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This is the official Grand Theft Wiki GTA IV Gripes list.

For now, this page is open to everybody. If there is any abuse of this page it will be locked, and all submissions will have to go through the Discussion page.

The "Gripes" on this page are intended to warn new players of things they may not like about the game.

The "Rebuts" on this page are intended to explain to new players why some gripes may not be a "gripe" for all players.

Please do not repeat other people's gripes. Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist gripes or rebuttals.

How To Gripe

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How To Rebut Gripes

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  • Rebuttals should address reasons it is not a valid gripe, and should not accuse the gripe of being "silly" or "stupid."

Gripe RebutCrashing on a motorcycle and bailing out of a car aren't fun anymore, and often result in death.

RebutOnce more, the game is meant to be more realistic.

RebutBut even though you were wearing a helmet, you'd still die from the crash. The game really lacks realistic attempts.

Gripe RebutWhenever you crash you go flying out of the windshield.

RebutWell, the game designers are trying to be more close to reality. I always found it to be extremely far-fetched that Claude, Tommy Vercetti, and Carl Johnson could slam into a brick wall at 100+ MPH and emerge without a scratch.
RebutNot EVERYTIME. Unless it's a high speed crash into an unmovable object(Pole for examples) You would fly out, but if you crashed slower or in a different angle, you would not fall out of the car.

RebutThe "flying out of a windshield" thing is seemingly random. I hit a taxicab head-on at a moderate speed, and flew out the windshield. I hit another taxicab head-on at full speed, and didn't fly out.

Gripe RebutCars explode for the stupidest and unrealistic reasons, i.e. shooting the window of a car, shooting the roof.

RebutDidn't that happen in all other GTA games?

RebutI thought GTA IV was about "realism." I guarantee firing a shotgun shell at the windowsill of a car in real-life will not cause it to catch fire.

RebutIf GTA was realistic you would go to jail after your first kill and stay there.

RebutThe fact that cars still explode unrealistically is proof that GTA IV isn't a realistic game.

Gripe RebutNo car surfing! In previous GTA games you could stowaway on top of a moving vehicle and ride it to it's destination. Now, if you stand or squat on top of a vehicle and it moves, you tumble off like a quadriplegic. Not very realistic.

Gripe RebutThere is no Tank in this game, nor are there airplanes.

RebutTanks would be unrealistic, as the armed forces would not send a tank into New York City after a single man. Airplanes would also be unrealistic because air-travel around New York City is extremely restricted, plus there's really not enough area to need air-travel.

RebutTanks and airplanes are more realistic than being released from custody hours after being arrested for mass murder / terrorism. If omissions are to be made for the sake of realism then there must be a level of consistency.

Gripe RebutThere are no car mods or even simply choosing your paint color.

RebutThere are special editions of cars. The Pay 'n Spray is suppose to be colour matching, but somehow they just did not do it. lol

Gripe RebutThe yellow boxes in front of safehouses are stupid and poorly made. Often AI traffic hits them as they're driving, causing the saved cars to disappear. Garages were much better and safer, and less chance of cars disappearing.

RebutParking spaces are more likely of what you will have instead of a garage. Most preferably a whole car park or something, but not a garage of your own in some poor old space. In Algonquin, probably, but it just wastes too much space of the area. It's simply what everyone will think in real life.

Rebut In real life you would have a range of parking options. A garage, or parking space in a multi-deck or underground car park is more realistic, even valet parking. The fact that every safe house just happens to have the same yellow area out the front is just another thing that detracts from the realism. Especially given that in a lot of cases there are no other cars parked in the street. Where do the other residents in the building park?

Gripe RebutNo "R3" Missions for anything other than the police cruiser.

Gripe RebutThere are not enough special vehicles like golf carts, lawn mowers, and bicycles. Bicycles are common in NYC, why not Liberty City?

Gripe RebutThere are fewer cars in the game compared to San Andreas, and no fixed-wing aircraft available to the player. Even though the city is smaller than GTA San Andreas, the designers of the game shouldn't have lost more stuff than they put in, that includes Vehicles and Planes. Just a general mistake on behalf of Rockstar

RebutNo there are more cars in GTA IV then in San Andreas. More choices.

RebutThe variety of vehicles is greatly reduced. This limits the players experience and hurts the overall playability of the free roam game.

Gripe RebutHow the Voodoo was changed.

RebutThat's your opinion.

RebutIn my opinion, rockstar really blew-it by ruining a perfectly good muscle car with Hydraulics. Now, its just as useless as the perennial.

Gripe RebutYou can't operate trains like in GTA San Andreas.

Gripe RebutThe Hunter helicopter isn't here anymore.

RebutIt's now replace with the Annihilator which is faster but lacks rockets.

RebutThe Hunter should have been left in anyway. Since GTAIV isn't as realistic as it seems, an iconic helicopter like the Hunter should have stayed in the game as an option, even if it doesn't fit.

Gripe RebutWhen Niko steers the car in any direction, the steering wheel doesn't move at all, which left Rockstar Games no explanation to this problem.

RebutAt least the car turns.

RebutBut not the steering wheel. It's hardly even realistic to see how the car turns into any direction, but not the steering wheel.

Gripe RebutAirbags do not deploy on any vehicles when slammed head-on at high speeds.

RebutThat just brings out the fun of the new physics engine, seeing Niko fly out of the car. Plus I don't really think that it really has to be this realistic. It would just ruin the fact that this is a GAME.

RebutAnother area where realism is affected. If realism is to be the justification for limiting the players experience then anything unrealistic becomes a criticism of the game.

Gripe RebutYou can't attach trailers in the back of your truck like in GTA San Andreas.

RebutWhat would you do exactly with a trailer on the back of your truck?

RebutGas Tank trailers, Containers, Car Transporters, etc.


RebutLimits the scope of possibilities in the free roam game. Shortens the lifespan of the game. The RS Haul Missions in SA could provide hours of game play on their own.

Gripe RebutBrucie's helicopter is useless. It would have been better if you could fly his helicopter yourself.

Gripe RebutThere are only two unique helicopters in the game, and only 1 of them is armed.

Gripe RebutRare vehicles aren't here anymore.

RebutThere is a Sultan RS which is a rare car. Also the Infernus is rare.

RebutBoth cars are extremely rare and are only found online multiplayers. The Comet is nowhere to be seen again, which led me to a huge disappointment, since the Comet is my favorite car.

RebutIt depends on where you are looking for it and what you are driving at that time. You could always spawn your Comet using a cheat code(Which does not affect anything)

Gripe RebutYou can't go fast when driving boats because even the smallest wave will completely slow you down.

RebutUse the left analog stick to judge the waves. When a wave is coming towards you, push it down. This will raise the nose of the boat and will increase the speed of the boat.

Gripe RebutNo Hydraulics.

Gripe RebutSome car names have been recycled for new cars and the names don't really make sense with the car they resemble anymore.

RebutThis adds realism by showing the evolution of cars. The modern crown vic's no longer look the way they did in the 80's, do they?

Rebut Yeah but it makes no sense how the Stallion doesn't resemble a Mustang or an Esperanto doesn't resemble an El Dorado from any generation anymore.

Gripe RebutNo remote controlled vehicles (rc-car/plane etc).

Gripe RebutNo go cart. Not even a go-cart attraction.

Gripe RebutThe Quad is absent.

RebutNot a lot of people would be driving a Quad on the beach in NYC, would they.

RebutActually, NYC beaches are popular places to go quad racing at night.

Gripe RebutMost vehicles are very rare like the Infernus which you get only one chance to own, and never see again.

RebutTo see a rare car again, you have to use your own frequently. On my completed game, I have FOUR Infernus-es.

RebutIconic sports cars like the Stinger and Cheetah are nowhere to be found.

RebutThey've been replaced by cars like the Sultan RS and Feltzer.

RebutHow can you own four Infernus cars if there is only one from the parking space. It only appears in online multiplayer, but not single player. Using more than one Infernus counts as cheating and cheating affects the game, so it's better off not to use cheats at all.

RebutCheating may be undesirable to you, but for some people, it just wouldn't be GTA without cheats.

Gripe RebutA lot of cars that appear in single player, do not appear in multiplayer

Gripe RebutOnly 1 sportbike is in the game, while GTA:SA had about 6 or 7.

RebutThere's the PCJ600, NRG900 and a suspicious bike NRG900RR

RebutThere's several variations of the NRG900: NRG900, NRG900F, NRG900RR, but that's it. The PCJ600 is old and not as fast, and doesn't look like a sportbike.

Rebut NRG 900, Zombie, PCJ600, Faggio

RebutHe's talking about sport bikes. The Faggio, Sanchez (counts as the dirt bike), Zombie and PCJ 600 do not count as sport bikes. Too slow and it has very little use to race. The PCJ 600's speed becomes unstable at high speeds. The FCR-900 and the BF-400 are two sports bikes in GTA SA and Rockstar Games removed it without even explaining why.

Gripe RebutRoofs from vehicles doesn't get crushed when you roll over. There aren't any roll bars from any cars.

RebutTheres a roll cage in the Sultan RS. Also, the roof of a car is supposed to be a very protective part of a car.

RebutBut all other cars don't even have roll bars and they're not supposed to stay intact even after a hard landing.

Gripe RebutThe Dozer is gone, regardless on going into any construction sites.

Gripe RebutThere are only 5 residential vehicle parking spaces, which means you are forced to store few of your favorite cars into the parking space, since Rockstar Games refused to explain why.

Gripe RebutThere aren't enough 'realism' vehicles i.e. cement mixers, street sweepers, 'meter maids' etc - although not exactly amazing to look at or drive, they do add that extra touch of realism which would have fitted in with GTA IV's atmosphere perfectly.

Gripe RebutYou don't even have first person mode (without bug) in trains nor possibility to walk in trains.

Gripe RebutBoth the Sea Sparrow and the Leviathan helicopters were taken away for no reason whatsoever. Both of them are great which are used to land on water, but why remove them? Both helicopters were awesome.

Gripe RebutThe Vortex hovercraft was taken away for no reason. It was a great vehicle, so why remove it?

Gripe RebutThe BF Injection was removed. Just because it's a great vehicle and designed for off-roading, doesn't mean they can remove it for no reason at all.

RebutDriving a dune buggy in NYC would be silly

RebutNot true. The BF Injection is a great vehicle that was designed for going off-road at the coast lines and driving around beaches and performing stunts.

Gripe RebutThe majority of good cars were removed by Rockstar Games and they refused to explain why.

Gripe RebutTow Truck was removed. This was a great vehicle that was used to tow rare vehicles and park into residential parking spaces, but they removed it for no reason at all.