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Gripe RebutEarly GTAIV screenshots showed a possibility of customizing weapons with flashlights or sights. In addition, half the weapons shown in screenshots or artwork don't appear in the game, like the SPAS-12 and MP5NA3.

RebutProvide me with a screenshot and I will dignify this gripe with a proper answer.

Gripe RebutTake a look:

Rebut I don't see that idiot "dignifying" you with a proper answer, but I'd say the SPAS12 images are just concept art drawn by people who largely don't have a lot to do with the content of the game. The MP5 is interesting and I wouldn't be surprised to see it in the DLC, since I'd rather have a real MP5 than whatever that SMG is supposed to be.

Gripe RebutAmmo limits are really, really annoying.

RebutThis is personal opinion. Ammo limits are not so low that it's difficult to complete missions. In fact, it's more than enough.

RebutWhat if you are confronted against FBIs and NOOSE patrol teams? If you're very low on ammo, then you're completely defenseless and then you die. Like in GTA SA, there were no ammo limits (you can store 900 rockets, have 7000 pistoms, SMGs, have 900 Flamethrower containers, etc.). Besides, Ammo limits are very humiliating.

RebutAfter you beat the game the ammo limit is gone, you keep putting them in, after awhile it may saw you have 9999 of 30 for the machine gun but fire and reload and it says you still have 9999 of 30, ammo limit is removed with completion of the game.

RebutWell, by the time the limit is gone, there won't be any real-good reason to utilise it. It would have been much better to just have it on while a person was going through the storyline missions and not after.

RebutI cannot imagine a person carrying 9999 bullets for at least 6 guns. Imagine how many extra ammo bags and storage space you would need, carrying 8 rockets in your Perseus pocket is already quite ridiculous, that's enough bullets for every gun.

RebutBut he could at least hold more than 8 rockets. That's not enough.

RebutWill 2000 rockets be able to fit in your pockets? Don't think so.

RebutThat's f***ing retarded. The ammo limits are in place for the multiplayer, so people don't just amass 50 RPG's and dominate everyone, and for the new stats they have, like the time wanted on six stars that compel you to actually run from the police instead of holing yourself up and bombarding them with RPGs indefinitely.

Gripe RebutThere are not enough "special" weapons like the chainsaw, the golf club, the pool cue, or the fire extinguisher like there were in GTA San Andreas.

Rebut If you check the page under features it explains why many of the weapons have been removed.

RebutThis is a game where a man is able to hide several large weapons under his coat and who is killed thousands of times and recovers perfectly 12 hours later. Not the most realistic already, and throwing in a few fun weapons like the M60 or Flamethrower wouldn't do any major harm to that vibe.

RebutSilly weapons are gone to make room for more realistic combat. Weapons like the flame thrower only serve one purpose in the general story line of the game. Plus they are not as effective as a weapon such as an AK-47 or 9MM.

Gripe RebutWeapons are now seen on top of buildings, which is harder to find.

RebutHow many people leave sniper riffles in the gutters in Time Square?

Gripe RebutTear Gas and Satchel Bomb was removed.

RebutTear gas was completely useless in the main storyline of GTASA other than to knock out some guards. And the Satchel bomb has been replaced with Packie's car bomb.

Gripe RebutRPG can only hold 8 rockets.

RebutIn real life, an RPG does NOT hold two thousand rockets. Sorry.

RebutMaybe not 2000, but surely more than 8.

RebutRPG-7 can hold only 1 rocket, player holds the others, so It's ok, I think

Gripe RebutWeapons stores are few and far between.

RebutThat is explained in game by the mayor's "Crackdown" on weapons

Gripe RebutLittle Jacob doesn't sell all the weapons, so an expensive trip to the gun store is required.

RebutLater on in game he sells armor, rockets, m16 ammo, grenades etc.

RebutTrue, but he doesn't sell Combat Pistol ammo, RPG ammo or regular shotgun ammo.

RebutHe doesn't sell these because it is harder for one man unassociated with the black market to get highly illegal weapons such as the rocket launcher.

Gripe RebutDual-wielding weapons is no longer possible.

Rebut In real life, would you be able to dual-wield a shotgun?

RebutMaybe not a shotgun, but pistols are easily dual wieldable.

RebutNiko is a war veteran, and prefers to use weapons the way they were meant to be used.

Gripe RebutYou can't use free-aim because the targeting reticule automatically locks on to pedestrians, so you'll have to use your Sniper Rifle to shoot pigeons. Even if you try and force the aiming reticule off of the pedestrians, it will simply lock on to another pedestrians, so there is no way to make the aiming reticule let you aim yourself.

RebutIf you hold the aim trigger all the way down it targets a person, if you hold it part of the way down you can move the reticule around to aim how you please, like shooting through the windshield of a moving car to kill the driver.

Gripe RebutWhere is the fire extinguisher?

RebutRemoved due to uselessness.

RebutThe Fire Extinguisher has the ability to douse the flames from burning barrels, burning cars and pedestrians. It can even be ruptured and exploded by a gunshot, thus you can even blind cops, enemies even pedestrains to make the escape.

RebutWould you really want to carry a heavy fire extinguisher with you when you are chased by the cops? Not to mention you have to get really close to fight with it, in that time you could be shot down. And how many people do missions with fire extinguishers in a gun fight?

Gripe RebutNo one handed gun use.

RebutNiko is a war veteran and therefore knows how to use weapons properly.

Gripe RebutThe silenced pistol was removed

RebutIt was a weak weapon, and removed due to the "Crackdown" on guns, because of its huge ability not to be noticed by the cops.

Gripe RebutShooting ranges is no longer featured.

Rebut Thats because Ammu-nations got shut down.

Gripe RebutNo weapon customization.

RebutNiko doesn't have time to add a flash light onto his M16, does he?

Gripe RebutThe Molotov Cocktail does'nt spread flames all over the ground, even if you throw 20 of them to the ground, and yet the fire still dies out, thus dramatically reducing realism.

Gripe RebutYou don't even get to use your weapons (when out of ammo) as meleé weapons.