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Gripe RebutCops manage to shoot your tires out, even if you're going 100mph.

RebutAnd they have multiple cops firing lots of bullets to shoot your tires down to stop you from running away.

RebutActually, I was chased by cops and one cop shot my tires out no matter how fast I am going. I think R* must've used an aimbot to stop you from running.

RebutWho says it was a gun shot? I have ran over things before that have popped my tires.
RebutLucky shot? I don't seem to have that problem in my game.

Gripe RebutSomehow, an LCPD Cruiser can keep up with an Infernus that is easily twice as fast. And then they can't keep up with a slow municipal bus.

RebutThey can keep up with an Infernus due to the sheer number of police cruisers. Aren't cops aren't meant to ram the person they are chasing unless under extreme circumstances.

Gripe Rebut After you complete the story, you can't call Francis to lose your wanted level at all.

RebutFrancis would only do it once in the story anyway. Besides, there is always Kiki.

Gripe RebutCops don't deploy spike strips, or utilize special pursuit vehicles for highspeed chases. Nor do they cordon off areas to trap the player.

RebutThey block off the bridges, and send more helicopters after you.

Gripe RebutNo matter how hard players try to get away from the police's radius, cops seem to spawn near the player's vehicle. Hiding is nearly impossible, even on secluded areas.

RebutRockstar, I believe, was trying to make the game more realistic. It's like that in real life, too.
RebutYes, especially in Star Junction, there are more cops in that area around than others. Plus the police of course dispatches more cop cars around the radius to search for you.
RebutOnce the chase ends (your stars turn grey and there's no cops immediately near you), you should really pull over to jack another car or get sprayed, especially if you're still well within the wanted area.

RebutThe radius is another thing that's irritating. I get in the chopper, and somehow, I can't evade the radius. It stays where it was. Crappy realism, I mean, you evaded the cops, but not the radius? Pathetic.

RebutIt would be hard not to notice a helicopter over head, would it? Not, they can still track you if your in a helicopter. There are very few places to hide in the sky.

Gripe RebutYou can't evade or outrun your wanted level in a helicopter.

RebutIt's rather difficult to run away when everybody in the city can see you flying 200 meters up in a helicopter. Don't you think?
RebutYou can evade and outrun wanted levels when they are low (i.e. 1 or 2 stars) as not as many police are searching for you.
RebutThere is a way, albeit kind of a cheap one. If you have Playboy X's safe house, you can fly low over the roof and bail out onto the balcony. Then you can run inside and save your game, which should clear your wanted level.

Gripe RebutCops somehow manage to stay alive even after multiple gunshots, and their weapons do more damage to the player. They seem to be bullet sponges, and still get up after a full magazine from an AK has been shot into them at medium range.

RebutSome of them have body armor. As members of a police force they would have superior weapons and training.

RebutI don't think beat cops wear body armor, and their weapons are exactly the same as the ones the player can use.

RebutNOOSE wear body armor, plus police have had training for years to get great with a pistol, plus they know where to shoot, unlike most players.
RebutI would be indeed surprised if there were any police officer on the street today that aren't wearing kevlar. There's just no excuse in today's society to be without it. I find headshots to be the most painless and effective way to thwart the LCPD.

Gripe RebutUndercover police officers do not appear at 3 wanted star levels or higher.

RebutThere never were undercover police officers. Those seen in casual clothes in previous GTA games were FBI agents.

RebutYes there were. There were casual clothed police clothes equipped with a sort of sub-machine gun in GTA VC and GTA VCS driving VCPD Cheetahs. Also, even if there were never undercover officers before, there's no reason why it couldn't be in "realistic" GTA IV.

RebutI don't remember seeing any in the previous games either. Besides, maybe you just haven't come across any?

Gripe RebutPay and Spray has become almost useless. When no cops are around, it's easier to just outrun them. When they are around, you can't spray.

RebutBut there's more to a Pay 'n' Spray than losing Wanted Levels. They will change the paint of a car if you don't like it to the color you've driven most, and they will also repair damaged vehicles. It just doesn't make sense for a cop to be right on your tail when you enter a Pay 'n' Spray, only to ignore you when you drive out.

RebutEven when the cops ignore you, your car does'nt get resprayed to clear wanted levels, so this heavily detracts realism as the cops prevents players from entering the Pay N Spray.

RebutYou try to flee the cops, and you go into a garage right in front of them and they somehow lose you? That is what was taken out of this game, and added more realism. Think a little harder next time about what is and isn't realistic.
RebutIt's possible to enter a Pay n Spray while you are at the center of the search circle as long as the cops don't see you go into one. This is a lot better than trying to evade the search circle.

Gripe RebutThose annoying pedestrians keep calling the cops whenever I do one small shove, making it harder to score a few bucks without those boys in blue knowing.

Rebut It's the attempt at realism. If someone came up to you on the street, shoved you and said "Give me all your money", wouldn't you either run or punch them, before calling the cops?

Gripe RebutCops do not initiate a car chase to pursue other criminals, much like in GTA San Andreas, which heavily detracts realism.

Rebut Actually cops do initiate car chases, just not as frequently. Not only can they do that, but they can also arrest unlawful pedestrians and put them in a nearby cop car. GTA IV is more realistic compared to San Andreas, by the way.

RebutBut I don't see other criminals driving and performing drive-bys to cops while being chased. All they do is peerform foot pursuit and catch a criminal only. This pulls realism away.

RebutCops can stop criminals faster then you think they can, so you are less likely to see a car chase that started in Alderney end in Dukes.

Gripe RebutCriminals no longer carjack vehicles.

RebutYes they do.
Rebut Not true, you can see cars being jacked in parts of Tudor. It's rare, but it happens.

RebutYeah. Completely rare. been in Tudor, stood there and watched. no criminals ever carjack vehicles. Lacks realism

Gripe RebutWhatever happened to the "good citizen bonus" you got in GTA:VC? It was kinda cool.

RebutWould a cop in your town really want someone taking the law into their own hands?
RebutUnless you can be a good samaritan , taking the law into your own hands IS illegal.
RebutOn occasion, if you knock over a criminal running from an officer, and he sees it, they will thank you for your help but you receive no monetary reward, just a good feeling.

Gripe RebutYou can't bribe the police to get your weapons back, like in GTA:VCS. Shouldnt that have been put in, it was in a PSP game, so it would be easy to put into a PS3 game

RebutRemember the Mayor's Crackdown on Firearms? This means all guns are repossessed and taken else where.

Gripe RebutYou can't earn a special reward right after you kill all criminals appear in the "Wanted List" in each different islands. This means no more earning extra armor protection.

Rebut The reward of kill all criminals in wanted list on each island is the archivement that's enough