutThere is no riot cheat! No more chaos.

RebutAs posted below somewhere, the cheat may be present, but no one's found it yet.

RebutWell, until then, that's -1 point for GTA IV.

Gripe RebutSome missions are somewhat difficult to pass.

RebutTry harder.
RebutFind an alternative way to beat the mission. For the more difficult ones, there's usually at least a few options at your disposal.

Gripe RebutOrdering items on TV or at [email protected] does not work. You can't even order vehicles by calling them, even though it says so at


RebutThe internet site offered a lot of possibilities to expand the gameplay and give you so much more to do on the side. However, it ended up serving as primarily a huge repository of inside jokes...which isn't a bad thing, but there was a lot of missed opportunities. It was disappointing to see so many attractions listed, and finding out you could only make use of a very small portion of them.

Gripe RebutDestruction of buildings isn't featured.

RebutDestruction of buildings would permanently(?) alter the area, and make it difficult for normal activities or activities to occur.

RebutBut we can destroy street lights, government property (mailboxes, etc.), drive to a different zone, come back, and it's like they were never hit, AND cops don't care. No consistency.

Gripe RebutYou can longer respond to random comments either positively or negatively.

RebutThat was a minor feature, and its removal doesn't affect the game very much.

RebutIt is still one more thing that detracts from the game's attempt at realism. And it has a fairly big impact on the free roam part of the game.

Gripe RebutYou must keep your 'friends' happy to retain their special perks. It would have been preferable to unlock their abilities once and then be left to the player to decide whether they wish to continue the 'friendship'.

RebutDon't you have to keep your friends happy in real life?

RebutBut you don't drive them all over town like a soccer mom, especially if you are one of the most in demand hit men in the city. Roman owns a car service business, yet needs to be picked up and dropped off every time he wants to do anything. The friends feature becomes irritating because it lacks realism.

Gripe RebutStreet Gang-Banging and generally street gang-related missions have been dramatically reduced, means, no point in shooting other gang members.

RebutSince Niko is not exactly in one of those 'gangs', I would see no point in earning anything for the deaths of gang members.

RebutThe 5 families are crucial to the storyline. Niko is involved heavily with gangland violence in the story, yet outside of missions there is no evidence of any gangland tension. Once again this detracts from the realism of the game. For example; Niko kills 10+ members of the Pavano family, yet there is no consequence what so ever. He can walk into the same mob owned car dealership he has just blown up hours before and nobody recognizes him. This badly affects the attempted realism in other areas of the game.

Gripe RebutOnly 9 street races available and difficult to access them through the phone system.

RebutGTA is not exactly a 'racing game'. The racing missions are practically just mini games, save for when they affect the storyline.

RebutRacing is one of the few things left to do once the storyline has been completed.

RebutYou can always race online.

RebutWhile it isn't a 'racing game,' it's a feature that would've been nice considering this is the 4th installment of a multi-million dollar series.

Gripe RebutNo special races that unlock special cars (like Destruction Derby).

RebutThere are also other mini-games that earn you special vehicles.

RebutStill, it's pathetic that you don't earn special vehicles that you complete side racing missions, like the Bloodring Banger as well as the Dune truck.

Gripe RebutWith so little to buy Money is worthless.

RebutYou have guns to buy, don't you?

RebutAfter you complete Steve's missions you can sell cars as often as you want, even spawning them and selling them getting you hundreds of thousands of dollars that for all purposes are still worthless.

RebutDon't bother, kill yourself, get into 6 star chases, die, give some money to the hospital. Buy the rest of the clothes, enjoy your taxis and trains.

RebutThere is no need to buy guns because you can find them so easily.


RebutGiven that entire storyline is underpinned by the pursuit of money, from the minute Niko gets off the boat to the deal or revenge option at the end. The fact that money plays such a small part in the game outside of the cut scenes hurts the games attempt to provide a realistic experience.


RebutThere really does need to be more to do with the money in the game. Buying more safe houses, outfitting them with internet access, more clothing shops, more shows to see, parking spaces to keep cars in, revenue-generating businesses, etc.

Gripe RebutNo parachute.

Rebutthere are also, more or less, no aircraft to jump out of at high altitudes.
RebutPlus the 'chute was quite boring to use anyways.

RebutYet another component that affects the longevity of this game. The fact that Niko can't base jump into Star Junction and start shooting up the area is just another shortcoming of IV in terms of action.

Gripe RebutYou can't order cars from Stevie's garage once the text message missions he gives you are completed.

RebutThat function was specifically for the aforementioned missions.

RebutA useless set of missions at that. You can't access Stevie's Garage after completing the missions, and there is no use for the money you made from the missions. Just another bland effort from GTA IV.

Gripe RebutAutosave may not happen all the time. Whenever you complete missions, you are forced to save the game manually instead of having the game to automatically save for you.

RebutThen try saving manually more often; You'll get used to it.

RebutIt happens the same thing and much worse than the first one. It would have been better if Rockstar Games would fix this problem, rather than just asking you to save the game yourself too often.

Gripe RebutThe majority of the good cheats are gone (like chaos, citizens with weapons, cars fly away with hits etc etc etc).

RebutRockstar never releases cheats they are found by the players most likely the same cheats are there, they just haven't been found yet.

RebutThe range of cheats is another source of disappointment. There is no more to be found.

Gripe RebutThere are only 2 pairs of glasses in the whole game, and both of them are ugly.

RebutThat's your opinion.

RebutThey are. Both are big "owl" style glasses from the 90s. No actual sunglasses or anything.

RebutI don't think that R* made this game just for the sake of different clothing you can buy for Niko.

RebutBadly affects the realism though. 2 pairs of sunglasses in the whole of Liberty City? Geez...gritty realism if ever I've seen it.

Gripe RebutCheating blocks achievement points

RebutCheating would destroy the challenge in getting achievement points. Besides, if you want to cheat, just make a separate save file.

Gripe RebutThe realism of the game seems extremely inconsistent, and if you want examples, just read over a good half of the previous gripes. It would seem to me that a game that sold for 500 million on the first day would have the budget (and let's face it, from previous GTAs Rock* had the budget) to put some more effort and, dare I say, "polish," into the game. For me, it just felt like GTA III all over again--the exception being that some of the characters were more vivid and interesting, and the plotline kept me hooked. If there is a GTA V (and I'm assuming there will be) I really hope they put more time into it. GTA VI just felt half baked, which was a major disappointment. =/

Gripe RebutAiming is difficult when slow-mo is activated during driving and flying thanks to the cinematic angles.

Gripe Rebut Whenever a mission has you chasing another vehicle, they run on a rail. Shooting out their tires does nothing, they still take square 90 degree angle turns at 100 MPH+. You can't catch up to them to ram or PIT them as they'll automatically go into over drive and match your speed. There's no incentive to engage in a good high speed chase since you'll suffer at turns and they won't. And motorcycle chases aren't fun since the AI target can't get into an accident or spin out after their tires are shot out, it actually REPAIRS ITSELF while they speed down the road.

RebutStrange, I never experienced that problem. The AI vehicles behaved just as mine did.

Gripe RebutThe stunt jumps in the game suck. No building to building jumps, no over bridge jumps, no motorbike window jumps a la Vice City.

Gripe RebutYou can't buy cars at the dealerships found in the city. Grotti in Algonquin, Westdyke Bikes in Westdyke, Autoeroticar in Alderney City...nothing.