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*Jail missions. If you got arrested you have to do some time in prison and you have the ability to escape.
*Jail missions. If you got arrested you have to do some time in prison and you have the ability to escape.
*A Huge selection of weapons.
*A Huge selection of weapons.
*Ability to enter fighting compettions for money etc.
*Ability to enter fighting competions for money etc.
*Ability to brake friends out of jail or just complete strangers(maybe he will have an reward for you or is just a nasty guy who is going to be a big problem).
*Ability to brake friends out of jail or just complete strangers(maybe he will have an reward for you or is just a nasty guy who is going to be a big problem).
*A gym.
*A gym.
*Destructable buildings.
*Destructable buildings.
*If you kill a cop off guard and no one sees it happen you have no wanted level.[[User:gta5]]
*If you kill a cop off guard and no one sees it happen you have no wanted level.[[User:gta5]]
*fighter planes and aeroplanes.
*Have it set in Los Angeles, Vagas or Back at San Andreas.
*Customizeable cribs or guns etc.
*People walking there dog in the park, playing etc.
*Ability to brake peoples legs, neck, arms etc.
*Hold people hostage!
*Stealth missions (thats one big thing its lacking).
*Wider variety of options to kill, steal and have fun in free roam!
*More cheats! fun cheats like flying cars, tanks, peds go mad etc. (IV was slightly disappointing because there was very few cheats).
*The hood background. (like San Andreas, CJ was living in "da hood").
*Snow, frost etc.
*Ability to change the role of the players voice.
*Ability to go to buy drugs, drink and take them.
*A funnier "Lazlow"(radio talk show guy).
*Steering wheel view.
*Ability to join the army, police force and also have the choice to be good or bad.[[User:Gboyers]]gta5]]
<!--- Place your suggestion ABOVE this line, starting with an asterisk (*) --->
<!--- Place your suggestion ABOVE this line, starting with an asterisk (*) --->
<!--- NO STUPID SUGGESTIONS, and try not to repeat something already said --->
<!--- NO STUPID SUGGESTIONS, and try not to repeat something already said --->

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This is the official Grand Theft Wiki wishlist for the next GTA game after GTA IV.

Please do not repeat other people's suggestions, or say "that was a good idea". Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist suggestions either.And please,remember to place your suggestion(s) at the bottom of the page.

Suggestions for GTA 5

  • Have it set in London -Gboyers
  • Bring back planes -Gboyers
  • More countryside on top of the larger cities -Gboyers
  • Finish every room of every building and make them all accessible. -GuildKnight
  • Have it wset in Manchester intead of the Portland El you could have thr metrolink -Chip2007
  • Before riding on a train make the player buy a ticket -Chip2007
  • Have it set in Vice City or San Andreas to know CJ's or Tommy's fate. All other cities were already taken from other games not from the GTA series (e.g. London is already taken by The Getaway, Carcer City already took place in Manhunt -MetaCracken
  • Please for heaven's sake get rid of those oh so annoying indestructible smalls trees that line roads and other objects that you expect to be destructible but aren't. -NaT
  • Have it take place somewhere in the midwest, like Chicago. -F8R8Pyro
  • Travel to San Andreas and/or Vice City. -F8R8Pyro
  • More missions that involve flying and using a boat. -F8R8Pyro
  • Bring back the army and tanks. -F8R8Pyro
  • Bring back the ability to modify vehicles, and include modifications that are references to previous GTA special vehicles. (i.e. Borgnine or Zebra-style Taxis/Cabbies, the Mothership paint job for the Camper) Some of the modifications could also improve the performance of the vehicle. -DOAHunterX
  • Please for the love of god give us an XBox Live lobby. I'm sick of being sent bak to the story every time I'm sent out of a game. -F8R8Pyro
  • I think that a prison break mission series would be fun. -F8R8Pyro
  • Quad Bikes (ATV's), deserts, forests, off-roading, more "Three Leaf Clover" style missions. -Cgs93
  • Ability to join different gangs. -Cgs93
  • Bring back parachutes, and crazy high buildings like the one is Los Santos in San Andreas. -Freesaftey805
  • Choose what color you want your car when entering a Pay 'n' Spray. -Budabass
  • Hybrid cars. -Budabass
  • Return of Two Player Split-Screen -Lumpybob
  • Two player co-op. -Dominic-079
  • More variety with melee weapons -Lumpybob
  • A less clunky cover system -Lumpybob
  • A silenced weapon -Lumpybob
  • Please bring back my favorite cars (Stinger, Cheetah, Phoenix, Sandking and BF Injection) -MetaCracken
  • Make all buildings accessible instead just a few. -MetaCracken
  • Bring back all other clothing shops (Binco, ZIP, Sub Urban, Didier Sachs and ProLaps) instead of just putting only 3 -MetaCracken
  • Have a wider variety in clothing ( also something that makes sense) and more safehouses ranging from a crappy beginner to a ultra chic mansion in the end. -Deter4955
  • A refurbished Vice City including all the other cities as travel interests. - Deter4955
  • Civilian version of the FIB Buffalo. -Cgs93
  • To be Set in Mexico City,with the hability to fly to LC,VC and SA. -ViceCityFan
  • More lanes on the roads. -Thescarydude
  • The ability to walk inside trains/subways and buses. -Thescarydude
  • Game taking place in Wales or at least in California and must involve offroad racing, huge forests and deserts and myths which actually exist! -Lioshenka
  • Let it take place in a new designed Vice City, just like they did for GTA IV. -Carljohnson66
  • Bring back the ability to play basketball. -Carljohnson66
  • Let the player have the option to use a seatbelt, just like niko in gta iv had the option to use a helmet on motorcycles. - Carljohnson66
  • You know how in Grand Theft Auto: Sand Andreas that when cj doesnt eat he loses energy? How about they use that again and when you do not get enough sleep you lose energy too, since rockstar is transitioning GTA games to be more realistic. - Carljohnson66
  • Be able to destroy (or blow up) buildings. They can reappear just like everything else that you can destroy. - Carljohnson66
  • Be able to handle two weapons like in SA. - Carljohnson66
  • Be able to access the trunk of any car to store things. -Carljohnson66
  • Be able to buy businesses and houses and be able to mod them like in scarface the game. -Carljohnson66
  • Have more places to take your girlfriend out on dates, like sporting games or spending time at the beach, or be able to invite her to your house. -Carljohnson66
  • Be able to break down locked doors. -Carljohnson66
  • Have bombs similar to the satchels in San Andreas but more realistic. -Carljohnson66
  • Have the option to steal things out of stores to add some reality. -Carljohnson66
  • See police arrest other people other than the player (i.e. when your fighting a pedestrian, the police can arrest the instigator rather the police arrest you when you got hit first) -Carljohnson66
  • More mini games. -Carljohnson66
  • A couple of missions where the player is in jail and him and a few other characters plot to escape -Carljohnson66
  • More story and side missions. -Carljohnson66
  • Be able to have conversation with random people like in GTASA. -Carljohnson66
  • Be able to set buildings and houses on fire. It can reappear just like everything else that can be destroyed -Carljohnson66
  • You know how in GTA:SA when Tenpenny wasn't thrown in jail for whatever he did and there was a riot, how bout they do something like that; have the player's position of the storyline effect the player when not on a mission (I'm not sure if I'm wording this right). Like for instance, if you kill a gang leader while on a mission, when the mission is completed, the gang attempts to retaliate when you are in free roam. -Carljohnson66
  • ATV's -Carljohnson66
  • Collect all weapons without replacing similar ones. Ok since they duplicated the new police system where there is a a circle on the radar where you have to escape from from Scarface, you can store your weapons in the trunk and equip your self with whatever weapon you want that will fill all slots like in true crime new york city. -Carljohnson66
  • Be able to ram vehicles into houses or other buildings. -Carljohnson66
  • Be able to lock-on aim while driving -Carljohnson66
  • See the police ambush other people i.e. go to another person house and see them either hold a shootout or the surrender. -Carljohnson66
  • Allowed to pick up any thing and use it as a weapon(Pick up a chair and hit an enemy with it. -BloodyGTA
  • Being able to fligh to another city(from Liberty City to San Fierro -BloodyGTA
  • Have cars with the same name but from different years coexist. -Thescarydude
  • have it set in the Serbia -Chip2007
  • Customizing your weapons in multiplayer with sights, suppressors, custom decals, extended clips and be able yo save them to your hard disk to use them always. (It really would be nice to have your own trademark weapon in multiplayer) - Cgs93
  • have real police raids on major criminals with elite swat soldiers - Madpro95
  • A new inventory weapon which include garroting (Such as a wire or a rope). -BloodyGTA
  • Feature a fully interactive zoo. It would be cool if you could set the animals on your enemies, or lure/knock your enemies into the cages so that they will be trapped in with them. I'm talking lions, crocodiles, polar bears, piranhas, and sharks. Even herbivore yet territorial animals such as hippos and rhinos could be used to dispose of your enemies. -Mebaby
  • Bring back some of the classic stuff, The Hare Krishna driving Auto rickshaws, and the Zaibatsu Z-Type! Also characters from previous games: Claude Speed, Donald Love, Tommy Vercetti, El Burro, The Truth. -Relentless666
  • Have the ability to visit an estate agents and purchase any house/flat/building/business etc. in the game (houses available at the estate agents can vary as not all houses will be for sale at the same time). -Sdw4
  • Have the ability to know the whereabouts of storyline characters (such as Brucie, Francis McCreary etc.{but obviously, in GTA V these characters will probably not exist, but they're just examples}) where a coloured dot appears on the map (like on Multiplayer) and if the dot is highlighted, the person's name is displayed. The character can be driving, walking, eating at Cluckin' Bell, at home etc. and can be chased, befriended, or even killed (permanently; at certain points of the game, like after the completion of a specific mission, when the storyline no longer needs them.). -Sdw4
  • Having the ability to MOD cars again, like in GTA: SA; but with a lot more options, such as more body kits, personal registration plates, bulletproof body etc.; and ANY VEHICLE can be modded, including buses, trucks, boats and helicopters, but with some options disabled (such as body kits and rims for helicopters and boats lol). -Sdw4
  • Having the ability to purchase a huge car garage/warehouse so you can store hundreds of vehicles including an entrance at the side beside the sea so boats can be stored and a rooftop entrance for helicopters and planes. -Sdw4
  • Have the ability to start your own (proper) business, like a restaurant, bar, car dealership, petrol/gas station, taxi service, property sales etc., where you can customize the premises/cars, gain large profits and hire staff. The premises may be damaged and vandalized if it is located in a poor area of the city. -Sdw4
  • Have the ability to fill up vehicles with gas/petrol/water/electricity (depending on what the car runs on) at a gas/petrol station. Cars can run out of fuel and the engine will stop running. The player can call a breakdown service who will arrive at the scene in a short period of time and refuel your vehicle for a small fee (e.g. $100). Vehicles stolen by the player will have a random amount of fuel in them when hijacked (e.g. full, almost empty, half full etc.). The amount of fuel can be checked by pressing a specific button while in the car. Also, the player can see non-playable (pedestrian) characters' cars breaking down on the street because they ran out of fuel with funny consequences, such as the driver kicking their car or swearing at the car and holding up traffic. -Sdw4
  • More options for customizing the character (during story mode AND on-line multiplayer mode). -Sdw4
  • The game should be set in a redesigned Vice City, in the GTA IV era (no older characters appear, but GTA IV characters do). It should continue the story of Niko Bellic, and at the start of the game the player will need to chose if they went Deal or Revenge back in Liberty City, so that the game knows who's still alive (Roman or Kate) and comes to Vice City with you and Mallorie. This would also change dialog of other things that happened back in Liberty City. Mallorie's baby should be born in the game. An enemy must be the reason for Niko to retake the criminal life. But why did they move to Vice City. It was Roman's dream (as shown in a text message on the way to the A Dish Served Cold mission in GTA IV. It will be a great place for Kate (the baby) to grow up, unlike Liberty City. -Biggest GTA Fan Ever
  • Allow the player the option of severing ties with friends and remain an individual with no obligations or requirements, and not allow friends or girlfriends to be a requirement for 100% completion of the game. -Gman harmon
  • Choose your own safepoint from any building on the map. -Cairney
  • The plot being that your a cop so you can do what ever you want without getting arrested. -Cairney
  • Once you beat all the missions, it would be fun to choose any mission you want to do over again just for the fun of it. Olympics
  • Can we please have double Decker buses! Some children and happy parents can be playing in their homes, visiting theme parks etc. Also a mission were Sonny of GTA VC could of had a son who has had another son who you have to kill because you were friends with Tommy. JJ9630-(Visit this for more of my suggestions)
  • Have The Option To Get Jobs, Or Go On A Good Citizen Path. Also Have The Ability To Enter Any Building That Has Not Has The Doors Locked. - Chief Kruger
  • Character customization from SA return, with customizable hair, the ability to work out or gain weight, etc. - Devin D.
  • Nicer clothing options for multiplayer. E.G. A nice suit, etc. - Devin D.
  • More weapon variety. .357 magnum, the Gatling from Vice City, etc. - Devin D.
  • Set it in an entire state again, like SA. Fictional Texas, maybe, where the terrain can be variable. - Devin D.
  • For the love of God, bring back the flamethrower!! - Devin D.
  • More friends and girlfriends, along with more bonuses for high friendships. - Devin D.
  • Make the main character an American on the run from the law or something, so that when he starts to build his name, the Feds come after him. - Devin D.
  • The ability to bribe cops if you have a one star level so they will stop coming after you. - Devin D.
  • Bring back Phil Bell and Brucie, those guys kick ass! - Devin D.
  • More variety in enemies. All I saw were Triads, Italians, Russians, Jamaicans, and regular black gangsters. - Devin D.
  • Allow choices from GTA IV to be carried over, such as if Dwayne was killed or Playboy. - Devin D.
  • Expanding on the above idea, make whoever survived a mission boss and a slightly big character. - Devin D.
  • Explain what happens to Niko after GTA IV, and reveal what happened to Claude, Toni, Tommy, and CJ. - Devin D.
  • Make CJ or Tommy a boss for some missions, since they both have established themselves very highly where they live. - Devin D.
  • Add downloads for different types of weapons that can by customized for online mode - Allurade Dendra
  • Have a mobile safehouse, like a caravan or a yacht that you can go inside. - Iaintiree
  • Okay,I hope nobody already said this but,a game revolving around Claude trying to get revenge for being nearly Man-slaughtered by PBX(Which would explain his outfit in PBX's house and the R.I.P. Claude things). - HuangLee
  • A mission where you bust someone out of jail but your jail brake crew dies.Thus you have to blow up a police car revealing a manhole underneath.You have to make a run through the sewer below to lose the LCPD. - HuangLee
  • Gboyers mentioned bringing back planes.I'm just gonna add onto that.Specifically bring back the Shamaland put an airport in each Island.But they also need to bring back parachutes.Ever since parachutes went away,I've been forced to jump from helicopters AND I have to land in the water to stay alive. - HuangLee
  • Automatic and manual transmission versions for EVERY car - Cgs93
  • Different trims (SE, SXT, RT, etc.) for EVERY car - Cgs93
  • Less emphasis on realism, Rockstar should focus on making the game more fun (like all the GTA III-era games were). - Hardrock182
  • I highly encourage for R* to do this:Use original names but bring some old characters back.Use these characters,Rockstar games:Mike Speed,Giovanni Meressey,George Bush,Mikey MakinKov,Danny Perrat,Cobweb(nickname) and many even Klaus.Also,I suggest bringing back Claude.But with a new outfit.Like maybe,a black jumpsuit.I'm just spitballin' here.-HuangLee
  • I think GTA 5 should be about gangs this time i think they should add guard dogs to the game, you should be able to sell drugs on the block i think the main character should be able to have kids there should be mansions in the game there should be dog fighting added you should be able to control the bass of your radio i think they should add a zoo to the game i think they should add a big grocery stores like Walmart and you can shoplift i think there should be a recreational center in the hood it should have school in it the where you can walk in and see children working and stop terrorist attacks, i think you should add a football stadium to the game where you can walk in and see thousand of people and like kidnap football players during a mission, i think they should add different seasons to the game like winter and fall so it will be more realistic, i think it should have a country, a city, suburbs but mostly the ghetto and the hood i also think there should be a mailman in the game i also think you should be able to buy your own furniture in the game i think you should be able to order pizza in the game there should be a mission of like stealing cable in the game i think the setting should be in places of like California and Philidelphia i think you should be able to holla at girls on the streets and get there numbers the game should also have holidays in the game like the 4 of july so you can see people poppin fire works and stuff i think you should be able to roam the streets with like 20 of your homies the last GTA 4 the graphics were great but you didn't have that much to do in it.User:cashflow1000
  • ( - Baronsamedi11) Bring back the Empire feature, but make it have more business types and more features
  • Have it for PS3.GTA CW and GTA LaD are for other consoles.-User:HuangLee.
  • Make a new city.-User:HuangLee
  • Have it set particularly in Capital City.Grand Theft Auto:Capital City.Sounds great,right?And furthermore(you're gonna have a LONG read),Have Capital City only about 50 miles away from Liberty City.-For travel purposes-but any way You play as a Ammu-Nation worker who is framed for selling illegal firearms but you escape prison.You figure out Soon to be President Saxon(Richard Nixon) is banning guns.He becomes your enemy so you work for soon to be President Troy Carson(Obama).Saxon is evil and Carson is very nice.In the end you would take down one of the Presidents in a sniper scope assassination on election day.Who ever you let live will have the government under their wing.-User:HuangLee
  • Make it exactly like GTA IV, except with planes and a whole lot of more vehicles like San Andreas.-User:88FanNASCAR
  • Bring in the good 'ol Barret M468 and AK103, along with the .50 Desert agle and .50GI Glock, abilities to buy and sell, even ransack & steal houses. Make a surprise twist, like how people thought (though no CONCLUSIVE proof) Claude Speed died in GTA 2. Claude is the main char. and is getting revenge from the incident in 2013 in 2014, killing the assassin with a dramatic execution, like in Scarface. Claude's gang is fighting off the assassin's troops (The assassin is a high rank Zaibatsu) while Claude takes a SPAS 12 to his back and blows him off the banister onto a pointed statue, impaling him. (Sounds a lot like SCARFACE) Claude then get's the mansion repaired and takes it as his own with the deed and the 25 million dollars in the steel safe.User:- Krayhn
  • Bring back the Andromeda.And make it flyable!!-User:HuangLee
  • Have it set in Vice City but redesign it,bring back planes and have a Jamaican isle a couple of miles away from the City.-User:HuangLee
  • Have the ability to go on unstoppable Zodiac Killing sprees.-User:HuangLee
  • Have it set in Las Venturas and call it Grand Theft Auto:Sin City-User:HuangLee
  • Have a simple mod shop that features bulletproof tires, windows, a wire mesh that goes over headlights to stop them breaking and, my favorite, one of those police sirens that you can put on your dashboard or roof which allows you to do vigilante missions in any car (as well as installing a police computer in the car).-Padddy5
  • Have missions set in high buildings where Niko or whoever has to shimmy across ledges between skyscrapers. -Padddy5
  • Have a mission where Niko gets into a crane with a magnet and has to pick a specific car from the road from a selection. The car has a gang leader or something in it and Niko has to lift it up and drop it. Whoever gives Niko the mission calls him up on the phone and gives him details which narrow down the choice of cars which are stopped due to a staged accident on the road within reach of the crane. If he picks the wrong car, obviously the real one will escape. Niko is forced to use the crane so as there will be not evidence that traces back to him.-Padddy5
  • A choice of safehouses to choose from and buy like in Vice City.-Padddy5
  • Bring back Donald Love.-User:HuangLee
  • You know what? Why don't you just ignore all of the above comments and make it exactly like real life? Sounds great.-Maloof?

- Baronsamedi11* Have it set in a Caribbean Island

  • If R* REALLY wants to sell it,do ALL of the above:Have the ability to go to any location mentioned in this list.Pick your protagonist.Edit your vehicle in any way.Bring back Planes.DO EVERYTHING.Including the suggestion two above this one!-User:HuangLee
  • GTA is a GAME.R* should pay attention to this fact.Flying planes without experience,Miraculous gun shots that you easily survive,Mini guns,Italians!I KNOW I have supporters on this.-User:HuangLee
  • THE COVER SYSTEM- Well me i think GTA iv cover system was bad cause it was no use you died to easily when using it in multiplayer/online..

but i think they should add Rainbow Six Vegas 2: Cover system cause it is much better and useful. you guys should try the game out or rent it cause it has a great cover system.

  • Fight Club like saints row 2.
  • Uhhm Some dance Emotions lol like a breakdance emotion just for fun.

(The following were donated by User:Damian Servarovich and later signed by User:HuangLee)

  • Hell yeah for REALISM! Please combine SIMS' feature like go to bathroom, eat, sleep, date, watching TV, do sport!-User:Damian Servarovich
  • Also, set in DMV States Area (Named GTA Capital Criminal)-User:Damian Servarovich
  • Last mission: Infiltrate White House (Named Prez Castle). Mission name: The One (Protagonist assume the power of US Prez and made a new country for the sake of his criminal empire)-User:Damian Servarovich
  • Portagonist is more than beginner gangster, made him as super-skilled and modeled as Jason Bourne (former US government agent who lose his memory/everything that precious for him and make it become rebellion and set his new criminal empire)-User:Damian Servarovich
  • Protagonist (named of archangels) is a combination of European-Asian mix, made him as an educated man and know multiple languages, master in multiple martial arts *HP and stamina represented (made it can be upgraded like GTA SA)-User:Damian Servarovich
  • Bullet times (like Max Payne/Matrix) and Bourne's 6th sense (like Bourne Conspiracy) can be gained after get some "adrenaline bar"-User:Damian Servarovich
  • No check point for street race!!-User:Damian Servarovich
  • Upgrade in Chase mission (watch Bourne series film)-User:Damian Servarovich
  • Protagonist is a child prodigy, and set as a young adult (max 23), result of US gov. experiment-User:Damian Servarovich
  • Skills can be upgraded again!! (weapon, driving, swimming)-User:Damian Servarovich
  • Can marry a girl, have child, (sex scene can be explicit, please :p), but a;so can be divorce or have affair)-User:Damian Servarovich
  • Can be good or bad like Fable!-User:Servarovich
  • Protagonist encounter all of GTA III and GTA IV protagonist (such as CJ, Tommy, Niko, etc)
  • Bring back army-User:Damian Servarovich
  • Some spy realistic jobs (like Jason Bourne), not joke like Mike Toreno mission-User:Damian Servarovich
  • Bring back old characters, like Cesar Vialpando, Wu Zi Mu and Luigi Goterelli - Masterpogihaga
  • Make more SUVs - Masterpogihaha
  • Set it in Seattle (Kemp City) or Chicago (Sears City) - Masterpogihaha
  • Maybe another state? - Masterpogihaha
  • Have street-sign with the street's name on. It would be fun to have a Swedish character in the game.
  • Have a very violent white supremacist as it's ANTAGONIST.This would be controversial but let's say the protagonist is German.Hearing his comments will start a hatred for each other and he decides he will leave you for dead and set up the plot.Also this would be a good lesson about diversity and how racism gets you nowhere.-User:HuangLee

-Baronsamedi11 22:08, 4 December 2008 (UTC) * have it start at the end of Vice City, but Lance kills Tommy,starts a Crime family of his own, and takes over Vice City,San Andreas and Liberty city

  • Make the game more Real and Fun by Making the Cops be after us if they catch us run at a Red Light,except if we're on a mission.You can still take a chance and run the Red Light,but they'll will have Undercover cops on there too.-User:Joshuaguss(relocated by User:HuangLee)
  • I can't believe no one said this.There should be music playing during the cutscenes.Who wouldn't love "Show me how to live" during a massive shootout with the antagonist?Or "The final showdown" after you walk away calmly from a car bomb explosion?.-User:HuangLee
  • I think we need some answers to the GTA 3 era since it was the most famous, like watever happened to Tommy Vercetti, CJ, was Vic really the one that died, etc... and like wat Devin D said, make Tommy or CJ a boss in the mission or something..-User:crazyamishguy9
  • We particularly need explanations about GTA III.Not the era.The game.-User:HuangLee
  • Destructible buildings and environment -User:MaximumLiszt
  • Include more environmental hazards. Car crushers, cranes that drop heavy loads onto people, machinery,
  • GTA V could be GTA IV with more features and that you can fly to Vice City and San Andreas and have all safehouses on these locations, also all houses in Liberty City. -Extraspartan117
  • bring back empire building, but make it less repetitive, and base the city on a real-life one that has not yet already been used, maybe Chicago, or Salt Lake City. -User:Golem25
  • Make it more like reality: Buy clothes, furniture for your house(s), add more weapons, have a family (date, get married, have a kid, etc.), be able to blow buildings up, add more realistic cars/motorcycles/helicopters/planes/boats/bicycles, be able to eat/drink and get fat/drunk, be able to sky-dive (parachute), swim under water, use the gas station (ulimited gas in cars but if want to use gas station for fun, pay for the gas), be able to take friends out someplace, have a party, get a job and get fired from a job, have shooting ranges, get tatto's/hair cuts, be able to use the drive-thru at certain fast-food places, be able to inside restaurants and eat, choose your name and choose what you look like (i.e. Choose a name given, choose to be a black/white/mexican/asain/etc.), be able to use your own music on the radio in the game (use music section of your Xbox 360/PS3) and have up-to-date music (Techno, Rap, Hip-Hop, Country, etc.), be able to fly planes/get a license. Get pulled over and get a ticket if too fast/ran a red light/etc., light stuff on fire, have the army come after you if police/FBI/SWAT can't get you or if your in the air, choose where to place furniture in house (like in the Sims games), be able to drive huge ships/planes/trucks (tankers, etc.), be able to "sue" people, be able to commit fraud, be put in jail, put other people in jail, steal a police SWAT van when there is a convoy passing or at the police station, be able to take pictures, be able to start up business, be able to have sex and see certain parts of the scene and choose what to do, have a mod shop to customize cars/boats/planes/motorcycyles, have an army base with soldiers in boot-camp/at guard post's/target practice/etc., be able to lock the doors in cars/trucks/planes and fasten seat belt and turn on/off lights on the vehicles, be able to go inside the airport and go to another city (i.e. Liberty City, Vice City, etc.) while being the same person, be able to buy/sell drugs on the streets, be able to go to supermarket to buy furniture/food/clothes and/or shoplift, be able to use bathroom (for fun) in targeted locations, be able to work for a huge corperation, be able to watch football/baseball/soccer games at stadiums, be able to become an assassin (business for the person), be able to go to strip clubs and have lap dances, go to whore-houses and have sex/etc., be able to kidnap/rape people, be able to go to a club/casino where there are lot's of people, be able to ride in taxi's, busses, trains, boats, and planes and have to pay for them/run away once you get out, have bicycle cops, have police patrolling streets/alley's. Also be sure to make the game online too like in GTA 4, that is fun.-User:DJ Unknown (unsigned)
  • Have a completely new character like Niko in either San Andreas or Vice City to show both places in 2008 and what has happened since the 80's/90's. -Black Artist
  • I think it may be interesting for it to be set in Russia, but i definitely think GTA V should be set in a different country -Barkea333
  • Movie Creator .You can create movies that are all ready out eg Jaws ,Fast and The Furious and I Am Legend.User:Mesharky
  • I think you should set the game taking place in 2009 with the same graphics as GTA IV and bringing back gta III era protagonists.I also agree on the buildings being destructible and to be able to go into them.Let us travel to other cities in the series.-User:Braxton26
  • Have the plot like I am legend.The x reaper 15:19, 31 December 2008 (UTC)
  • Bring all the old characters you played as and the NPC main characters from GTA III-GTA IV and have them all fight for control in what turns out to be an all out war.
  • Though this might cause alot of controversey for GTA its worth it,be able to do drugs such as heroine or cocaine and each drug has an efect on the protagonist.-User:BloodyGTA
  • please set the game for xbox 360 or ps3.
  • Have it take place in Canada.-Corky64 22:53, 5 January 2009 (UTC)
  • Completely customize your character and be able to travel to other places, say you start in China (I think a cool starting place) and you can travel to Mexico and have different missions with a different story line but still have a main story line. If there is a character you would have to play as I would like to play as Little Jacob back in the day or possibly a psycho killer given missions by his other self.-User:Thagreenskeeper
  • Be able to run your own crew that can shoplift, rob liquor stores or what have you. You can gain infamy or something and on the radio or TV they will say something about it if you get enough infamy, also if you want to murder a bunch of people they will talk about a serial killer. The gun modification has already been said and ya that is a good idea because assault rifle, pistol, sub machine gun, shotgun, sniper gets kinda old after a while. And for the love of god put some fingerless gloves in GTA 5 because that is false advertising for putting them of the back but not actually in the game. Tattoos would be a nice addition too.-User:Thagreenskeeper
  • Give it a stunning,amazing,touching,tear bringing ending such as the one from Metal Gear Solid 4.It was 91 minutes long (I counted),it was touching,compelling and the graphics were awesome.MGS4 had graphics MUCH better than GTA IV.HuangLee 04:36, 3 January 2009 (UTC)
  • Have decapitaton, mutilation, burns, and more noticeable wounds. No scripted cut lines so character models can be decapitated at any angle. Explosives like grenades, RPG grenades, or rockets will incinerate bodies or body parts that are engulfed by the explosion.-User:CryptReaperDorian2
  • Since this is going to be GTA V and not part of the GTA IV era, why not have Liberty City be created from scratch again and also have the ability to go to Vice City and San Andreas.User:Niel15
  • Can use trains, cabs, planes, buses as public transport.User:Niel15
  • Bring back the old weapons such as the flamethrower, chainsaw, and katana.User:Niel15
  • Have the ability to choose what color you want your car to have when you go to a Pay n' Spray garage.User:Niel15
  • Start your own gang and organize gang activities drug dealing, vehicle smuggling, stealing and so on and if u have enough gangsters rob banks -User:Bolizard
  • I wish Claude from GTA3 to be the protaganist and to have his original clothes i also wish to have it take place in san andreas or vice city but updated versions. i want more guns than GTAIV had, and more cars. I also want Claude to be mute and have to fight Toni or CJ from the other gangs. I want planes, boats, swimming and helicopters too i also wish that there be multiplayer and slpitscreen and co-op missions and i hope there is 8ball in the game. I wish you could make your own gang and most of the features from GTAIV. But most of ALL I wish Claude would have to steal his clothes from Playboy x's apartment which is Nikos after escaping from prison then moving on to San Andreas. But Before he goes he has to decide if he should kill Niko for killing his main man playboy X. And finnally have the ability to choose protaganists like Claude,8Ball, and after you beat the game you can play as Tommy,CJ or toni and victor as a reward. User:UrTimeSlipsAway
  • More girls to date and hotter ones -User:Bolizard
  • Some form of insurance. The option to pay a premium or something and then get free medical care in the event of death. This would increase for frequent deaths and decrease inversely. We hear examples of insuarance in GTA IV, there's one which offers insurance effectively against being arrested. Busted and Wasted are the main ends to your character, if there was a way to mitigate the effects it'd be good. Although if we set it in the UK or somewhere then healthcare'd be free :P - C-D-Rom
  • make real websites in the game -User:faster by 1m
  • Add M79 (single shot) and/or M32 (6-shot) 40mm grenade launchers to weapons inventory -Gsu eagle 31049
  • First female protagonist in GTA -Gsu eagle 31049
  • I want an old protagonist like Claude and the ability to choose protagonists (yes i know someone said dis but we could have different stories like claudes story, tonis story, etc. after completing every story we have tthe same climax where we team up n fight the main villain. it would be even better if we could make the stories unrelated to each other but set in the same cities and being led to the climax to relate dem.
  • Different city cracklip88
  • Bring back Rhino tank cracklip88
  • keep cities about the size as GTA 4 but dont surround it by water instead add explorable countryside. cracklip88
  • Add more safehouses maybe buyable ones like in vice city cracklip88
  • Have all the old protaganists tie into the story such as niko, tommy, claude etc cracklip88
  • Add a targeting reticule to the annihilator heli so its much easier to aim, the guns are almost useless as far as killing anything, only thing they are good for is causing havoc and the heli blades are better at doing it then the gun cracklip88
  • add a multiplayer mode called zombie apocalypse where you have to fight to see how long you can survive against an onslaught of zombies. you could do this with or without friends and it would have a leaderboard. cracklip88
  • MORE MELEE WEAPONS cracklip88
  • form gangs online (like a guild in an RPG) but its called a gang instead cracklip88
  • in multiplayer have a mode called bank robery where you can rob a bank with up to 4 friends or random players online, you could also do this in single player but you could call a friend to help you out, idk how many times ive wanted to rob another bank with packie after i did the mission three leaf clover (best mission in GTA IV imo) User:Cracklip88
  • More Co-op multiplayer games -User:Bolizard
  • Bring back Hot Coffee mod from San Andreas -User:Bolizard
  • Curve bullets with pistols like from the movie wanted -User:Bolizard
  • Have it set in Johannesburg, more than enough action over here.
  • Have the option to sell vehicles for extra cash through out the game at any given time, like with the Exports in San Andreas.
  • I think it would be interesting if it was set in Washington D.C., keeping up with the tradition of setting the games in large, important, American cities. Also, I think it would be cool if they put in a cattle prod weapon. Imagine how funny the death scenes would be!
  • What if you could have hostages in the missions and out of the missions. You know, go up to some random guy(s) and go to an abandoned house or building and get the cops to cooperate with you.User:Niel15
  • MORE CRIMINALISTIC ACTS like hostages, kidnapping and armed robbery.User:Niel15
  • Have split screen and able to make your own character and coop missions and how about a zombie assault where 6 players have to defend themselves from zombie it can be used on offline and if no1 else can play it can have bots to and on certain maps there is a rescue helicopter but if the player doesnt hurry to the chopper theyll be left in the city - Riley Heligo
  • All I want is co-op for GTA, the 2nd player could be a random thug or hired gun much like Dwayne's guys. - User:FearTheLivingDFG
  • Police motorcycle, truck with trailer, ship, parachutes, big cities, country and more longest direction away least 1000 to 10,000 miles! User:Gevo
  • Make a new city and all this stuff and take all features from every GTA and add some new like Fight Clubs, drug dealing and other crimes wich you can do out of the missions-Madura19
  • Include parking spaces and lots of carparks, like if you park your car on a space, you need to pay on a meter for a price. Also, have traffic wardens walking on the sidewalk and ticketing illegal parkers.Fast Lane 02:20, 26 January 2009 (UTC)
  • Campers, motorhomes that you can live in. Also caravans that can be attached to your vehicle so you can drive to a campsite.Fast Lane 02:20, 26 January 2009 (UTC)
  • Different foreign restaurants, like Chinese takeaway or Indian Food.Fast Lane 02:20, 26 January 2009 (UTC)
  • TUNING SHOPS! PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!Fast Lane 02:20, 26 January 2009 (UTC)
  • Military, SWAT, FBI, CIA, and Gangster groups.User:Gevo
  • If, happen were vehicles are been accident to another local vehicles then they called to service the tows local come to pick up deliver to anywhere a local for belong to tow service and, they called to tows service for come to pick up that where they was are accident and just pay them and take cars back. User:Gevo
  • Police bikes, local police with dogs, bikes, mountain bikes, skater, animals, more different boats, trains, industrial vehicles, and jobs. User:Gevo
  • You play as the good guy. The protagonist should be a police officer and you can choose a good ending or bad ending like True Crime: NYC. User:88FanNASCAR
  • Have a racing complex complete with Daytona style oval, dragstrip, and drift course. User:88FanNASCAR
  • Rob ATMS -User:Bolizard
  • Instead of just a city, have GTA 5 take place in a redesigned America with all of cities from past GTA games (Liberty City, Vice City, Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas) plus new cities (Kemp City/Seattle, Sears City/Chicago, Capital City/Washington D.C., etc.) Also, it should be a mix of GTA 4, GTA San Andreas, and GTA Vice City. User:TheBlackKnight
  • In GTA5 you should try and put real cars such as the chevy /donk capri
  • Also IF it has 2 players make it split screen because it was a disapointment on GTA San Andreas and let the players be able to do mission like co-op mode like army of two and be able to go anywhere you want to on 2 player mode and to let each player be able to get in seperate cars while playing
  • When the potagonist gets busted, let him choose if he will break out of prison or pay bribe. Also, like NFS:Most Wanted, LET HIM HAVE HEAT POINTS when he breaks out of prison, when you know NFS:MW, you know what is the heat points.
  • PLAYABLE in PC, small system requirements, no BUGS, frequently updated. Have set in Egypt, Africa, Indonesia, and Artic
  • Make the character bleed-out if it is badly damaged, sort of like Phil Cassidy in Vice City. Also, add Carcer City, Berlin, Paris, Baghdad, and Moscow. [(user Bellic 4 life)]
  • Have GTA V set in a more larger and accurate Alderney, meaning no meshing things together (like they did with Jersey City & Newark, and the Pulaski Skyway & NJ Turnpike) and have the buildings in the places where they suppose to be (For Example, The Asbury Park Casino, which is the abandoned casino where the last mission takes place, is in South of Jersey. In the game, they have it in the very north of Alderney. Wtf???). Basically, it needs the same treatment LC got going from GTA III to GTA IV. Besides, R* already started it, might as well finish.
  • Gun shot wounds. (eg...a bullet hole in the head would make the game very realistic).User:gta5
  • Jail missions. If you got arrested you have to do some time in prison and you have the ability to escape.
  • A Huge selection of weapons.
  • Ability to enter fighting competions for money etc.
  • Ability to brake friends out of jail or just complete strangers(maybe he will have an reward for you or is just a nasty guy who is going to be a big problem).
  • A gym.
  • Destructable buildings.
  • If you kill a cop off guard and no one sees it happen you have no wanted level.User:gta5
  • Hotair-balloons!
  • fighter planes and aeroplanes.
  • Have it set in Los Angeles, Vagas or Back at San Andreas.
  • Customizeable cribs or guns etc.
  • People walking there dog in the park, playing etc.
  • Ability to brake peoples legs, neck, arms etc.
  • Hold people hostage!
  • Stealth missions (thats one big thing its lacking).
  • Wider variety of options to kill, steal and have fun in free roam!
  • More cheats! fun cheats like flying cars, tanks, peds go mad etc. (IV was slightly disappointing because there was very few cheats).
  • The hood background. (like San Andreas, CJ was living in "da hood").
  • Snow, frost etc.
  • Ability to change the role of the players voice.
  • Ability to go to buy drugs, drink and take them.
  • A funnier "Lazlow"(radio talk show guy).
  • Steering wheel view.
  • Ability to join the army, police force and also have the choice to be good or bad.User:Gboyersgta5]]