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Gripe RebutCops manage to shoot your tires out, even if you're going 100mph.

RebutAnd they have multiple cops firing lots of bullets to shoot your tires down to stop you from running away.

RebutActually, I was chased by cops and one cop shot my tires out no matter how fast I am going. I think R* must've used an aimbot to stop you from running.

RebutWho says it was a gun shot? I have ran over things before that have popped my tires.
RebutLucky shot? I don't seem to have that problem in my game.

Gripe RebutSomehow, an LCPD Cruiser can keep up with an Infernus that is easily twice as fast. And then they can't keep up with a slow municipal bus.

RebutThey can keep up with an Infernus due to the sheer number of police cruisers. Aren't cops aren't meant to ram the person they are chasing unless under extreme circumstances?

RebutBut he also mentioned abou tthe Bus transport vehicle. I mean, how can cops be so sluggish to keep up with a slow moving bus vehicle? Really weird and bad realism.

Rebutif i understand correctly you're saying "how can the cops keep up with a slow vehicle?" my answer would be: by going slow :p
RebutJust some statistics for you. The Police Cruiser has a top speed of 194 mph. The Infernus has a top speed of 208 mph. Not twice as fast now is it?

Rebut Hey its Ultraussie here, Im just wandering, how come the LCPD Cruiser, which is based off an old Crown Victoria and Chevy Caprice, goes as fast as an Exotic Sportscar? Like, its a sedan with an underpowered V8 under the hood, how come it reaches such an unrealistically high speed? I think the Crown Vic irl would reach maybe 140 MPH at the most...

RebutWell, maybe the LCPD has had such a problem with street racers they HAVE to modify their cars to go that fast? It may be a possibility, and yet again, it is a video game (By the way, the top speed on a Crown Vic is 135).

RebutUltraussie here again, that does kinda make sense, but I say its extremly unrealistic for every single Patrol unit to be modifed like that, and, I dont think the Crown Victoria/Impala would go that fast, even with a modified engine, and also, it would be impratical for fuel usage, a consideration in any Police Fleet..


RebutIDK, it isnt really noticeable, but its a trivial fact I must question.. BTW the exhaust note of the Police curiser sounds nothing like a killer supercar, so WTF?

RebutWell, I was running from the LCPD in a municipal bus on the Plumber's SKyway, through Algonquin all the way to the airport, and all the cruisers crashing into something. the one's that didn't tried running me off the highway. BTW, the cruisers in GTA IV are based on a Chevy IMPALA and Crown Vic.
RebutThe Police Cruiser can go that fast because it probably has a very low gear ratio, which also explains why the acceleration isn't that great too.

Gripe RebutAfter you complete the story, you can't call Francis to lose your wanted level at all.

RebutFrancis would only do it once in the story anyway. Besides, there is always Kiki.

Gripe RebutCops don't deploy spike strips, or utilize special pursuit vehicles for highspeed chases. Nor do they cordon off areas to trap the player.

RebutThey block off the bridges, and send more helicopters after you.
RebutThey do in fact deploy special pursuit vehicles. If you're getting chased by the Police Patrol, they will then send a Police Cruiser after you.
 Rebut If you read the GTA IV LCPD article, you would see that the LCPD is "underfunded", therefore unable to afford specialized equipment and vehicles, relying on there patrol cars to take down criminals...jeez...(GTA69)

Rebut They can't afford a Bravado Buffalo (Dodge Charger) With underfunding from state and local government. I'm surprised they have so many vehicles and choppers.

Gripe RebutNo matter how hard players try to get away from the police's radius, cops seem to spawn near the player's vehicle. Hiding is nearly impossible, even on secluded areas.

RebutRockstar, I believe, was trying to make the game more realistic. It's like that in real life, too.

Gripe RebutHey comment number 2 how do you know what it's like in real life? Have you got a little secret?

RebutYes, especially in Star Junction, there are more cops in that area around than others. Plus the police of course dispatches more cop cars around the radius to search for you.
RebutOnce the chase ends (your stars turn grey and there's no cops immediately near you), you should really pull over to jack another car or get sprayed, especially if you're still well within the wanted area.

RebutThe radius is another thing that's irritating. I get in the chopper, and somehow, I can't evade the radius. It stays where it was. Crappy realism, I mean, you evaded the cops, but not the radius? Pathetic.

RebutIt would be hard not to notice a helicopter over head, would it? Not, they can still track you if your in a helicopter. There are very few places to hide in the sky.

RebutEven When your at the end of your Map, The radius Is Still Around You.No Choppers or Boats Around..

Rebut To escape while in a helicopter you can fly very fast and then bail out into water and hope that boats don't find you. You fly far enough to evade a 4 star wanted level but i havn't tried 5 or 6 stars.

RebutThe thing that annoys me about the radius is that it punishes good driving rather than rewards it. If you drive fast through traffic without crashing and get well outside the radius, another cop car appears out of nowhere and you retain your wanted level. Driving slow or crashing near the edge of the radius usually results in losing the wanted level.

RebutOf course youll be punished for driving too smoothly as you would be more likely to run into more cops and it make sense, the system actually WANTS you to hide once you get out of the radius, not to drive like hell("Im here come and get me!!!" while complaining about cops chasing you). You should just STOP at the radius edge with your drift break if your skills are so great, instead of crashing there, or if your are so good at driving-- you should probably maintain in high speed while avioding respawned cops."I mean, you evaded the cops, but not the radius? Pathetic." no its not... its not the "radius" will kill you or bust you, its just a area where police will spawn more, that said, you ARE evadind the cops, does that makes no sense? if it isnt making sense for you well,Pathetic...
Rebut Has anyone ever heard of radar?

Gripe Rebut What's radar got to do with it?

Rebut What do you mean "What's radar got to do with it"? If some police officers SAW you driving North at 150mph don't you think they would tell dispatch to look for a guy going North at 150mph?

Gripe Rebut GTA4 wanted system is completely lame. Don't use the realism excuse when it's convenient then ignore it when it's not. How realistic is it to pull into a pay and spray just out of a cops view and lose your wanted level? How realistic is it to get out of the wanted zone and have the cops completely forget about you, no matter what crime you committed? The way the cops spawn to cut you off and the how the AI can reach 0-full speed at an instant is just a cheap way to make things "challenging".

Gripe RebutYou can't evade or outrun your wanted level in a helicopter.

RebutIt's rather difficult to run away when everybody in the city can see you flying 200 meters up in a helicopter. Don't you think?
RebutYou can evade and outrun wanted levels when they are low (i.e. 1 or 2 stars) as not as many police are searching for you.
RebutThere is a way, albeit kind of a cheap one. If you have Playboy X's safe house, you can fly low over the roof and bail out onto the balcony. Then you can run inside and save your game, which should clear your wanted level.
Rebut To escape while in a helicopter you can fly very fast and then bail out into water and hope that boats don't find you. You fly far enough to evade a 4 star wanted level but i havn't tried 5 or 6 stars.
Rebut Has anyone ever heared of radar?

Gripe RebutCops somehow manage to stay alive even after multiple gunshots, and their weapons do more damage to the player. They seem to be bullet sponges, and still get up after a full magazine from an AK has been shot into them at medium range.

RebutSome of them have body armor. As members of a police force they would have superior weapons and training.

RebutI don't think beat cops wear body armor, and their weapons are exactly the same as the ones the player can use.

RebutNOOSE wear body armor, plus police have had training for years to get great with a pistol, plus they know where to shoot, unlike most players.
RebutI would be indeed surprised if there were any police officer on the street today that aren't wearing kevlar. There's just no excuse in today's society to be without it. I find headshots to be the most painless and effective way to thwart the LCPD.

Rebut Niko is a combat veteran whose lived nearly his entire life in a warzone, and served in the military. I THINK he'd have received training.

Gripe RebutUndercover police officers do not appear at 3 wanted star levels or higher.

RebutThere never were undercover police officers. Those seen in casual clothes in previous GTA games were FBI agents.

RebutYes there were. There were casual clothed police clothes equipped with a sort of sub-machine gun in GTA VC and GTA VCS driving VCPD Cheetahs. Also, even if there were never undercover officers before, there's no reason why it couldn't be in "realistic" GTA IV.

RebutI don't remember seeing any in the previous games either. Besides, maybe you just haven't come across any?

RebutPay and Spray has become almost useless. When no cops are around, it's easier to just outrun them. When they are around, you can't spray.

RebutBut there's more to a Pay 'n' Spray than losing Wanted Levels. They will change the paint of a car if you don't like it to the color you've driven most, and they will also repair damaged vehicles. It just doesn't make sense for a cop to be right on your tail when you enter a Pay 'n' Spray, only to ignore you when you drive out.

RebutEven when the cops ignore you, your car does'nt get resprayed to clear wanted levels, so this heavily detracts realism as the cops prevents players from entering the Pay N Spray.

RebutYou try to flee the cops, and you go into a garage right in front of them and they somehow lose you? That is what was taken out of this game, and added more realism. Think a little harder next time about what is and isn't realistic.
RebutIt's possible to enter a Pay n Spray while you are at the center of the search circle as long as the cops don't see you go into one. This is a lot better than trying to evade the search circle.

RebutAbout the "Undercover Officers"- I know that was originally a joke about the show "Miami Vice". Keeping them around would have been cool. Although the VCPD Cheetah isn't in GTA IV, I think it could easily be replaced with the FIB Buffalo. As for the 80's style officers, I believe that a couple of badass "Jack Bauers" could easily take their place.(Yes, I know that there was no New York Vice, besides a crappy movie, but the idea is still valid.)

RebutFirstly, Jack Bauer is an FBI agent, not a cop. Second, the officers that appeared in VCPD Cheetahs were plainclothes officers, not undercover officers. There is a difference. Third, plainclothes officers going into dangerous situations like that is pretty unrealistic, and GTA IV strives for realism. When you have 3 stars, the police become very agressive, and in GTA IV, their retention of SWAT (NOOSE) arrives and attempts to kill you. It wouldn't make sense for there to be plainclothes officers at scenes like that because in real life, they're not equipped like that.

Rebut Jesus, I thought Bauer was CIA, Im just putting down some stereoypes :S But, they couldve had Undercover/Plain Clothes officers patrol the city... And yeah, that is kinda unrealistic having UNderocver cops swarm you on request, but like, IDK, Slicktop Highway patrol cars wouldve been nice... The GTAIV Coquette police version wouldve been awesome, for highway patrol pourposes. Rebut Maybe it will be in GTA:V?

Gripe RebutThose annoying pedestrians keep calling the cops whenever I do one small shove, making it harder to score a few bucks without those boys in blue knowing.

Rebut It's the attempt at realism. If someone came up to you on the street, shoved you and said "Give me all your money", wouldn't you either run or punch them, before calling the cops?

Rebut No, you give them you money, because you're being mugged, and in real life, people hand over their money in order to AVOID GETTING MURDERED. Rebut But lets say the person either doesn't have money with them, or if the person has the money, they would be scared and would try to run when you point a gun at them, or is going to try to fight you, if you ever have been in a health class you know that the body has a "Fight or Flight" reflex telling you if you should fight off the threat, or run for your life.

Gripe RebutCops do not initiate a car chase to pursue other criminals, much like in GTA San Andreas, which heavily detracts realism.

Rebut Actually cops do initiate car chases, just not as frequently. Not only can they do that, but they can also arrest unlawful pedestrians and put them in a nearby cop car. GTA IV is more realistic compared to San Andreas, by the way.

RebutBut I don't see other criminals driving and performing drive-bys to cops while being chased. All they do is peerform foot pursuit and catch a criminal only. This pulls realism away.

RebutCops can stop criminals faster then you think they can, so you are less likely to see a car chase that started in Alderney end in Dukes.
RebutRandom car chases happened a bit too frequently in GTA:SA, I think. Plus, quite often police would chase after and gun down unarmed civilians just because they tapped a police car (or, even more ridiculous, were pushed into a police car by another crash, meaning it wasn't even their fault). Scratch a police car's bumper > get shot in the face by its driver? Even an extremely corrupt police force couldn't get away with murdering unarmed minor offenders in broad daylight like that.
RebutCar chases are not that common in New York City, even outside of Manhattan. Whereas in California, they occur once, maybe twice daily.
Rebut They do. I've had my car shunted during a cutscene by a random car chase passing by.

rebutActually, I started a police chase in a Municipal bus going back and forth between the Airport and Plumbers Skyway, I wrecked the bus of the skyway and stole a Perenial and escaped on the East Borough Bridge towards Bohan.

Gripe Rebut Criminals no longer carjack vehicles.

RebutYes they do.
Rebut Not true, you can see cars being jacked in parts of Tudor. It's rare, but it happens.

RebutYeah. Completely rare. been in Tudor, stood there and watched. no criminals ever carjack vehicles. Lacks realism.

RebutWhat if you had an expensive car and some carjackers jacked you? That happened to me in GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories a lot. It was very annoying.
Rebut Yes they do. I've watched it happen while I was stopping traffic to do my own carjacking. They broke my lights, as well.

Rebut In GTA Vice City, I was in a pizza stack with a Fire Truck outside, some guy stole it. I did watch a guy steal a car in Bohan ONCE.

Gripe RebutWhatever happened to the "good citizen bonus" you got in GTA:VC? It was kinda cool.

RebutWould a cop in your town really want someone taking the law into their own hands?
RebutUnless you can be a good samaritan , taking the law into your own hands IS illegal.
RebutOn occasion, if you knock over a criminal running from an officer, and he sees it, they will thank you for your help but you receive no monetary reward, just a good feeling.

Rebut I watched World's Wildest Police Videos, a few citizens ran after a fleeing car.

Gripe RebutYou can't bribe the police to get your weapons back, like in GTA:VCS. Shouldn't that have been put in, it was in a PSP game, so it would be easy to put into a PS3 game

RebutRemember the Mayor's Crackdown on Firearms? This means all guns are repossessed and taken elsewhere.

RebutIsnt the LCPD corrupt?

It's not as corrupt. The only corrupt cop we know of is Francis McReary. Besides, it would look really suspicious if all these criminals with illegal guns were arrested, yet there were no guns in the evidence room because they had given them back.

Rebut the LCPD IS corrupt. just look at patrol officers. a LCPD officers rammed me and I got a wanted level


Gripe RebutYou can't earn a special reward right after you kill all criminals appear in the "Wanted List" in each different islands. This means no more earning extra armor protection.

Rebut The reward of kill all criminals in wanted list on each island is the achievement that's enough

RebutToo bad you don't earn anything from your PS3 version. A lame effort by R*

Rebut I have the PS3 version. The reward is the possibility to gain 100%
RebutSince the PS3 implemented trophies you now get a reward for it.

RebutIt would be nice if the game would give you an Armor upgrade for killing all criminalss in the Wanted List from the in-car computer access, not just a trophy. Gripe Rebut I give the gripers my support. Who cares about 100% completion anyway? Buying the game, then trying to get 100% on everything? That's just sad.

Rebut Many people think 100% completion is the very end of a game, and it GIVES YOU SOMETHING TO DO to make the game longer. People like you won't try to get 100% completion, then complain the game was too short.

Gripe RebutYou can't become a cop, and I don't mean steal the police uniform and impersonate one. I mean you can't call 555-RECRUIT and become an actual officer.

RebutNormal academy training takes a very long time, about 12 weeks average, and requires a lot out of applicants. Niko most likely doesn't have the time to undergo LCPD training. Besides, if you have several arrests, that would disqualify you at the start of your background check. Besides, I think Niko has his reservations about police, coming from Eastern Europe, where most police agencies are corrupt.
RebutIsn't that basically what you are, when you accept the vigilante missions? You're a cop without a badge.

Rebut Steal a FIB Buffalo, dress in normal street colthes, beat up thugs = Undercover cop.

Gripe RebutThere isn't any database about Niko Bellic in the in-car computer access.

RebutI think you and Niko both know he's a wanted man. Niko knows what he's done in his past, and I don't think he wants to be reminded of it. If you really want to find out Niko's crimes, you can just go on the in-game internet and go to the LCPD Most Wanted website.

Rebut There is no such website,the main lcpd website has no links to a most wanted site

RebutYes there is. Search around the site on the in-game internet. There is a most wanted page.
Rebut No there isn't. That is the police files on criminals in the game. It shows the status of criminals. If it was a Most Wanted Page, all of the people on it would not be "Deceased" and "In Custody."
RebutOn the LCPD website, I believe that at the bottom of the page there will be a dark gray padlock-shaped icon that you can click. This will take you to the LCPD's criminal database, organized alphabetically by last name, where you can check up on most named NPCs in the game, including Niko Bellic. Each report has arrest records (however, Niko's does not update. This would be a pain for the programmers to include, and not enough people may know about it to make it worth it). Also, you should have gotten an email from Francis McReary about the criminal database. Assuming you didn't delete it (at what point he sends it, I forget, but I think it is after you kill Derrick, and you must kill Derrick to receive the email (obviously).

Gripe RebutShouldn't Alderney have it's own police department? It is technically "The Independent State of Alderney", so why does the LCPD service Alderney as well as Liberty City?

RebutAlderney is based off of New Jersey. Would you want be a cop in New Jersey? It's not even really a state. More like a ticking time bomb.

RebutIn real life, New Jersey has many police departments all over the state. NJ isn't in the NYPD's legal jurisdiction. What's the ticking time bomb about?

RebutI was hoping that joke would have lasted a little longer but anyway,R* claims that Aldereney is in the GTA IV area and is part of the story. Cops are the least of their plot hole worries.
RebutThis is highly unlikely in real life, but the LCPD and/or its officers' union, if the LCPD has one, may have a contract with the State of Aldereney to extend the LCPD's legal jurisdiction into Aldereney.
RebutIf you look closely, the Alderney cops' uniforms bear resemblance to those of the New Jersey State Police (light blue shirt with a black Sam Browne belt, navy trousers with a gold stripe on either side, and a white cap). Also, on their shoulders are yellow triangular patches, which, if you look closely, read "State Police" in blue letters, much like the NJSP's patch. In the many times I've gotten into trouble with the law in Alderney, they sometimes yell "State Police!" before opening fire. -bigpoppa9

Rebut Thats kinda underealsitic, because if they are the State Police of Alderney, how come they drive LCPD cars? It wouldnt be too difficult for Rockstar to put in different cars for different areas like in SA, with copcarla, copcarsf, copcarvg, and copcarru, but seriously, its only 2 or 1 extra cars, like if they can include new NPC's and make the effort to record new audio, why cant they make the effort to make a new PJ for a car? {{Rebut}} When I shot up a strip club in Alderney, first to people to show up were State Police. First two cars to show up were LCPD. and in alderney, a State Police Officer is a passenger.

Gripe RebutIf hot dogs and chicken give us health, then why do we have hospitals with trained doctors, why not just drag the guy to a vender?

RebutYou cannot give a dead man food. A person can eat food when the person is alive. If you were a doctor, would you drag a dead guy to a vending machine, and stuff a bag of chips in his mouth?
RebutWhat does that have to do with cops?
Rebut LOL. Sorry, but when i saw this gripe I started cracking up.

Gripe RebutIf you have 2 or more stars whilst outside your safehouse, cops will take whatever cars are in your parking space to chase after you in, causing them to disappear.

RebutIt's called requisition, meaning cops will take your car to chase after a criminal. If you don't want the cops to steal your car so bad, DON'T DESTROY THEIRS!
RebutI gripe about GTA IV all the time but, I've never once encountered this.But think about it.The LCPD is a corrupt force of greedy cops. If Stealing your cars helps them get paid, they'd do it. It's a corrupt city and it besides, you could go find another.
RebutEver see the movie "US Marshals"? They take a car in that movie when they're going after Mark Warren in New York City. Same thing in the first "Rush Hour" movie when Chris Tucker is going after Jackie Chan on a "borrowed" motorcycle. It's called requisition. They give the car back when they're done using it. They don't steal it or impound it. Even the LCPD wouldn't do that. See those movies before you say that the police steal cars.

Gripe Rebut It is stupid to see the cops knick a car. I wasn't even being chased and a cop hot wired a parked car that wasn't mine. He just hot wired the car and rode off. Bloody stupid. Rebut I suppose if they knew that the cars belonged to you, they would take them but only in an extreme circumstances. I mean....

Gripe Rebut.. Its illegal for cops to drive in unmarked vehcihles at high speed without Lights and Siren on right?

Rebut It is legal for officers of the law to comandeer a civilian vehicle if necessary.

{{Rebut}} I had LCPD/NOOSE vehicles in my parking spot in Bohan, some guy was arrested and they stole my vehicle. I they go after m NOOSE Cruiser, I take the criminal and the car!

Gripe RebutHow come that when you get arrested, you can't get your vehicle back, like in San Andreas?

Rebutmaybe in liberty city you could not get your vehicle back

Gripe RebutIf you run away from the cops they shoot at you, even if you don't have a gun. Killing people just because they freak out is illegal

RebutActually, they hold their fire when you're at one star, unless you start assaulting them.
RebutNiko isn't just some criminal. The cops know who he is (I've heard them yelling his name and the like). This probably explains why he gets arrested for minor violations like bumping into a police car (which, if light, seems like something that would only be a ticket). Therefore, if he tries to resist arrest, the police are allowed to shoot at him. They don't really become extremely aggressive until 3 or 4 stars (though when you get up there they really want you dead, to the point where getting arrested is next to impossible).

RebutThe cops don't know Niko's name. I've gotten into hundreds of chases and no one's ever called his name.


RebutNo, cops don't know who Niko is, even when you kill them whenever it is mission-based, so how do you supposed that cops have the right to shoot at Niko, just because he freaks out? Degraded realism, that is.

RebutIt's not "freaking out", it's resisting arrest. Resisting arrest gets you two stars, and above one stars cops shoot at you.

{{Gripe}} Not true, I had a pistol out on one star, they shot to kill!


RebutCops are not supposed to shoot at the unarmed player just because the player is unarmed. That's unrealistic, because that's "police brutality" gone wrong. Rebut Just remember that Niko HAS a rap sheet the cops know he was in the army, so they probably know he can be dangrous.

Gripe RebutPolicemen sometimes shoot and kill security guards.

RebutA misfiring maybe? Nobody's perfect.

Rebut No, he purposely killed a guard for shooting me.

RebutWait, what kind of security guards have a gun in the first place, unless they're the Secret Service or something? Some security guards do not have the authority to kill civilians, even if they are committing a crime. That's the police department's job.

RebutDo a Google search on 'armed security guard' to see what a common job it is before you go calling someone else up on ignorance.

Rebut I think its because the game confuses the guards for regular pedestrian. It happens to me all the time. Hope this helps!

RebutNo, it did'nt help at all. Cops always mistake security guards for a gang member, and the security guard always attempts to shoot me on purpose, just to get the cops/other gangs attention. That's another unrealistic attempt by Rockstar Games.

RebutIn the eyes of in-game cops, there's no difference between a gang member and a security guard. They only classify people as fellow cops, civilians or civilians with guns.

rebut I sometimes do it for fun at the airport, at the unrestricted Fuel Section at the south end. I shoot a gun and put the No wanted Lvl Cheat in. and I get out and hide behind my car until the LCPD kills him and as long as you don't fight back and the cops see it, they will kill them for you.

Gripe Rebut Pointing a gun at a civilian near a police officer merits no response! I can't believe that he would just stand around like that.

RebutWould you want to get in the way and get shot? No. No you wouldn't.

Rebut But that's his job! Damn corrupt cops......

RebutCops ignore lots of things, like moving violations (running red lights, speeding, driving in an oncoming traffic lane, the list goes on), trespassing, being in a stolen cop car (since they will give you the 1 star if you hit them, they clearly know you aren't a cop), etc. Those oversights aren't ignorance or mistakes, they are just there because it would really break the game if every time you ran a red light you got a 1-star wanted rating. For that matter, 1-star ratings are easy enough to get out of that it's really not a big deal to have one anyway.
RebutIf you shot the person, or aimed the gun at the cop, then he would take notice.
RebutIf you would get chased by the police by speeding or driving through red lights, you would complain that they do that.Why dont you be happy that they wont give a chase about it?

Gripe Rebut Why is it that Niko can resist arrest on foot, but if he is pulled out of a car, he has to surrender? Why I can't I just shoot, and possibly kill, the cop trying to jack me to evade capture, at the expense of a 3-star wanted level, if I'm not already at or above said wanted level?

RebutUsually after a high speed chase, there are multiple officers surrounding your vehicle, and when pulled out of your car, you are basically thrown to the pavement if you try to fight, and the cuffs go on immediately, which means the fight's over. Cops win.
RebutI came to the conclusion that the cop would see you reaching for the door handle or off of the steering wheel and kill you before you could make your move.

Rebut If what you're saying is true, then why don't the cops kill you when they see you getting up off your knees after they hold you up at gunpoint when your on foot? Gripe Rebut Why can't you just lock the dang doors!

Rebut 1st if the cops are shooting at you ONLY IF YOU TRY TO RUN. 2nd lockable doors should go on the GTA:V Wishlist, or GTA:IV Vehicle Gripes

Gripe RebutYou cannot perform a hand-to-hand combat against an officer. Niko is forced to raise his hands up at gunpoint, thus halting the combat engagement. Also, if you shoot an officer, you'd end up havin a 3-star wanted level and will have the cop cars swarm in on you.

RebutSeems realistic to me. If you start beating up an officer he will try to escape and he'll pull a gun on you. Also, if you try to kill a police officer in real life, don't you think police would be swarming in around you?

RebutIn all GTA3 era cames you could enage Hand-To-Hand with everyone, including cops. Vice City onwards they would pull out a Nightstick. (And that seems pretty realistic, cops are armed with non-lethal weapons to protect themselves without unessacary use of deadly force). However, in GTAIV, they pull the gun on you. (Seems realistic if Liberty City was part of a Dictated country, but in a Democratic modern America?). Rebut In most Police Academies they'll tell you if your feeling threatened, to pull your gun out. And in real life if you punched a cop, he wouldn't just start beating you with his night stick.

Gripe RebutPolice no longer throw down stinger strips.

RebutCops try to shoot your tires out instead. It is impractical for LCPD to lay down spike strips because the roadways of Liberty City, much like its real-life analogue, are typically filled with too much slow-moving traffic.

RebutAre you seriously suggesting that it's more practical to fire wildly at a fleeing vehicle and chance hitting innocents than it is to lay down a spike strip.

RebutFirst off, cops don't shoot their guns all willy-nilly like a dumb criminal. Cops hold their fire unless they can get a shot. Secondly, to shoot out tires, cops aim low at the car to disable it. Thirdly, half the time, spike strips fail to do their job because the criminal will attempt to evade the strip.

RebutVery unlikely. Whenever you have 4-6 wanted star levels, you come across the next borough, and the NOOSE team are aiming at you, and then when you get close, they just fire at you like no tommorow, not bothering to hold their fire nor do they care whenever civilians get hurt. That's a failed realism into a whole new level.


RebutAlso, when cops lay down Stinger strips, they very often pop tires on a cop car thta is chasing the criminals car, which is just putting 2 more cops out of the chase.

RebutWhen the NOOSE teams open fire near the bridges, there are never any civilians around. Also, there is no point to laying down a Stinger strip on main roads where there are 5 or 6 lanes of traffic so you can get around it easily.

RebutYet the NOOSE teams are completely unaware that Niko is holding the passengers hostage and the NOSSE kills the passengers anyways. Rebut Sometimes they can't help where the bullets go...

Gripe RebutWhen cops arrest a criminal, they point the gun at him, 5seconds later the criminal will run away, trying to escape The cop doesn't do a thing, only chase it, at the same speed when Niko is running when pointing a gun-> SLOW.

RebutAnd other times, if a cop car is nearby, the criminal will be escorted to the car, and get in the back seat. I had a Police Stockade (obtained using cheats in the mission "Tunnel of Death") parked outside my Bohan safehouse, and when a cop arrested someone, the criminal climbed in the back seat of the truck (only to run away after I got in to drive).

{{Rebut}} on the bridge towards bohan, I was in a Police Vehicle. I called backup and 2 cops were run over by a car, one was dead. the cop would've been sprinting after the guy when he started running for Vehiclular Homicide and Attempted Vehiclular Homicide

Gripe RebutThere's no army. They were a fun addition, especially the tanks. WTF

RebutFirst off, there are no major army bases in or near New York City. Second, it would be very unrealistic for one man to go into an army base, kill all of the guards, and steal a tank. Also, the army wouldn't go after a single man.

RebutWell, what if that one man was acting like or was a terrorist, huh? The army have to come.

RebutActually, to be technical about it, the US Army is not allowed to take action upon US soil. Period. However, the US National Guard DOES have the ability to be deployed within the US. Although, mobilizing so many national guard troops is expensive and time consuming. And a tank would be pretty hard to get through gridlocked city streets, without alot of damage being done. So why not use the local SWAT (NOOSE) teams (who can be ready at nearly a moment's notice) who have pretty good firepower and training, and almost certainly cost less than mobilizing the National Guard? Sure, you may be a terrorist, but I am unsure they would send in the National Guard to take down one single terrorist. They send in SWAT teams to deal with bank robberies, hostage situations, etc. in real life, and with LC's apparent paranoia that almost everyone is a terrorist (especially a foreigner), why would the SWAT teams NOT be trained to handle terrorist situations. Also, at a certain point, the FBI comes after you, which is pretty big in itself as law enforcement. The Feds usually stay out of car chases/dangerous criminal situations unless they are needed.

RebutI know GTA 4 was meant to be realistic, but it's a video game. It's not completely real. Besides, what if the army visited Liberty City and they brought a tank?

RebutDid you actually listen to the things he said? You are saying the same thing over and over again. I personally think that the Army wouldn't fit at all in Liberty City so i'm glad that they replaced them with the NOOSE.

Gripe RebutRun a red light, smash into other cars, cops don't care. But try to cross a toll bridge without paying and the TOLL BOOTH GUY HIMSELF pulls out a gun at starts shooting, and the cops appear too!

RebutFor one, the guy in the toll booth is a cop. Secondly, no matter how unrealistic it may be, if you got a wanted level EVERY TIME you went 150 mph on the roads, or ran a red light, or hit someone's car (other than a cop car), then the game would be little fun because the cops would CONSTANTLY be after you. And the costs to the game engine would be pretty harsh, too. However, going straight through a tollbooth without paying is certainly going to attract attention, and it is alot harder to accidentally speed through a traffic light or hit a civilian car than it is to smash through the gate of a tollbooth without paying. Granted, the system should be fixed so that if you already paid the toll, and THEN go through the gate before it has been lifted, you shouldn't get the wanted level for it. Also, simple solution: drive a cop car/ambulance/fire truck/FIB Buffalo/other emergency vehicle through the toll booth. You need not pay, and if you smash right through at full speed, they don't care. Even if you kill all of the passengers in the lined up cars when you hit them.
RebutAs stated in the game manual, you only gain a wanted level for something if a cop sees you do it. You will always get a wanted level at tollbooths because they are run by cops.

Rebut Come on, guys. If you were manning a tollbooth, and a criminal in an Infernus smashed through past you, wouldn't you look twice?

Gripe RebutI didnt know if this would go under the vehicles gripe or this one, and its only a minor nitpick, but you cant turn on the police cars spotlight. It would be helpful to see in the fog or in a police chase at night.


Rebut He meant the SPOTLIGHT, not Highbeams. The spotlight is specifically designed for illuminating something at night while doing something like a traffic stop, attending to a car crash, finding a suspect etc...

RebutHe meant you can use hi-beams as a substitute to the spotlight.


Rebut Ultraussie here.In all GTA3 era cames you could enage Hand-To-Hand with everyone, including cops. Vice City onwards they would pull out a Nightstick. (And that seems pretty realistic, cops are armed with non-lethal weapons to protect themselves without unessacary use of deadly force). However, in GTAIV, they pull the gun on you. (Seems realistic if Liberty City was part of a Dictated country, but in a Democratic modern America?). And if you run you get 2 stars D:< It wouldve been very simple for R* to implement a simple Nightsick melle weapon for them to use instead at low wanted levels. And In the leadup to GTAIV I was expecting new ones like Tasers (It was actually in Vice City's Beta and used by the PIGs) and Pepper Spray, but R* reverted back to a GTA3 like situation: Corrupt Underarmed cops that shoot like cowboys. LOL in Gta3 they shoot the guns with 1 hand and in IV they shoot to kill even for the smallest of incidences...

Rebut You copy-pasted someone elses gripe, you broke GTA-Wiki's Number 1 Rule!

Gripe RebutI'm walking down the street minding my own business, a cop runs past, trips over me, gets hurt, and what do you know? I got a wanted level all the sudden. This is so annoying, I mean I know he's a cop but does he have to be such a bastard about it? just go on and get that crook you were chasing.

RebutCops ARE bastards. Thats somthing you gotta learn in life.
RebutCops are not bastards there in gta they are a fun part of gameplay and his talking the ingame not real life unless your talking about the gardie here in Ireland i accept that.

Gripe RebutWhen the police shoot you dead, they frequently don't stop at 'dead' and continue to pump rounds into Niko's corpse long after the slo-mo-black+white camera kicks in

RebutEver hear the story about the suspect shot 68 times? When questioned on why so many, the sheriff said, "That's all the ammo we had."

Gripe RebutIt would have been cool to see unmarked police cruisers patrolling around the city. And I don't mean FBI people, but LCPD people in unmarked versions of the Police Cruiser/Patrol driving around (with minor things such as mirror lights to differentiate them from civilian versions), being all incognito and stuff.

RebutWhen I surrendered once in a 2 star wanted level in Alderney, an LCPD officer moved in on me and the Alderney State police kept firing clips of 9mm Ammo.

Gripe RebutWhen you exit a police vehicle a random cop (who had no vehicle to begin with) who just arrested someone will put the criminal in your car and drive away. For example, I escaped from a 5* wanted level with an enforcer (with no cheats), got out to eat a hotdog then turned around to see a random cop putting a criminal in the back and starting to drive away Rebut but for some reason i could jack him and he acted like a regular civilian and ran away

Rebut that happened to me a few times in Bohan, I had a NOOSE Patriot in my spot, an LCPD officer ran off with it down the street, If you see it happening, get in the car before the cop.

Gripe RebutIf the player sees a police officer chasing a thug and you harm the thug or punch him or whatever, the police arrest you! This happened at the Bohan hideout.

Rebut While this does seem unrealistic, most cities/towns etc., don't encourage vigilante behavior. And usually, if you watch long enough, they will arrest the thug, therefore your fire would have killed their arrested citizen, and more bodies means more paperwork.

Gripe RebutBrucie says police are outsourcing arrests to "private contracters", yet you still need a police computer to access the database. If they really were outsoucring, shouldn't the database be available to use without police equipment, such as via cellphone or computer.

RebutI harmed a Murderer on the highway (He ran from the cops before being arrested for Vehicular Homicide) the same cop and Toll Booth guys chased me!

Gripe RebutFiring on cops with the APC's main gun merits no response...even when their car is destroyed and they're killed.

RebutThey merit no response because they're trying to get the hell out of there before they get killed, since their guns have no chance against an APC.

Gripe Rebut Cops chase you for the stupidst reasons and they are much harder to escape from.

Rebut They are easy to escape from. I don't see how this is a valid gripe.

Gripe Rebut They may be easy to escape from for you, and occasioanlly they are easy to escape. But it's annoying how they chase you for the stupidest reason like, I was driving along the road minding my own business then a cop car just randonly touches me not even hard, a slight tap, then i get a wanted level, it's rediculous, IT'S HIS FAULT HE HIT ME, NOT MINE.

Rebut It's been that way in every GTA game. If it happens, and you get a one-star, don't fight them, just try and outrun them. You can lose them in alleys, side streets, and even subway tunnels if necessary.

Gripe Rebut They wher just as annoying i'll admit that, but somehow I was driving like 150 mph down the Algonquin Bridge and slamed into a Police car and sent it flying and yet I got away with that. WTF? it makes no sense

Rebut I'd call that a glitch...

Gripe Rebut this gripe is kind of like the sercurity guard but one time i was attacked by a hotdgog guy and a cop saw it and shot at him rather then arrest him his only an unarmed civilian thats defending his property did R* put this in as a jokieer or something cause its kind of funny or is it just a gitch but its heaviy unreaistic if i was a cop and i saw a hotdog guy attacking someone i arrrest him not open fire at a defenseless person.