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Please do not repeat other people's suggestions, or say "that was a good idea". Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist comments either.
Please do not repeat other people's suggestions, or say "that was a good idea". Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist comments either.
===How To Suggest===
===How To Suggest===
#Make sure your suggestion hasn't already been suggested
#Make sure your suggestion hasn't already been suggested
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<!-- Place your suggestion ABOVE this line, starting with a hash #  --->
<!-- Place your suggestion ABOVE this line, starting with a hash #  --->
<!-- NO STUPID SUGGESTIONS, and try not to repeat something already said -->
<!-- NO STUPID SUGGESTIONS, and try not to repeat something already said -->
== Information ==
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This is the official Grand Theft Wiki GTA4 Wishlist.

For now, this page is open to everybody. If there is any abuse of this page it will be locked, and all submissions will have to go through the Discussion page.

Please do not repeat other people's suggestions, or say "that was a good idea". Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist comments either.

How To Suggest

  1. Make sure your suggestion hasn't already been suggested
  2. Start a new line with a hash (#), add your name (~~~), and add your suggestion

Suggestions for GTA IV

  1. 47- Silencer available for every gun except shotguns (as in real life)
  2. 47- A picture camera you can customize with accessories, lenses, etc.
  3. 47- Faster clothes buying/changing (it took hours to buy all stuff at Binco on San Andreas)
  4. RyanVG- Keep the font used to describe districts in GTA:SA (e.g., Ganton, Missionary Hill, etc.)
  5. 47- Pedestrians can do totally random things (start a fight with other pedestrian or player, throw a rock, etc.)
  6. 47- Way more car upgrades - stickers, window tint, bullet resistant armor, etc.
  7. 47- The ability to bribe a cop after you at any time if player has enough money
  8. 47- Have Hunters chase you around at the ultimate wanted level
  9. 47- More R3 missions such as: tow truck, hearse, more realistic Trashmaster with the player riding in the back
  10. 47- Have the ability to enter any building in the game (either peacefully or using force)
  11. 47- A car upgrade that can make your car launch tire spikes
  12. 47- Fully interactive gun shop (buy any gun that's hanging on the wall, for example)
  13. 47- Fully interactive airport with jackable planes constantly landing and taking off
  14. Fido- Real Music Please!!!
  15. RyanVG- Groceries (supermarket)
  16. RyanVG- Craps (for the casino)
  17. RyanVG- Performing Arts Theatres (where you get to see parodies of popular Broadway musicals)
  18. RyanVG- Stadium should also offer boxing and wrestling mini-games
  19. RyanVG- Glory Hole Theme Park ("where strangers become friends").
  20. RyanVG- the ability to make your character either male or female
  21. RyanVG- Create-a-character mode
  22. RyanVG- Multi-generational game play (where events like getting married, having children, actual historical events relayed in the game's radio, rationing due to World War II, the causes and effects of the Great Depression (which lasted from 1929-1941), flappers, rock and roll critics, and hippies are a part of the experience)
  23. RyanVG- Criminal trials, lawyers, judges, and incarceration (with missions involving escaping from prison or "having coffee" with a "prison boyfriend")
  24. RyanVG- All the major GTA cities (Vice City, Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, Vice City, Liberty City) can be accessed.
  25. RyanVG- Give a player the choice of starting in a city and have him/her expand his/her base of operations from there
  26. RyanVG- People being born, living through childhood, adulthood, senior citizenship, and finally death
  27. RyanVG- When you press L1, show the current game date instead of just Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. and have the game start on January 1, 1920 and end on December 31, 2020
  28. KRUGERTNT- Use sprays to create your own graffiti on the walls of the city.
  29. KRUGERTNT- Easier and faster way for changing clothes (instead of many hats blue, white, green, blue and angles, front, back etc. you select the model and adjust the colour and the angle on your own.
  30. KRUGERTNT- Jazz radio station.
  31. KRUGERTNT- Pinball arcade game.
  32. dobisskill- real life radio stations by buying a radio antenna accessory for ps3.
  33. KRUGERTNT- Drivable hot-air balloons and zeppelins.
  34. LtDan-walkman or mp3 player,depending of the year it will be, if we have to spray or look for something and always have music.
  35. Bob- Dogs you can buy, raise and train to attack when need be
  36. Bob- Losing a wanted rating star by having a shower in a safe-house
  37. Bob- Passing time in the game to partake in certain missions by going to bed in a safe house
  38. Bob- Being Able to Dig
  39. Bob- Car Dealerships
  40. Bob- Ability to climb ladders, Ropes and other such climbables
  41. Bob- Lifetime wanted rating, FBI 10 most wanted
  42. Bob- Cosmetic Surgery to evade Lifetime Wanted rating
  43. Bob- Jetskis, Waterskis, Regular Skis, Snowboards, Snowmobiles, Gibbs Aquadas (Amphibious Car),
  44. Bob- Seasons and more diverse weather, Snow, Hail, Sleet, Lightening, Really hot days that over-heat cars, mud.
  45. Bob- Seasonal Events, regular events.
  46. Bob- Days last longer in the game.
  47. Bob- If you kill someone in your barn, in the middle of nowhere, It should take a while before the cops cotton on, and a little longer before there's a warrant for your arrest.
  48. Bob- CSI:GT
  49. Bob- Being able to take out buildings by buying a lot of explosive, however making it challenging to take out a high-rise by having FBI check you out if you make it obvious.
  50. Bob- Being able to lose the police if you are a cunning driver, or if you plan to drive to through dangerous terrain.
  51. Bob- Police car chase formation, like on the movies
  52. Bob- All Glass Breaks
  53. Bob- Play golf, baseball, tennis as well as basketball at venues, rather than having venues empty all the time
  54. Bob- Darts and bar brawls at pubs, not just everyone attacking you.
  55. Bob- Eating better makes you stronger and fitter
  56. Bob- Cars get dirty, Carwash.
  57. Bob- People doing stuff at their homes, BBQs, Swiming in pool/Jacuzzi, Gardening, Washing Car, Hanging up laundry in the country, kids playing, reading books etc.
  58. Bob- Skateboarder that get in the way and turn up everywhere - fun to run down.
  59. Bob- Surfing!!
  60. Bob- Other people like to swim, esp. at hotel pools, Diving, more beach activity at beach.
  61. Bob- Emergency services response depends on your location.
  62. RyanVG- In addition to the create-a-character mode, the player should also be able to make up a customized first, middle, and last name for the created character
  63. RyanVG- Within the multigenerational game play, the nephews, nieces, children, grandchildren, and their spouses are automatically a part of your Mafia called "*insert your character's last name here* Family Mafia"
  64. siccmade- An all new city Based on St.Louis, Atlanta, or Detroit.
  65. kro- An all new city based on Monaco and therefore Formula 1 races.
  66. Russell-There should probably be painkillers like in Max Payne to gulp down health anytime during fights....it should be available in hopsitals ( eating food and drinking soda to increase life is kinda stupid)
  67. Russell-Getting high on booze or drugs makes the camera go haywire ( like not aiming properly because you're high)
  68. RyanVG- The stock car racing mini-game should be in an open field, not in an indoor arena
  69. RyanVG- An all new city based on Washington, D.C.
  70. RyanVG- Give us some missions where we can join a Dirty Dozen-type unit in the action in World War II when the ordinary missions get too tedious
  71. Kyle aka SLIK- Toronto, Niagra Falls and Detroit as the basis for new cities. If they plan to take gta4 out of America it should definatly be in Tokyo or in the Carribbean.
  72. Kyle aka SLIK- massive online multiplayer with clubs and other things to do with people around the world. However, many people means lots of chaos so their should be hired staff that are police and will shoot you down which will affect you profile.
  73. Kyle aka SLIK- A family of gangstas, 2 older brothers an a younger brother. The younger one is in highschool where the older brothers are gangbangers. People must at in a realistic manner because if you die in this multiplayer mode, it will effect your profile perminatly. There should also be a chaos mode where all players kill each other.
  74. Kyle aka SLIK- it should feel like life, better ai.
  75. Kyle aka SLIK- when connected to the internet, browse it on the ps3 through this game. For example, going to an internet cafe and going to real websites.
  76. Kyle aka SLIK- hiered peopple who are constantly designing new clothes as opposed to just so many clothes that are only avalible.
  77. Kyle aka SLIK- trade with people. switch between people on missions, like X-Men Legends. Also, you should be able to do this in free roam mode. Your ally, or alies will follow you something like how you gang follows you in san andreas, only they have advanced ai and are just like you, if they die , and ambulance comes to revive them or you revive them with health packs, just like the warriors. This will make gang wars more effective, as they behave like you.
  78. Kyle aka SLIK- swimming lessons, submarines and other things. When you first start the game you should drown automatically. By practising in diffent waters, you upgrade your swimming level, but of course you can't go straight to water currents without practise first, eventualy, you should be able to swim in the niagra falls river.
  79. Kyle aka SLIK- more martial arts, being able to learn more than one at once. Also, it should take several classes to learn a martial art and there should be some ultimate one that that is hidden-learn special combos
  80. Big Boss CARBON- No more 20th Century,start on the Rio De Janeiro in 2007,A 22-year old Street Racer,and his mother,his father,sister,cousin,and an american undercover cop working in the Rio,who has a tuned undercover cop car.
  81. dan ramP-to be able to call for a cab if you dont have a car. Have to buy a cell phone or you use payphones. being able to use phones wheever you like.
  82. Bob - Career Paths to follow as a cover for illegitimate dealings, and to get knowledge, skills and access to resources useful in those dealings
  83. Bob - Being able to explore multi-level buildings floor by floor.
  84. Bob - A real sense of time with places being developed and construction sites actually getting finished
  85. Bob - Access to a sewerage network
  86. Bob - Being Able to destroy key facilities in the game, i.e. the Dam in San Andreas would have been cool if used to wash out several small towns and the likes, but big stuff like that should have a degree of effect on your ability to complete other missions.
  87. Bob - Being able to choose which gang to side with in terms of missions, if you go with the Mafia and someone tries to accost you then other Mafia come beat him up.
  88. Bob - Being able to use your MP3 collection on the radio stations, online updates for song intros and outros.
  89. Bob - NEWS, you should be able to see yourself in the paper and hear about your shit on the radio, TV might be hard.
  90. Bob - Key characters in the game, such as businessmen, politicians, celebrities and the likes should be easily accessible in the game and follow routines. If that person is needed in missions for a while, give them awesome bodyguards until no longer required.
  91. RyanVG - Allow the player to open a bank account and allow him/her to store up to $999,999,999 so that money can be used to pay the mortgage and the bills for the house(s) where your wife/husband and your family live when you're out doing your criminal deeds.
  92. RyanVG - The player could either start out in a gang chosen based on how they appear (dark skin, light skin, Caucasian, Asian, dressy clothes, casual clothes, etc.) or start out "neutral" (gangless) and try to find a gang to take you on as a gangster.
  93. tilly - true soft stencil shadows with umbra and penumbra calculations, global illumination,2048x2048 texture mapping, realistic subsurf scattering, cube mapping, phong reflection model, real motion blur, HDR, and subsurface scattering, and all of those things can be turned on and off in the pause menu. Euphoria ragdoll physics, and the best and most realistic physics engine there is. car physics and graphics like NFS Carbon, car damge like the new Burnout coming out on PS3. fully reactive environment and destroyable realistic environments. damage reaction when you run into people, like when they hit your window while in euphoria the window will crush in the way that there body hit, and there will be dents in the hood and front of the car where the person hit. there should be a chain, weedwacker, whip, garrotte, frying pan (also anything you can pick up off the ground), pipe, wrench, crow bar, hatchet, fire axe, lighter (to use with other weapons), pen, and skateboard...goped...video camera.
  94. RyanVG - There should be some Ford "Model T"-type cars in the beginning of the game, Ford "Fairlaine"-type cars in the middle, and hybrid cars and maglev trains near the end of the game
  95. RyanVG - If Liberty City is used again as one of the settings in GTA4, make it so that players can enter the Yakuza-owned casino
  96. RyanVG - There should be universal healthcare so that the player only loses weapons but not any cash when hospitalized anywhere in his home state where he/she chose to start the game
  97. Carl "CJ" Johnson - I've been wishing this since I did the "Saint Mark's Bistro" mission in GTA: SA! The ability to go to Carcer City, San Andreas, Vice City, and Liberty City again!
  98. RyanVG - Other ideas for the casino: sic bo, baccarat, and bingo
  99. Carl "CJ" Johnson - If you get hit by a bullet or something in a somewhat critical spot, you lose health slowly/quickly (depending on WHERE you get hit), realistically it should probably be if you get hurt anywhere. Also, I saw in one of the "fake" screenshots for the game the player had a MACE! If you could make limitless vehicles/weapons/clothes
  100. X-Zero Able to like, assassinate someone important.
  101. dan ramP pedestrians to actually go somewhere instead of walking around aimlessly, like they go to work in the morning and come home at night, then go out to clubs and stuff at night. also if cars wents somewhere as well, instead of going round the block over and over.
  102. dan ramP realistic injuries, so if you fall from a height, you break your legs and have to hobble along, if you are involved in a car crash, your vision becomes blury for a while etc. also, the ability go to hospital and have operations for serios injuries, and pay accordingly, and possibly have to have crutches or wheelchair for a period of time, making it harder or impossible to do certain missions for a while.
  103. dan ramP being able to eat from more than just fast food outlets, and buy food to take to safehouse and eat when needed.
  104. jedisith like Need For Speed series you can buy a car and go street racing and modifive your car. Plus 3 new cities called Bayview, Rockport and Palmont.
  105. jedisith - plus have an unlockable or cheat-code enabled light-sabre weapon that can cut down everything like in Star Wars.
  106. RyanVG - Have an option in the menu so that the players can have the cut scenes in either cinema style, comic book style, realistic style, or animé style
  107. RyanVG - instead of having only Sprunk, give the player a choice between Sprunk ($1), Kooky Kola ($2), or Potspi ($3) when they go into the vending machines to replenish their health
  108. Bob - When people die, they actually die, none of this paramedic putting your head back on crap, or the fading into a chalk outline. Let's see a bloody ambulance pick up dead and wounded, and police cordon off areas where you go nuts with a lot of ammo and the like.
  109. Bob - Bashing the shit out of a locked car should let you get inside, but perhaps getting in a car should be harder
  110. Bob - Being able to buy really cool stuff and put in in your trunk
  111. Be able to customise guns
  112. Jacktruth - Please include some mysterious things like bigfoot, serial killers, leatherface etc. They shouldn't be seen too often, just enough to add some tension. I spent ages looking for the serial killer and bigfoot on San Andreas..... Got some pics of the serial killer if anybody wants em
  113. Rabbaro-See clips fall to the floor when you reload, or during a major gangfight, when you pick up a dropped weapon, some will have near-empty clips, so you only get a few bullets.
  114. Rabbaro-See cops duck behind cars when you attemp a gunfight with them, or when you pull out a rocket launcher and fire, you see cops diving out of the way. I'm sick of seeing Ballas ducking behind an exploding Majestic.
  115. Rabbaro-Ability to purchase a beater, like the Clover, fix it up real good, and find an car show, park it up, and look around the place. Also to put your car up for auction there.
  116. Rabbaro-If they do include car shows, hear people saying things like "What a great Sabre, nice looking Stallion etc." and if some people ask you if you want to sit in their car, you can jack it, but lose your car, and be banned from the car show for an in-game month.
  117. Oblivion431-Only able to do missions once like in the original Grand Theft Auto. The missions may pop up later but in different places and slightly different objectives. You can also get detectives to cover up your crimes by bribing them or helping them out in some way. No 100% either so if you don't like one of your "bosses" you can kill them without finishing their missions and not get 100%. Lastly, include boss battles with health bars like you and have most as your former bosses you betrayed you in some way for some reason.
  118. Hotspur23 - You should have access to special items based on the type of business that a gang engages in (drugs, cars, weapons, various stolen goods) and certain weapons (AK-47s for Russians and Asians, M1 Carbines or MAC-10s for Caribbeans, lever action or bolt-action scoped rifles for red-necks) can only be used by or obtained from certain gangs or allies. Defeating powerful enemies or befriending certain allies (like a gunsmith, pawn shop owner, sporting goods store owner, or martial artist) gets the character special or unique weapons or upgrades and affects the player's reputation and prestige.
  119. Hotspur23 - The character's actions modify police attention, neighborhood reputation, and gang reactions (like in Saint's Row). For instance, vigilantes that work with the police and protect the neighborhood will anger gangsters and hoods but will be cut some slack for shooting or killing criminals and gangsters. Conversely, cold-blooded killers who attack the police and beat or intimidate local residents and merchants should draw the attention of more powerful, national crime syndicates who wish to use their talents or recruit them as possible leaders (like in Godfather or Sopranos).
  120. Hotspur23 - There is a mini-game on the the Getaway: Black Monday game site called Gangland: London in which you are a petty criminal who deals in melee weapons (knife, baseball bat), firearms (pistols & assault rifles), drugs (pot, coke and pills) and stolen goods (TVs, credit cards, clothing). Players could keep their money in a bank, get healed at a hospital, and keep their extra products in a warehouse. It was sort of like the old economics simulator Shanghai for the PC, in which prices for goods depended on the neighborhood's supply and demand. In this version, local hoods could hold you up and jack your goods and money, local pimps could beat you up and take away your stable of "working girls" and half your cash, and cops could arrest you and confiscate all the weapons, goods and cash you were carrying on you. I thought that economics could have an influence on the game. Prices for fenced goods could be lower than store-bought for legal items and much higher for controlled items like pills and ammo. Prices would depend on demand (with minimum and maximum prices for certain items). It could be a sub-set of the game environment as the player bought and sold goods to make money.
  121. Hotspur23 - Neighborhoods should have dynamic change depending on the influx of drugs and weapons into their neighborhoods: i.e., getting worse due to poverty, low property values, epidemics of drug addiction, violence and crime. Also, bad neighborhoods should start showing higher numbers of random criminals, gangsters and violent crazies to reflect the worsening conditions.
  122. Hotspur23 - If a player becomes a "made" member of a gang, he should be able to unlock or download that gang's "colors" or a distinctive outfit that marks his membership in the gang (like the Cholos, Red Jacks and Purple Nines). If he wears this outfit, he can use his reputation rating with the gang to call on aid or get special assistance. However, he attracts the attention of the police or rival gangs and cannot join other gangs while wearing the outfit. Also the higher the reputation with one gang, the more suspicious and hostile the other gangs will be towards the character.
  123. Hotspur23 - If a character aids and cultivates corrupt cop characters, the police force in their district should become easier to bribe. However, they will also become more thuggish and apathetic, harassing or attacking the player for no reason or showing indifference when a crime is committed. Police should also be less common in territories dominated by gangs.
  124. Hotspur23 - Players with a "Cop Killer" achievement, in which they successfully kill one or more police officers, should aid in intimidating civilians, gain a positive or imposing reputation from criminals and gangsters, and make individual police officers avoid confronting him directly. However when he is noticed it will draw large groups of police to isolate and confront him unless he can ditch them. This cannot be bought off with a bribe and the character cannot get any police contacts or allies (even corrupt ones!). Also, no matter how long he lies low, he can never lose the stars gained from each level of this achievement.
  125. Hotspur23 - Characters who are arrested can be tried if they have a lawyer ally (representation's competence level depends on the player's wealth or willingness to pay). If they have enough money, they can either pay bail or pay off the misdemeanor fines they have accrued. Felonies will require aid from corrupt cops, judges, witnesses and jurors and possession of lots of bribe money.
  126. USS Numnutz - Pedestrians and police who can get into difficult to reach places, and elevated locations, such as on top of a crane, with the aid of a helicopter or other vehicles.
  127. USS Numnutz - The ability to play arcade games on Niko's cellphone.
  128. Jakecoltsfan - Go-Kart tracks with real races
  129. Jakecoltsfan - Be able to do real cival work, like picking up trash with the Trashmaster, sweep with the Sweeper, Deliver things to stores with the Rumpo or Pony, Take cars to dealerships with the Packer, Take police or FBI dudes around with the Barracks.
  130. Jakecoltsfan-Be able to custimize the safehouse with items from stores like Wil-mart or Tatget. Also rob the stores and take stuff to your safhouses. Stuff like Plasma screens, Laptops, and big radios
  131. Jakecoltsfan - if a house goes on the market you can buy it. So you can buy any house as as long as its for sale. you could also sell your houses.
  132. Jakecoltsfan - Call in on the radio.
  133. Cgs93 - A "Parking System"; you could leave your car in a "Parking Zone" (Example: A zone marked with a red circle) and you could go anywhere without the worrying about your car.
  134. sdw4 - The ability to visit an estate agents and purchase any house/flat/building/business etc. in the game (houses available at the estate agents can vary as not all houses will be for sale at the same time).
  135. sdw4 - The ability to start up your own business, such as car showroom where you can choose the cars and price for sale and people will come to view them; or your own taxi business where you can choose whatever car the business uses, and ride in the taxi owned by the business for free.