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This is the Grand Theft Wiki wishlist for Grand Theft Auto V - the next Grand Theft Auto game after GTA IV.

Please do not repeat or respond to other people's suggestions. Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist suggestions either.

Please note this is not an official Rockstar Games website, although we know they do sometimes read these wishlists.

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Suggestions for GTA 5

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  • One major talking point about Grand Theft Auto 5 is its realism. Some users wish for a very realistic game while others wish for a over-the-top game. In order to appeal to myself and these two parties, this is what Grand Theft Auto 5 should do: add a six level realism slide-bar that works something like this:
  • Level 1:GTA 1 Era realism
  • Level 2:GTA 2 Realism
  • Level 3:GTA III Era realism
  • level 4:GTA IV Era realism
  • Level 5:Pre 9/11 real world realism
  • Level 6:Post 9/11 real world realism.

This bar is located in the pause menu under the "Realism" option. The bar is a slide bar, allowing the player to slide the bar to the level of realism they wish to play in. However, in order to encourage people to play high level realism, make the rewards for high level realism higher than the low level realism rewards. Also, put the multiplayer activities under six different categories of realism to appeal everybody and to make it less confusing to find the ideal multiplayer activity.

However, if the above idea of realism is too complicated to put into the video game, then Rockstar should create two different versions of Grand Theft Auto 5: Realistic and Over-The Top. MrLanceVanceDance

My Other Ideas

  • Keep the existing subway system and include a working bus system to help get around the city.
  • Reintroduce the ability to fly planes to different locations.
  • Include a ferry service.
  • Keep key GTA Vice City assets, hotels and attractions like the WK Chariot Horel, Malibu Club, Printworks.
  • Make the police arrest everybody who commits a crime, not just the player.
  • The ability to pick up anything to throw at people, use as a shield and/or use as a weapon.
  • Include a large scale gang war, large scale shootout and/or large scale riot in the game's storyline.
  • Keep and use the GTA IV Era search Radius.
  • Make it so that you can only obtain a wanted level if you commit crimes in sight of police.
  • Set the game in Vice City, recreated so it resembles Miami more, just like what was done to Liberty City, or set the game in Miami.


San Andreas REBORN!

  • Liberty City appeared in 6 games,Vice City appeared in 2 games, at least San Andreas should have more then 1!, i think you know San Andreas is problably better than Liberty City, GTA SA itself is better than IV, uh What are you thinking?! What we fans are waiting for is a really High Polygon San Andreas!, trust me, it will be a really huge success! GTA IV even removed some San Andreas features that is really awesome, IV was made after SA, so go ahead and replay San Andreas, don't be shamed because SA is just a 2004 game with low graphics and stuff! GTAIndonesia
  • Make the cars more realistic, MORE CARS than before, drift, Racing and Fancy cars. Melrpm
  • Let us choice from Cops, Civilians or Criminals. Melrpm

girlfriend options

Please add more girlfriend options than gta 4 ever did

vadimt's ideas

i would like to see rockstar expand the ingame media options . the media in gta iv was good but the game should have more!!

here are some ideas on how to do so:

-add more radio content more songs,show,news,stations ext.

-add more internet options and content such as the ability to meet new people,play videos,even do simple but fun minigames like the arcades in SA

-add more TV content:more shows,news sections and like in IV put in promos for new shows as the story goes but unlike GTA IV,actually air them on TV

-add more mobile phone content like the ability to log on the internet using a phone,minigame,and even prank calls

(not media related ideas)

-have the ability to costumise my character if not in body size,then at least tattoos or different haircuts

put more attention to social groups such as rappers,stonners,rock fans.and so on.........

these were some basic ideas to what i think should be in gta v

continue exist the brown Streak rail system in San Andreas

Soundtrack: There should be alot of West Coast Rap...Old and New artists like: Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre, the Game, WC, Mack 10, Nate Dogg, xzibit, Warren G, Cypress Hill etc. There should be 2 Rap radio, 2 R&B and then other genres And when we are not in the car we could use Ipod's.

Vehicules: There is no game without a Lowrider, and it should have all the jumps. Then other cars like Lambourghini, ferrari, jaguar, hummer. Other vehicules like tanks, planes etc.

Weather & other: of course sun, storms, fog but also tornadoes, snow etc. then it would be cool if there were tsunami.

Characters: I'm thinking of samuel l jackson, chris tucker, ice cube, snoop dogg, xzibit, eddy murphy, al pacino,robert de niro, jim carrey, mike tyson, ro jones jr. or so playin' the characters. There should be gangs like, ballas, grove street, crips, blood, asas, italian, polish, cubains, chinese. mafias Soldiers, Marines. Animals: In the water i hope there will be sharks, daulphins, octopus On land: crocodiles, snakes, monkeys. In the streets homeless cats and dogs pets: dogs, cats, birds, turtles

Activities: Smoking weed,cigars, basketball, boxing, soccer, eating, drinking, rappin, crib walk, gangsta walk If holidays were there too, christmas, halloween etc.

Then some extras like myths: UFO's, Jason Voorhees, BigFoot, Mothman, Predators, lock ness.

Clothes: more bandana choses, alot more clothes, caps, shirts, jackets, pants. and that we can choose our colors.

There so much more that could make this a perfect game.

My GTA 5 Must-have's

  • It's obvious that Los Santos will be redesigned and be much larger in V, like Liberty City in IV. I want GTA 5 to have more buildings that you could go into. All GTA's seem to have a lack of that. There should also be the ability to buy homes/businesses. GTA Vice City Stories had that ability to buy businesses to expand your gang's empire. I think many of the unique vehicles from GTA San Andreas will be returning. From that trailer, you could see that airplanes and jet-skis will be returning. There should be more mission opportunities from random people for money. Some of these missions could also have a slight effect on the story. It could be a "every action has a different outcome" type of thing. Zachmt97 (talk)