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{{Gripe}}I cant play Bomb DA Base II i can do the start all the way to the helicopter but when i get on the ship it immediately brings me into single player mode im not sure if this is a gripe but pls answer me...
{{Gripe}}I cant play Bomb DA Base II i can do the start all the way to the helicopter but when i get on the ship it immediately brings me into single player mode im not sure if this is a gripe but pls answer me...
::{{Rebut}} Read [[Bomb Da Base II]]  
::{{Rebut}} Read [[Bomb Da Base II]]
{{Gripe}}The '''Party Mode''' seems redundant. When you crash at high speeds into the wall or traffic while driving a car, you fly out of the windshield. I find it unrealistic, because in '''Free Mode''' when you crash into traffics or a wall at high speeds in the car, you don't fly out of the windshield. That's 2x unrealistic.
{{Gripe}}The '''Party Mode''' seems redundant. When you crash at high speeds into the wall or traffic while driving a car, you fly out of the windshield. I find it unrealistic, because in '''Free Mode''' when you crash into traffics or a wall at high speeds in the car, you don't fly out of the windshield. That's 2x unrealistic.

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Gripe RebutRecently, Rockstar removed the ability to turn off Blips in multiplayer Free Mode. That is incredibly stupid.

RebutR. E. A. L. I. S. M. I know it's multiplayer, but although you may have a map of Liberty City, you can't put radar onto your phone (like to see Red Green do that. :)) It makes you a bit more alert by forcing you to constantly be on guard for enemies.

Gripe Rebut16 online players isn't enough in Free Mode. It would have been preferable if it had up to 50 players, instead of less.

RebutEnjoy your lags.

RebutMaybe not 50, but 20 players should do. 16 players is'nt enough, I mean, R* should try and withstand it, rather than being lazy and then put only 16. They should be able to handle 20 players online.

RebutRockstar put in as many players as they could, if there were more then 16, the game would be unstable.

RebutNo, there wouldn't be a lag because Resistance 2 for the PS3 can have 60 players online. Another PS3 exclusive, is Massive Action Game which will have 256 people online. I doubt there will be a lag. As long as they make it right, there could be more people online.

RebutThe reason Resistance 2 can get 60 players is because the game's developer, Insomniac Games, is a first-party developer for Sony. Insomniac has an intimate knowledge of the PS3 architecture and can fully exploit its potential.

Gripe RebutThere isn't enough online game modes.

RebutDo you want "Day-Shift-Manager" as a mode, because fifteen modes is plenty, I don't think many people could come up with more possible modes.

Gripe RebutDuring races, players may tend to warp in order to stay ahead. This has been a major problem and players shouldn't be racing if having bad connections, yet they didn't seem to care, let alone notice.

RebutThey can't control their connections, so you'll just have to deal with it.

Gripe RebutThere is'nt enough clothing to customize your online character, especially that you can't customize shoes.

RebutMutliplayer is about running around with your friends destroying Liberty City, not fashion statements on your character.

RebutIt DOES take away a sense of individuality when you and your friends' characters all look similar. There should be 12+ face, hair, shirt, pants, skin, (sun)glasses, and shoe options to have a decent number of permutations.

RebutIf you want more clothing options you could play ranked matches in multiplayer and get your rank up higher. Hangmans NOOSE is a good game.

Gripe RebutNo offline multiplayer. Offline multiplayer free roaming is understandable (rendering two or more versions of the city would be too much) but playing the same way as San Andreas (two characters, have to both stay on screen) would be awesome. My friend has a 360, I got PS3, so online is useless for us.

RebutOffline multiplayer would be fun, but in San Andreas it was not very popular at all. All that could be done was running around in freeroam, no missions or other things, and there was no way to end multiplayer without one of the players dying. That is why the idea was dropped. Oh, and since you have an XBOX 360 and your friend has a PlayStation 3, why not just play online with others?

RebutStill, split screen would be nice.

RebutNot really, unless you want to enjoy disgraceful load times or lags, its up to you.

Gripe RebutAll other players has the ability to Vote Kick other players, including the host. If one or more players strat spamming, was'nt R* supposed to suspend their accounts for attempting to kick other innocent members? I'm sure that R* is never aware of this problem, because they don't feel like it.

RebutRockstar isn't lazy, why don't you try to make the highest rated video game in the world. Rockstar left this out due to that problems with clients can be reported to Microsoft or Sony.

Gripe RebutIntegrity 2.0 does not appear in online multiplayer.

RebutIntegrity isn't available until Algonquin is unlocked, and most players would want to start multiplayer sooner. So the surprise of a new radio station mid-game was left.

RebutThat degrades realism. Just because Integrity 2.0 is available in Algonquin, does'nt mean R* can just exclude them in Multiplayer. They did that on purpose, just to show everyone that they just simply don't care about realism.

Gripe RebutAutoAim needs to be balanced, e.g. adding about 20% for miss.

RebutAutoAim is just fine.

Gripe RebutThere is'nt enough spoken dialogues to their custom characters. They should have been silent instead, as their taunts are repetitive and unfunny.

RebutThat is just your opinion

RebutThen I suppose it is my opinion as well. Singleplayer and Multiplayer NPC easter eggs would be nice.

Gripe RebutDimitri's boat is accessible in online multiplayer, while not online, you can't gain access inside.

RebutNot all areas that can be explore internally during missions in singleplayer can be accessed, so the same applies for multiplayer.

Gripe RebutR* does not have the ability to remove online player's accounts for cheating via reporting to Microsoft and Sony.

RebutIts Microsoft and Sony's decision to make, not Rockstar. Rockstar only made the game.

Gripe RebutR* has yet to make any updates to improve online connections, online game modes and to add more character customization.

RebutA patch has been released to fix some bug problems, but just wait. Rockstar will be releasing episodic content packs, and who knows what they have in store for us.

Gripe RebutIn Hangman's NOOSE, the NOOSE team manages to survive even after multiple gunshots throughout the entire body, regardless of shooting at them at close range.

RebutThe NOOSE are wearing body armor so it's hard to kill them around the upper body. They'll be dead after you shoot them in the head.

RebutOR just another worthless lag. Because even if I shoot them in the head, they still get back up and still shoot at me. That lag almost reminds me of Terminator robots, because even when you shot them in their heads, they'll just keep on running torwards you and then kill you, thanks to unwanted lags. Sheesh.

Gripe RebutWhy use the Rocket Launcher in GTA Races? It is an unfair weapon and a player holding it will have the ability to blow them up to bits, rendering the race unfair and irritating, because all other players has to kick a player out of the race for unfair cheating.

RebutTry dodging out of the way or get close to them. By getting close, if they shoot, their car as well as yours will blow up. So just get close to them. If they have common sense, they won't use the RPG.

RebutOr just remove the RPG so no one is allowed to ruin the aspect of races. Besides, every retard who uses the RPG, needs to be kicked out of the race automatically. I can't believe R* had to add this weapon in the race. Also, the RPG is NOT a drive-by weapon. It's a weapon for players who can't win races; instead, they'll just prove how a player has no life whatsoever. And as a matter of fact, you can't escape inescapable explosions once they have the perfect accuracy. What was R* thinking anyway? I hope I see that the RPG will no longer be available in GTA Races.

RebutWhen playing GTA online, expect the unexpected and win at any cost. Besides, if your opponent is using a rocket launcher or other weapons, so can you.

RebutThen that makes me (or another player with the RPG) a complete total noob and a loser.

RebutIf don’t like the RPG, don’t use it. Tired of getting hit by RPGs, dodge them better. REALLY getting tired of getting hit by RPGs, don’t play GTA IV. Don’t go online to complain.

Gripe RebutThere are no random pedestrians throughout the cities, as they all look the same and dissapear for other pedestrians, if days change.

RebutDo the pedestrians in multiplayer really matter? As said about the gang wars gripe, multiplayer was made so you could play with your friends online, not to interact with NPC's

RebutBy "interacting with friends online", I think you mean "ensue a gunfight with friends for no reason jus tto humiliate them"; which seems 5x redundant. I want to make the target reticult lock-on to an NPC peds and shoot at him/her. But I guess R* just did'nt want to add it. Just another degraded gameplay (and I don't mean realism).

Gripe RebutNo gangs are ever seen driving, standing or walking around in Free Mode, thus making free roam bad and unrealistic

RebutYou have those "gangster wannabes" online don't you?

RebutWho cares about that anyway? Having other gangs shoot at you and engage gunfights is less annoying and tedious than having players simply go on a shooting spree for no apparent reason.

RebutMultiplayer was made so you could play with your friends online, not to engage in gunfights with NPC's

Rebut*sarcasm* Yeah, right. Like I want to have fun with friends online ESPECIALLY since they simply want to try and piss me off by ramming their bullets through my brain and not leave me alone. Gangs would be cool for Free Mode (because I enjoy engaging in gunfights with them), because I am sick and tired of having players go on a shooting spree all over me for no reason.

RebutBut why can't we engage in gunfights with NPC's online with our friends? It would be massively fun.

RebutBecause not only that could piss me off, but that would make everyone else get pissed off as well, and they'll send me or anybody else hate messages, is'nt that obvious? If you still don't believe me, then see the other Gripe which says "Everybody's an ***hole" stuff.

Gripe RebutYou don't get to create your own street racing activity by adding checkpoints and copy them to GTA Races and Races. Street racing doesn't get the point in Free Mode.

Gripe RebutA lot of the stuff you can do in single player you can't do in multiplayer. (i.e. bowling, playing pool, eating, getting drunk, strip clubs, etc.) It would be pretty fun to do all these things with your friends in multiplayer but they took them out of multiplayer for some reason. Why?

RebutProbably because it would take too much time to add all that stuff in, plus the map would be slightly bigger to accommodate the rooms and stuff.

Gripe RebutEverybody's an asshole. I play Free Mode to have fun, but every fucker kills me all the fucking time. I unplugged my 360, put GTA IV in the trash can and almost put my foot into my brothers face.


RebutI concur. Free Mode is not entirely free if other players are unable to simply BE free. I used to love hopping onto Free Mode and going on extended sieges with the LCPD, but everybody else just seems to want to put a bullet through my brain and not leave me alone. The problem is compounded without the ability (on the PS3 version) for a lack of advanced server searching, so I can find a server with Police on and Friendly Fire disabled.

RebutThen make your own custom game and turn Friendly Fire and Police off.

RebutDoesn't help at all, because you get rocket launched in the ass of your car and get hit by cars.

RebutThen make all of your slots private so no one else can join.

RebutOr how about this. All Free Mode games should disable Friendly Fire and enable Police. This way, everyone can have fun, instead of shooting at every players' heads for no apparent reason.

RebutHow about asking for a new multiplayer game mode with your ideas in it instead of bashing a very nice existing one. I can see how one can become a little feuded by those ignorant spawn killers, but as long as you find a nice game with well rounded people you should be alright. Now here is my proposal; Make more options for the host, mainly for allowed weapons (specifically). However, car killings would still be inevitable, but they are harder to execute. Keep Free Mode, but add more host options. Asking to have the entire mode changed to fit your individual needs is a little bit much.
Rebut There is now an option to fix that. Go into your phone, go to the multiplayer menu, and then go to the "Preferences" menu, found between "Player Model" and "Tutorial." from there you can set Auto-Aim, Police, and Friendly Fire on or off. Or set it to "don't care" to find more games, although it is random if those settings will be on or not in the game you join. See the multiplayer section for more on this.

Gripe Rebut Sometimes I wish I could target NPCs in Free Mode like you can target other players just to liven up the combat. However, this would obviously be an annoyance if you're trying to kill other players.


Rebut A targeting system that favors the other players over the peds would be nice, but even that would be hard to keep from being sticky in the end.

Gripe Rebut More should have been done to prevent the races just becoming a 'one crash and you're out' smashfest. There is always a huge pileup on the first or second corner and then you might as well (and most do) quit out as it's pointless continuing as whoever was lucky enough (and it is luck) to survive that will now be unopposed for the rest of the race.

RebutI have that problem also in GTA. I do races a lot as well. I have good strategy. If you're in the front, try to stay up front because there will be no cars ahead of you to crash into. If you're in the back and the Big One happens, just do the classic NASCAR strategy, driving straight for the wreck. It's most likely those cars won't be in that specific spot they crashed in, so driving to the original spot where they crashed would be a good idea.

Gripe RebutThe "Invite Friend" needs a lot of work. It's a worthless feature. I mean, I don't go online often yet one of my friends (like Markie3000 or Jorge96) just spams me with "Invite Friend received". It's getting really annoying because I can't get to have fun offline while trying to get some trophies. Maybe they should'nt have added that feature and they should add something that you can find your friends and automatically join them, rather than spam friends up with "Send an invite" to friends. Geez.

Gripe RebutNot all the cars spawn in multiplayer.


RebutESPECIALLY since the Faggio is one of the worthless vehicles ever to be driven in multiplayer. Why can't R* ever make all vehicles spawn in Multiplayer?

RebutRockstar had to make some sacrifices to get 16 players online and have the experience lag-free, especially if the game variant takes place over the entire Liberty City map.

RebutThen R* should consider sacrificing the crappy, girly Faggio and replace it with a fast, sleek and awesome Comet instead.

Gripe RebutRockstar Games featured a cheap and unreliable way to get back to racing in GTA Races. They always give you a crappy Faggio (a really slow scooter) in order to "catch up" with other players. I find this retarded, because I wish Rockstar would give us a better and faster vehicle to catch up with other players, but nooo. They have to be cheap.


RebutPoint taken.

Gripe RebutI cant play Bomb DA Base II i can do the start all the way to the helicopter but when i get on the ship it immediately brings me into single player mode im not sure if this is a gripe but pls answer me...

Rebut Read Bomb Da Base II

Gripe RebutThe Party Mode seems redundant. When you crash at high speeds into the wall or traffic while driving a car, you fly out of the windshield. I find it unrealistic, because in Free Mode when you crash into traffics or a wall at high speeds in the car, you don't fly out of the windshield. That's 2x unrealistic.

Rebut Read the gripe on this in Vehicle Gripes. In fact, I think this gripe belongs there.

Gripe Rebut How come when you shoot someone with a zombie outfit in the head it does not get blown off this is extremly lasy design to make a proper zombie like dose in resident evil are better. You also can't eat people and how does a zombie use weapons only ganados and majini do that.

((Rebut)) It's called a zombie outfit for a reason, you're not really a zombie. And whats keeping a zombie from using weapons? you're way too into Resident Evil.
((gripe)) zombies are not intellegect creatures while we are at it why not make a crimson head outfit or a licker outfit so that you can jump on top of people and ripe there throat oh how about a dr. salvador, chainsaw majini, garrador, regenerators, iron maidens, nemesis, wesker, tyrants, executioners, novistors, majini, ganados, those plagas head things, bascally all creatures besides why is there an umbrella company when there is no proper zombie.